Pastry Fusion

When I was in Nashville, my friend Pat and I had a list a mile long of things we wanted to see and do.  Pat is not a Tennessee native, so she was as eager to explore as I was.  Last  year I saw some cooking show that featured a bakery in Nashville that looked splendid.  Unfortunately I didn’t write down the name so we ended up googling wildly to try to find something that rang a bell.  Nothing.

We did find Five Daughters Bakery which came up over and over again in searches for the best bakeries; they have three stores in Nashville so we decided they would be our bakery of choice. 

Turns out that they make a version of cronut which they call the “100-Layer Donut”.  I’ve never had a cronut before, although I have heard of them.  They were “invented” in 2013 by a French baker, Dominique Ansel at his bakery in New York; made with croissant dough and pastry cream, cronuts LOOK like doughnuts but are similar to croissants in texture.  They are bigger than most doughnuts and considerably more expensive; we cut them in half and saved the second half for the next morning.   I remember these pastries making a big splash at the time with people standing around the block for ages to get a crack at them and now I know why!

I haven’t done a thorough search but so far I haven’t found anyone making a cross between a doughnut and a croissants!

Do you have any favorite mash-ups?

33 thoughts on “Pastry Fusion”

  1. This is unlikely to be original but it was original with me:
    I had a recipe for a sort of Southwest casserole that involved making polenta and then topping the polenta with a more-or-less standard enchilada filling-—enchilada sauce, onion, green pepper, black beans shredded chicken, cumin and chili powder—and then topping that with cheese. That seemed like an unnecessarily prolonged two-step project so I instead made a sort of Southwestern lasagna by layering corn tortillas with portions of the prepared filling plus a layer of Mexican blend cheese, about three layers of tortilla, sauce and cheese, ending with a generous topping of cheese. It’s basically any enchilada recipe but without the fussiness of rolling up the filling in the tortillas, so it’s quicker and just as good.

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  2. I have become strangely avoident of filled pastries, opting for a plain croissant with good butter and jam. I have made my own croissants in the past. They are good, but fussy. We have a company in our town called Baker Boy. They make a variety of frozen doughs, along with doughnuts that have fillings mysteriously piped inside them. I can’t stand them.

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  3. Husband has a innate need to use up leftovers, and frequently makes what I call “glop” by combining multiple leftovers to make a new dish. I won’t touch it. Gee, I sound like a fussy eater, don’t I.

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    1. I don’t recombine my leftovers (unless it’s something like leftover roast chicken). I like having them in their original state as ready-at-hand breakfast or lunch the next couple of days.

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  4. When I was a kid, Mom made some sort of leftover “mashup” that seemed really off the wall to us, but it was so delicious, we named it “Mama’s Jackpot.” All I remember is it had peas in it and certainly some sort of meat.

    Where we got that idea, I have no idea, since we were not a gambling household by any means, so “jackpot” wasn’t in our normal vocabulary.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  5. About 15 years ago I heard an album that was a mashup of Irish and Bhangra music. It was great, but I have no idea who the band was, and I’m not in touch with the person who owned the CD anymore.

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  6. I think a lot of soups got invented as “mash-ups” – you start with a base broth, add whatever is in the fridge that needs using, maybe including some leftover something-or-other… At least that’s what happens here.

    And my version of egg fried rice is usually a mash-up of leftovers with scrambled eggs thrown in.

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  7. when the question was first asked, I was thinking of something like my twice baked potatoes or you pull the potato out, cut it with sour cream and butter and put it back in and cook it up. Then I thought about that hitchhiker that I picked up 50 years ago that was a B keeper who taught me that’s the way that you do peanut butter and honey sandwich is is not to spread the peanut butter first, but to put the peanut butter in a big glob in the middle and pour the honey on at about a 50-50 rate and then take your knife or fork, and kind of mix them together on the bread and spread it out that different configurations then you do when you do the items separately peanut butter, and honey is magnificent when done this way

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    1. Traditionally I have put the peanut butter on first and then the honey; then you have to fight gravity for the honey. It keeps wanting to dribble off the peanut butter layer while you are eating. I suppose your peanut butter & honey strategy depends upon how much of a challenge you want your sandwich to be.


  8. Had my first cronut a couple of weeks ago at a work event. It was tasty, but not sure I need to go out of my way to find more.

    As for other mashups – having just finished my online yoga class, what comes to mind is the yogalates class I took years ago at the YWCA – a mashup of gentle yoga and pilates that was really good for stretching and easy on achy joints. As I recall one of the original practitioners came up with it as a way to help dancers recover from injury. Highly adaptable to different abilities, body types, etc. Hmm… might need to see if anyone is teaching locally again.

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  9. Evening. Just got home from working as an election judge since 630 this morning.
    Always a good time, good coworkers and fun to talk with the neighbors.
    Counting absentee ballots we averaged a 76% turnout. Had about 50 voters per hour, so it was just steady busy all day with occasional bursts. Of our thousand voters, Republicans won all the federal offices. Walz lost by nine, so some were pretty close.
    And thankfully, at least the school board candidates that I was supporting won by a pretty good margin. Hopefully that will carry through across the rest of the school district.

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    1. Had a very good turnout today in the precinct where I was working. Steady busy with occasional bursts is a good description. As always, the metro area voters favored the left-leaning candidates.

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  10. Expecting about 8 inches of snow tomorrow night through Friday. Husband is in Bismarck, but will drive home before dark tomorrow. . The storm will hit about 8:00 tomorrow night.

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  11. Ot and not a mashup.
    But since many will be watching or listening to Tchaikovsky Nutcracker (And its not really about Christmas) I must recommend my current watching, the Rotterdam Philharmonic conducted by Yannick Nézet-Séguin.
    Great fun.


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