Words To Live By

We are starting our second, and unexpected, week of caring for our grandson. A snow storm and terrible road conditions have made our planned rendezvous with Son and Dil impossible today, and it looks like the weather is going to be awful all week. We may not get him back to his parents until Saturday.

Yesterday Husband, Grandson, and dog had a wonderful time playing in the snow drifts, feeding the birds, and tearing around in the backyard. The dog came in the house with a mass of golf ball-sized snow clumps sticking to his beard, skirt, armpits, furnishings, and legs. I had to put him in a warm bath to melt them. He had a great time out there, though. Grandson loved watching the birds flock at the feeder.

Husband is exhausted from clearing snow. He says that North Dakota words to live by are “Don’t run out of whiskey in a blizzard”. His small stash of hooch is holding up just fine, but we really need spring to come.

What are your words to live by? Any opinions about whiskey?

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  1. Unintentional jumping to movie quotes again, but just last night Kelly and I were laughing about this quote from ‘We Bought a Zoo’. One of the zoo employee’s says it to a lion as he works in the lions cage: “You don’t want me. I am filled with Scotch and bitterness and impure thoughts. “

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  2. A nice single malt Scotch – one that’s not too peaty – can be a real treat to sip. Off hand I can’t recall if I’ve tasted Irish whisky, but I know I’m not a fan of bourbon. Lots of good songs about the whiskey, though. Here’s one:

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    Aside from Baileys, whiskey is not my thing. In Edinburgh, Scotland, on the main drag, there were quite a few Scotch whiskey shops offering free samples which sealed the dislike for me. But I loved a lot of other things about Edinburgh. As far as words to live by, “Rise and Shine” would be one. “Let it go” is another one.

    Renee, the pictures of your grandson and dog are really cute. Playing in the snow at his age is really a blast. I had a professional gathering to attend last night. The snow started just as I left the house. Groan. When I returned home around 9:30pm I saw some cars in the ditch. Driving in it was not a blast.

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  4. As Mr. Vonnegut would say, “So it goes”.
    The snow isn’t deep but it’s very wet and heavy this morning.

    I appreciate most forms of whiskey, including peaty Islay single malt scotch, in moderation, of course. But it’s still a little early for that.

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    1. How I wish I could think of some more screwed up “sayings” like this, but of course, my brain is completely blank. I love the mental image this one conjures up, not to mention the lack of sense it makes. Sounds like it might be taken from the MAGA crowd’s playbook.

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        1. Here’s some interesting little tidbit about how WP works. The above statement by Bill showed up in my email a full minute before it showed here on the blog.


  5. My mom always says “God will take care of it.” When she gets to worrying these days and gets all anxious I remind her of that. Being hit with her own words, she has to pause, and take a breath, and admit, yes, she did say that. It calms her down.
    She also used to say a lot “It will work out.” And I have seen things in my own life work out and I try not to stress over things so much because… it generally works out.

    I keep trying scotch and whiskey and bourbon thinking I should like one of them. Some are OK. Some I tolerate simply for the sake of tolerating “because”. We do like Wild Turkey Honey Whiskey and keep a bottle of that in the fridge. Just a little swig will do ya! Last time we ran out, I bought a bottle of a MN honey whiskey… it ain’t working for me. But I won’t throw it out.

    This song doesn’t specify what’s in the keg:

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  6. I’m sure I’ve had whiskey at least once in my 66 years but I can’t remember an occasion in specific. I’m not crazy about most of the hard liquors at all.

    I probably say “oh well” more than anything else and that does kind of represent my feelings on the vicissitudes of life. But I also say, “there is no try, only do” which seems to fly in the face of “oh well”. I guess I’m just a complex person.

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    1. Yeah, I kept waiting for the whiskey part (after finishing the hay) but with all those blisters on their hands, I realize it was about the wise words, and not the drinking. 😉

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      1. Burl Ives may have sung it but it wasn’t his song.

        Harry McClintock recorded it in 1928. McClintock wrote and recorded several “hobo” songs including Halleluia I’m a Bum. Big Rock Candy Mountain has often been presented as a children’s song with bowdlerized lyrics because of the candy reference, I suppose, but that was not its original intent.

        Harry McClintock claimed to have written BRCM but other sources say circa 1906 Marshall P. Locke and Charles Tyner were the songwriters.

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