Aldis Alone

It’s been quite a while since I last set my alarm clock but yesterday was my annual trek to Aldis.  This is the third year that I’ve headed out in the wee hours to get to the closest Aldis that sells their wine advent calendars – in River Falls!  No wine sold in grocery stores in Minnesota!

I arrived at 6:15 a.m. and was happy to be #5 in line.  If all you want is wine/beer/seltzer calendars, you probably don’t need to be quite this early, but the other advent calendars (cheese, Legos, cat, dog, Star Wars, etc.) go like hotcakes and they don’t stock all that many.  Two women who were #1 and #2 in line took seven cheese calendars between them. 

As I was sitting and reading (and chatting, who are we kidding), I was thinking about our psychology discussion on Tuesday.  I have never even hinted to YA that I would like her to come along on this trip.  It’s hard to imagine she would be interested, but I realized this morning that I like to do this by myself.  There aren’t too many things that I really like to do on my own – the biggest is opening day at State Fair.  That is absolutely my day to be on my own.  (A couple of years ago YA talked about going on the first day and I emphatically told her that we could drive over together but at the entrance we would be going our own ways.  She decided not to go.)  I also like to do the arboretum a couple of times a year all on my own and I usually head to the zoo once a summer by myself.  These are days where I go wherever I want and completely at my own pace. 

Of course, sitting in a stadium chair for 3 hours doesn’t involved any going or pacing myself, but it is my own little adventure every year.

Do you have anything that you really prefer to do all on your own?

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  1. I really didn’t like traveling to Maryland by myself. I prefer to do things around the house by myself, but I like to have a traveling companion.

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  2. Even though it sometimes requires me to devise unorthodox methods to compensate for not having a second pair of hands, I prefer to undertake home repair/remodeling projects on my own. Partly it’s because I am problem solving on the fly and partly because I don’t have to schedule a specific time or span of time if I work at my own convenience.

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  3. Browsing a thrift, vintage, or antique shop is more fun with a friend, but browsing a bookstore, especially a secondhand one, is usually best done alone. I will wander and poke around until I get hungry or realize I’m running out of money, and I prefer not worrying if the other person is tired or bored while I’m treasure-hunting.

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    1. In used bookstores, antique shops, thrift stores and estate sales Robin and I tend to separate and browse on our own but, as we browse we are also scouting items that will interest each other. It’s part of the fun to each be able to point out to the other something they might not have discovered themselves.

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  4. I often have at least an hour in the morning to myself, when I keep saying I’ll sit down with my cup of tea and just enjoy it, meditate, etc. I invariably start up the computer and use it to act on whatever thoughts/ideas came to me as I was waking up, and to check in on The Trail. Sigh. I need one more hour…

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    1. I usually have several hours of quiet in the morning before Hans gets up, and they are precious. Just Bernie and me, easing into the day at our own slow pace. There are lots of days when Hans is gone most of the day, doing this, that, or the other, but once the quiet of the morning has been broken, it’s just not the same.

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        1. I would do that, but have too many things to do first thing. So I do it aftereveryone has gone to bed, which tonight will start about 10.35,two minutes from now.

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  5. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I like to look at museums by myself, especially art. I like to study pieces at my own pace, then wander off and come back to what I want to really examine. I like art museums, and Lou can only tolerate so much of them, so often I am on my own looking. Parts of the State Fair are like that,as well, for the same reason.

    I also like to watch my own streaming shows on my own, as well. No talking, no interruptions.

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    1. Phooey, I was going to add that I DID NOT like doing life in such isolation during the social isolation phase of the pandemic. That was way too much of life alone.

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  6. I enjoy a lot of things by myself (eating alone in restaurants is not one of them). This summer I discovered that I really enjoy kayaking by myself, especially in the early morning on a calm day. I consider that my mental health therapy.

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  7. 11.25. NOW my quiet time has started (there was something I forgot to do).
    Staring me in the face, with my record player, and most of my singles, newly imported from the garage, is the fact that I listen to my music on my own. I don’t cast my pearls before swine. So I have to wait for a time when no one else is home, and it’s not siesta, and I don’t have a thousand things to do. I need to look for jobs I can do while listening to music, I can’t just sit there. I can’t read, because I’m listening to music. I might start mending jeans again.

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      1. Barbara and I talked about it recently, Linda. I’ve found that the extra wear I gain before they need mending again in the same place, as well as new places that need mending as well, doesn’t justify the time I spend. Not to mention getting the expression “Ooh la la” directed at me. I don’t exactly know why, but I cannot bear that phrase at the best of times, well I do know why, it sounds so stupid. Best avoided.


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