Fat Bombs

I’m not hugely adventuresome when it comes to food.  Once I find something I like, I tend to stick to it.  Almond Butter Granola Waffle at Black Coffee & Waffle.  Vegetarian Reuben at Pub 42.  Blueberry Pancake at Lowbrow.  Quattro Formaggio at Punch.  It’s not that I’m afraid to try something new, it’s just that I can’t imagine not having my favorite in that moment.  There are a few things I’ll always try: tiramisu, sticky toffee pudding, anything made with macadamia nuts.

Although Hawaii is not the actual birthplace of the macadamia nut (and isn’t even the world’s largest producer of the nut), the 50th state has certainly taken the macadamia to heart.  I will say that every time I’ve traveled to Hawaii – I work hard to make it worth their while.  And the restaurants on Oahu and Maui did not disappoint this trip.

I learned to love macadamia nuts for breakfast years ago.  I was breakfasting with clients and the hotel sales person when I discovered coconut syrup on the waffle bar, along with chopped macadamia nuts.  Can we say “heavenly”?  I know in this global economy I can easily get nuts and syrup but I never get around to it so I was really looking forward to loading up on fat bombs (what a friend dubbed macadamia nuts long ago).

Our very first morning in Oahu, we hiked about 15 blocks to Eggs `n Things:

We had a great table out on the balcony, looking over a pretty park and they served me the Fresh Fruit Rainbow Pancake.  With macadamia nuts.  The photo is in the header above.  It was delicious and outrageous – how can anybody eat that much in one sitting?  Well, I showed them how it was done.  It was a good things we had a lot of walking to do that day.

We went to a different breakfast spot every day of our trip and I found pancakes with macadamia nuts every time – but only found coconut syrup once.  Aaaah well, the vicissitudes of travel!

Anything you can eat meal after meal?

26 thoughts on “Fat Bombs”

  1. I agree with this song. However, the singer says he can’t take peanut butter. I find that to be disingenuous. And no specific jam is mentioned. My selection is strawberry.

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  2. Just out of curiosity, I looked to see if there was any link between macadamia, the nut and macadam, the asphalt road surface. Both were named after John MacAdam but different Johns.

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  3. Chocolate, caramel pecan rolls, chocolate covered eclairs, my spaghetti w/meat sauce, hmm, the list goes on. If I like something that much, short of becoming ill or malnourished because of being a one-food pony, I could eat it every day.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  4. Food is pretty ‘utilitarian’ to me. And, growing up, mom/dad always made a big pot of something on Sunday and we had leftovers for most of the week until it was gone. So, I have a pretty high tolerance for the same dinner night after night. The Wonder Wife has a much higher preference for changing things up more frequently.

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        1. Her current official title is: The Wonder Wife Without Hardware. My current official title is: The Hus Without The Band. Yes, we’re both fully aware and approve.


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