Where in the World is VS?

  • Population of 22,000 but at least five large golf courses.
  • Titan Missile Museum (also known as Air Force Facility Missile Site 8 – Arizona Aerospace) – deactivated in 1984.
  • Arid Garden – flora that is local to Arizona and states with similar geological features. Open 24/7.
  • Casa Grande Ruins National Monument — dating back to the early 14th century, the monument showcases the ruins of a walled compound, remnants of a village and the irrigation system used by early farmers.
  • Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory — once called the Mount Hopkins Observatory, but it was renamed to honor American astronomer Fred Lawrence Whipple.
  • Mission San Xavier del Bac — Completed in 1797 as part of a Catholic mission, the church is the oldest example of European baroque architecture in the area and features incredible original statues and mural paintings.

Where in the world is VS?


33 thoughts on “Where in the World is VS?”

      1. No, this is not a work trip. One of my stipulations in going back to work very very part time was no traveling for business. This is just a personal trip to visit a girlfriend of mine.

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    1. It is marvelously warm here. When I got on the plane it was 10 below in Minneapolis. When I got off the plane here it was 72°. Shorts and zorries for days on end so far.

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    1. So very close….. I told my girlfriend that you might be the one who guesses it since you have more familiarity with this part of the world. It occurs to me that I don’t actually know where your winter house is?

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