Cookie Storm

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that I’ve overdone.  Again.

I have rules about things around the holidays.   All self-imposed, so my own fault.

  1. No holiday music or movies until after dinner on Thanksgiving (YA always turns on the holiday station right as we leave from our Thanksgiving feast.)
  2. No holiday baking until the Friday after Thanksgiving.
  3. Tree purchased on Black Friday and put up some time that day.
  4. My best friend and her husband (and sometimes their kids & spouses) come to help decorate the tree, almost always the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
  5. Cookies and hot chocolate are served at Tree Trimming. Normally I make 5-6 kinds of cookies over the weekend for this gathering and then do the rest of the holiday cookies in the following few days.

These rules formed a perfect storm this year as my friend from Nashville arrived last night as well to babysit the house and the dog while YA and I take a trip.  I decided that I needed to get all the cookies baked before Tree Trimming.  I also had to get the house cleaned up.  AND, the front porch was coming down the final stretch.

3 days, 15 kinds of cookies, tree, lights, tree trimming, house clean enough for company AND the front porch is done.  I feel like I’ve been through the proverbial wringer and every muscle in my body has hired a hit man.  There is even a blister where the dough scoop hits my middle finger and I woke up during the night with pain in my hand and had to take an ibuprofen!  So I’m thinking that I have overdone it.  Just a bit.

(Anna’s M & M, White Chocolate Madadamia, Lemon Snowflakes, Peanut Blossoms, Frosted Sugar, Malted Milk, Cream Cheese Spritz, Peanut Butter Bon Bons, Vanilla Crescents, Pecan Meltaways, Speculaas, Soft Ginger, 2 kinds of fudge).  Yes I know this is only 14 – the 15th debuted it’s way right into the trash.

When was the last time you over-did?

17 thoughts on “Cookie Storm”

  1. The last five or six BWCAW solo trips have left me feeling a lot like you VS. Wiped out. Seems to take my body a week to recover. Makes sense–seven days of taxing the physical limits of this old body, seven days to repair the damage. 🙂

    I also overdo it on Thanksgiving dinner. I try to limit myself to one serving of everything but never seem to enforce that rule. And last night, I overdid it on the World’s Best Hot Fudge, finishing off the pot after a generous helping on my Breyer’s Vanilla ice cream. Probably ate enough hot fudge to cover THREE helpings.

    My wife and I tell each other we’re purging the kitchen of all the high-fat, high-calorie food so we can get back to normal and train for Christmas and New Year’s feasts.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  2. Rise and CONTROL YOURSELVES, Baboons,

    Hah! I overdid it last night when I found an old, old recipe of my mother’s and made a small batch of it. It was called “Chocolate Wonder Pudding” and has now made a comeback as “Chocolate Volcano Cake.” After living nearly 60 years without this, I just had to experiment with it. Yes, it is the same thing as the volcano cake, which is just prepared in individual servings instead of the cake pan.

    I just had to know.

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  3. Wow, VS! You really did a lot! I doubt I could keep up with you.

    I don’t overdo it much anymore. I have in the past but I really don’t like the time it takes me to recover. I’m still painting in my basement and trying to clear stuff out that has been in storage since I moved here. After I finally get everything out, my plan is to paint one wall, then thoroughly clean and apply the epoxy finish to the floor. On Thursday Xcel Energy is coming to do the home energy audit. I’m hoping to find where the cigarette smoke is coming in and seal that off. That’s the reason for this whole project. It’s an excellent motivator. I’m getting a lot done on my home simply because I refuse to breathe second hand smoke. But I am pacing myself and if my back isn’t up to it, I take the day off.

    I hope it all goes well for you, VS, and that you and YA have a nice trip!

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  4. The pedometer app on my phone says that yesterday I climbed 39 flights of stairs. That’s because I am putting in the trim on Robin’s storage closet, which is on the second floor and my chop saw is in the basement. Because it’s under the eaves and it’s an old house, there are a lot of angles and inconsistencies. Sometimes I had to go down and back up three times to get the fit right.
    I don’t seem to have suffered any ill effects but 39 flights seems like a lot to me.

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    1. Makes me think of the Ghostbusters scene in which they are climbing the steps to the penthouse and Bill Murray says “tell me when we get to the 20th floor. I’m going to throw up.”

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  5. I’m exhausted just reading about all you got done, VS! I’m not sure I’ve ever accomplished that much in that amount of time. It takes us three days to decorate the tree after it’s set up. Never mind 15 kinds of cookies! What was your total dozen count? Wondering if you can share the recipe for the malted milk cookies; my husband loves malt flavored things.

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  6. I taught 4 year old Grandson how to cut out cookies, wiggling the cutter back and forth to loosen the cookie to place on the baking sheet. He was a pro in no time.

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  7. Every evening for a week I’ve overeaten dinner – with the “kids” and grandkids staying basically next door… keep saying I will not take seconds, which isn’t working, and then compensating by having just a salad for lunch. OMG there has been some good food. : )

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