Scared Silly

Scared the bleep out of myself last week.  Just running a couple of errands including a trip to the library for a drop-off and a pick-up.  At this time of year I usually wear a sweatshirt for errands, leaving the coat at home.  After all, just going from house to car, car to library, etc.  A creature of habit, I normally lock the car then put the keys in the pocket of my sweatshirt. 

When I came out of the library I reached into my pocket and… no keys.  I dug down in the pocket then re-traced my steps, thinking that maybe I set them down on the shelf when I was pulling out my holds.  Nope.  Walked back outside to the drop-off box to see if I dropped them there.  Nope.  Stood next to my car for a few minutes (of course, this was a day it was drizzling/sleeting a bit) trying to visualize if I’d had my keys in my hand when I put the book through the drop-off slot.  I didn’t think so.   I headed back into the library to see if maybe in the short time I’d been inside, someone had found the keys and turned them into a librarian.  At least I had my phone and YA was working at home that day so she could have brought me the spare key, but I was already starting to feel the loss of the keychain which my father gave me decades ago. 

As I was about to open the library door, my hand brushed against my pant leg.  The keys were in the pocket of my sweatpants!  It’s still a little unbelievable to me.  I only have two pairs of sweatpants that even have pockets so I never think about having pockets.  I can’t imagine WHY I put the keys in the pants’ pocket instead of the sweatshirt.  But I was unbelievably relieved to find them, not have to embarrass myself in front of the library staff and especially not in front of YA!

Tell me about a time you’ve scared the bejeepers out of yourself?

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  1. Billfold was not in my purse when I needed it. Looked everywhere in the house, and then in the car. Finally thought to walk around and open the passenger door – it almost fell out on the garage floor, was kind of wedged there. Purse has a shallow pocket where it resides… I now always zipper that pocket so it can’t escape.

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  2. I went to bed sick and didn’t see that The Birds were not in the aviary. Next morning, they were no where to be seen. The flock was divided up and in hiding. One was behind the refrigerator.. Another in the bathroom. The other two were behind the window blinds. They went toward dim lights. None were hurt but could have been while flying in the dark.

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    At the beginning ofMarch when we came through Iowa from AZ, on our way home, we stopped in Ankeny, Ia to visit my mother. Mom was agitated and wailing that day, which was hard to see. When we left I forgot to pick up my purse and I did not notice until we arrived home, 4 hours up the road.

    Scared silly!

    I really had to think this through, then I realized what Ihad done. Fortunately I had my phone and wallet in my pocket. But I had cash, my iPad, and other things in the purse. I had to contact the head nurse and have her retrieve it until I got back to visit last Sunday.

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  4. On a Sunday afternoon shortly before Thanksgiving, I was preparing for my 4 to 7 PM visit with Philip. I like to be punctual, so I had everything packed an ready to go at 3:45 PM. Hans was out of town for a few days, so all I needed was to do was hop in my car and drive the few blocks to Philip’s house. Panic set in when I couldn’t find my car key – which also contains the key to our house. I have a spare car key, so getting there wasn’t a problem, but I was not comfortable with leaving the front door unlocked. I always leave my car keys in one certain spot on our front porch, but they weren’t there. I looked everywhere with no luck, and finally decided that I didn’t have a choice but to leave the house unlocked. As I opened the door to leave I immediately spotted the keyes, they were in the lock on the outside of the door, and apparently had been there all night. I was a few minutes late for my visit, but greatly relieved that I was able to lock the door behind me. I have never done that before, and I hope I don’t do it again. I hate that panicky feeling.

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    1. I do that here at the college sometimes… leave my keys hanging in my office door. Or laying on my desk. I try to get in the habit of always ALWAYS clipping them back on my belt. But it’s when you get in a hurry, we do the random thing…

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  5. Jacque reminds me of the time we were driving through Wisconsin, at the beginning of a journey to Georgia to visit Nephew. We had stopped at a rest area, and played Frisbee before getting back on the road. A couple of hours later i reached for my purse and IT WASN’T THERE. We had to drive back, and luckily an employee had taken it to a lost-and-found a few miles away. Turned out fine, but was a 4-hour mistake.

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  6. On Valentines Day, my daughter and I had gone to pick up my sister’s car from her apartment garage. Her car is a Kia Soul and has been stolen, abandoned, recovered and repaired, and she wanted it to be parked somewhere where a responsible family member could check on it regularly while she recuperates from a severely broken leg. She won’t be able to drive until at least May. So I was driving an unfamiliar with a newly installed theft avoidance system that I had never used, it was dark and it was pouring rain and I had to stop at HyVee on my way home. I parked, figured out how to use the steering wheel lock Club and went in to pick up a few items. I came out of the store juggling an umbrella, a bag of groceries, and the car keys including the security fob that had to be used in a very specific order to get into the car without setting off alarms or potentially being locked out,

    I had ordered chow mien for dinner and went to pick it up. When I got out of the car, I didn’t have my purse which had an unusually large amount of cash that I had forgotten to take out the day before! I thought I’d just run in and pick up the chow mien order before backtracking to try to find the purse, I had my phone so planned to pay with the credit card app. Got in the restaurant and even though it was takeout only, they were slammed with Valentines Day orders. I couldn’t get the credit app on my phone to work! The woman who was cashiering as well as working in the kitchen, was sympathetic but very busy. After returning to the kitchen several times, leaving me to try to get the credit app to work. Finally she told me to just take the food, she was too busy to worry about it, and I left to try to track down my purse.

    I went back to HyVee, carefully checked all around where the car had been parked and finally went in the store. There was a greeter at the door and with little hope, I asked if anyone had turned in a brown cloth purse. He said YES! I had left it in the cart! It was locked in a back room at the service desk. After identifying myself and describing the purse to the satisfaction of the employee at the desk, I had my purse and all it’s vital contents back. (When I went back the next day to pay for my food, the lady was so surprised and delighted to see me, that she told me I didn’t have to pay. When I told her that of course I would, she went to the kitchen and made me an order of cream cheese wontons to thank me. The wontons were wonderful.

    Long story, scared silly, happy ending.

    As I reread this, two things come to mind. It needs a good edit job, and it reminds me of Ben’s tale of dealing with the hoses for the hydraulics on the rear blade of the loader.

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  7. i am numb to this kind of stuff
    i have turned into the absent minded professor
    i just shake my head at my current state of shit for brains move
    i called a tow truck to come to pick up my car in a ramp in chicago to get keys made after losing them in a trade show only to realize i’d left them in the door lock all day

    find myself with keys lost or in locked car too often

    last scare was falling asleep driving down the road by myself
    need to get that eliminated from my bag of tricks
    the 130 to 8 am delivery shift i’ve been working implies a bedtime that adjusts accordingly . i’m missing that part of the equation and pay my dues with fig rain as my constant companion
    scared … hospital emergency room stuff and the 2 second fall that gets me there is the scare reflex

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