Where in the World are VS and YA?

YA and I are on what we are calling my retirement trip.  This travel is made possible by my old company (her current company) using “award credits” that we’ve been amassing the last year and a half.  Wonder where we are?

  1. You can legally mail a coconut from here.
  2. The largest dormant volcano in the world is here.
  3. There is vog here but no smog.
  4. There are no squirrels, hamsters or gerbils here.
  5. All forms of gambling are illegal here.
  6. The tallest mountain in the world is also here.

55 thoughts on “Where in the World are VS and YA?”

    1. Coming in last night the pilot said if you were on the left side of the plane, you could see the glow in the sky from Mauna Loa. Unfortunately, we were on the right side of the plane. The locals say that there doesn’t seem to be much fall out here on Oahu, but that if you have lung issues or asthma, you shouldn’t be on the Big Island right now.

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  1. Hawaii was my first thought, too, but now that is taken. It may be correct, though. If you measure mountains from under water that changes the heights of mountains, and vs did not specify that. Guam? New Zealand? It must’ve an island to have no squirrels.

    Awaiting the answer with curiosity…

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        1. Oh that’s great. Hadn’t heard it in ages. Now that’s competing in y head to replace “I got a lovely bunch of coconuts” as my earworm of the day.


    1. I probably chose my words poorly. It’s legal to send a coconut from anywhere in the US but most places outside of Hawaii will ask you for packaging. In Hawaii you can just write on it and send it.

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  2. Well, if you guys are going to answer the question, so early on, maybe we need a new question for the day.

    YA and I are indeed in Hawaii. Our first three days Oahu and then our second three days Maui. I do love the Big Island but I am very glad that we are not there this trip. And we almost didn’t make this trip as we ended up having a seven hour delay yesterday before taking off. On the plane, off the plane, on the plane again and all the while I was thinking “if they cancel this flight and we have to cancel this trip. I’m going to have to rewrite the blog really quickly !”

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  3. I should’ve added “land of spam” to my clues. We’ve been looking at breakfast menus right now, waiting for the sun to come up and of course, spam is all over the place.

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  4. My life the last 3-4 months: Sandra goes from one UTI to another. Maybe the issue is she canno take penecillin.
    she makes everything difficult for me. She needs new nightgowns and refuses to wear the ones I bought, to name one thing. Won’t take Tylenol desite her pain. Today she asked for Tynenol at 2. I was suspicious but they gave her two pills. Grinding them up and putting them in pudding does not work. She spits out the grit. So they put the pills in applesauce and put them in her mouth and she swallowed. They made her open her mouth. Saw no pills. But the look on her face was telling. At 3:15 she proudly opened her mouth to me. White foam. Who can hold Tylenol in their mouth for 75 minutes and not gag. They started her on another course of antibiotics later.


  5. Someday I will get to Hawaii. Being built for cold weather and not the equatorial zones, warm weather vacations aren’t a huge draw. But Hawaii is not just about the warmth so far I as I am concerned. There is a shaggy dog story about a great aunt buying land on the Big Island that my mom and aunt still hold title to – it’s pretty scrubby, but whatevs. So if nothing else, I need to go see The Land. 🙂

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