World Kindness Day

Yesterday was World Kindness Day.

YA and I celebrated (although I’m not sure she even know it was Kindness Day) by heading off to the Botticelli and Renaissance Florence exhibit at the Minneapolis Art Institute.  It was a nice exhibit; not as much Botticelli as I would have liked, but I suppose the Uffizi in Florence didn’t want to completely empty out their galleries for us!  YA wanted to see this one

(unfortunately it stayed behind in Florence).  She did talk me into buying a magnet of it for the refrigerator though!

Afterwards we went to Hola Arepa for brunch.  I had the Fried Egg Breakfast – the Arepa version of huevos rancheros with two great sauces and yuca fries.  It was really scrumptious but made even better when half way through, YA suggested that she pay for our meal.  I accepted so quickly that she laughed.  NEVER before has she volunteered to pay for a meal in a restaurant for us. 

I’m putting it down to World Kindness Day although I’m not sure YA was in the know!

Any kindnesses to report?

22 thoughts on “World Kindness Day”

  1. As I recall, the Birth of Venus painting at the Uffizi is hung high and covered with heavy plexiglas. It’s a little disappointing in person for that reason.

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    1. One of the fun things about the MIA exhibit is that I have been lucky enough to see several of them in their original home in the Uffizi. Honestly I don’t remember if there was plexiglass over the Venus but I know I wasn’t disappointed.

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  2. I kindly didn’t object when Husband went back to bed yesterday morning instead of accompanying me to church, and he kindly didn’t object when I went to bed last night at 8:00 after exhausting myself making lefse

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  3. Kindness Day seems to me the wrong way to regard kindness, as if kindness were a performance or an isolated event. Kindness is an attitude, an orientation, isn’t it?

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  4. We have a regular part of our UU service called Joys and Concerns, where anyone can come forward to place a shell in the (bowl of) water in honor of something joyful or troubling in your life. Almost since DT was elected, I have been ritually putting a shell in the water for “all the random acts of kindness that we will perform this week, both in our inner circles and out in the wide world, to counteract the negativity in the world.” (Lately I’ve been saying “negativity and craziness”.)

    I have noticed some lovely acts of kindness lately, and will try to remember one by day’s end.

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  5. Well, I was just chewed out over the phone by someone very angry about something I didn’t do but that I have the ultimate responsiblility for. That person wasn’t kind.

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  6. I had no idea there was a special national day for kindness.

    Several Baboons were awfully kind to me yesterday when they read my long post about my basement project and offered suggestions, advice and wisdom. I’m grateful. I don’t think they did it because there was a designated day for it. I think they did it because they are just kind people. I took a day away from it today and had a long talk with a friend about the serious problems she’s having with some members of her family. I’m glad I did that.

    Being kind to others is a practice, like meditation. Some people, like my friend, need to practice being kind to themselves too.

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