Sweet Talk

I got a text from Daughter Sunday letting me know she talked her way out of a speeding ticket. She said she was only going 10 mph over the speed limit. I told her she needed to slow down.

I don’t know how she does it, but this is about the fifth or sixth ticket she has talked her way out of. I have only had one speeding ticket in my life, only going about 5 mph over the limit in town, and the police officer had no trouble citing me.

Husband got several speeding tickets from the Dunn County Sherriff and Tribal police driving back from the Reservation. The Tribal tickets were never reported to the State, so he didn’t get points on his license for them.

The Highway Patrol in western Minnesota often cite people who don’t notice that the speed limit changes when you cross the Dakota borders into Minnesota, and assume they can still drive Dakota speeds. Our governor just vetoed a bill that would have increased the speed limit to 80 in ND. People drive that speed here anyway, so it wouldn’t have made much of a difference for him to sign the bill.

Every talked your way out a ticket? What is the fastest you ever drove? Why were you going that fast?

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  1. Good morning 🌞 I also have had my luck with getting out of speeding tickets. I’ve had 2 total, but probably have not received one when I should have at least 3 times. I was given a warning instead. Most were when I was younger, and I always agreed with the police officer that I was speeding because I was. And I apologized that he had to use his time on me not following the law. I’m really not sure why I didn’t get a ticket in those cases ..luck, I guess. I really do my best now to do the limit 🙂

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  2. Every ticket I’ve ever received was righteously issued and paid, reluctantly but promptly. I used to regularly drive at speeds in excess of 100 in Taiwan, because over there, it’s all in Kilometers per hour. Still, it FELT zippy.

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  3. i’m was a three tickets on my record at a time guy until just a few years ago as soon as 1 or 2 would fall off i’d get more

    today i drive 10 over on highways and 5 on city streets i’m always ok with that

    talked my way out of tickets … yes
    i got frustrated when they changed the drivers lisence number 15 years ago . i used to regularly talk my way out of drunken driving tickets because i didn’t have my lisence but my lisence number is j 520603793141 occifer

    100is fast around here but out on the flats in utah where the land speed record is set you just gotta go for it montana almost encouraged it

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      1. I have never tried to recite the alphabet backwards, and doubt very much I could do it even when stone cold sober. And if I ever get stopped, they had better not expect me to be able to balance on one leg either.

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  4. I have had one speeding ticket and I earned it. The sheriff who stopped me wasn’t friendly or nice at all and I didn’t even try to talk my way out of it.

    I had a friend who was a guy in high school (not an actual boyfriend). We were neighbors on Cannon Lake. He had a 1975 powder blue Mustang and he was really proud of that car. We used to go to Young Life meetings together and one such meeting was in Owatonna. He picked me up and off we went. My parents thought he was very safe because they knew him and his parents. Well, he drove about 100 mph down the freeway from Faribault to Owatonna, which was posted at 55 mph in those days. When we got into Owatonna, he went 50 on what is now called Hoffman Drive, a four lane road that crests a hill then drops and arcs when it reaches the Straight River. There’s a stop light at the bottom of that hill now but not in the 1970s. He roared through downtown at 50 mph and I was really scared. We didn’t get stopped though; we made it to our meeting and home safely. I think he knew he scared me.

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  5. I got stopped for speeding (probably 10 over the limit) coming back north on I-35 around Mason City. Like RBtLyme, I admitted it and apologized, and got off with a warning. The time I missed a stop sign in S. Mpls, though, that was a well deserved ticket.

    When I drove back from San Francisco to Iowa one summer, I’m sure I went 85 or maybe even tried 90 on the Utah interestate. If there are no other cars around, there’s just nothing in the way to hit!

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    1. happy fingerprint and mugshot afternoon to you all

      the news last night said he might have been better off making his speech last night in case the judge puts conditions on what he can do after the indictment is a thing

      can you say georgia

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  6. My dad used to swear by the “get out of the car“ method and claimed it saved him several tickets. I tried it twice and it worked both times but I’ve read several places that you’re not supposed to do that anymore. The theory was that as soon as the cop saw you out of the car and not an unknown quantity, their instinctive anxiety about a traffic stop went down.

    The only traffic ticket I got was also deserved. I got caught when the speed changed between Edina and Richfield at 66th and Xerxes. And I might’ve been able to get out of it if I hadn’t smarted off. The cop said “do you know how fast you’re going?” and I said “well clearly over the speed limit as you pulled me over.” Badda bing.

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  7. My Great Uncle Okke was a bootlegger in the 1920’s, and would walk around his little town of Ellsworth, MN wearing a long coat that had lots of pockets on the inside that he carried liquor bottles in. I can’t imagine the Ellsworth policeman didn’t notice people coming up to Okke and buying booze. I wonder how Okke managed that.

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      1. Okke did get caught. In Rock County District Court, Judge Connell told Okke he had a $100 dollar fine for his arrest for bootlegging. Okke said “I’ve got that right here in my wallet, yout honor”. Judge Connell then said “AND 30 days in jail. Do you have that in your wallet. Mr. Boomgaarden?”

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  8. I’ve gotten two speeding tickets. Both just 10 over. I tried to tell the first officer I was trying to finish picking corn and I needed a generator for the tractor and that’s why I was hurrying. He dropped 5 MPH off the ticket (getting me to the 10 under), but I still got the ticket.
    Second one, no excuses.
    I remember my dad getting a warning and the officer looking at me in the truck and telling him to slow down for me. Funny the stuff you all make me remember…

    I had a gruff officer warn me about crossing the white line after making a corner. I still think it was a nuisance stop and he didn’t need to have the attitude for that. I do understand they never know what they’re walking into. I asked my son once, is there any info when they look up a license on their computer, like ‘This guys son is a cop; he’s OK’. Or ‘this guy is a jerk’. But nope, just basic information. I think adding some adjectives and opinions would be helpful. 🙂

    My brother in law hit 110 with me on the back of his motorcycle. That was exciting.
    And I remember being in the backseat of a car with my brothers friends, hitting 110 or 120 going down a hill. That was just crazy.
    Personally, maybe 90?

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    1. Same friend who was a guy took me on a motorcycle ride and was going very fast on a gravel road. I don’t know how fast we were going but on gravel… don’t remember wearing a helmet either.


  9. i was just a little too drunk to be driving one night and driving an old vintage jaguar that had issues. i pulled up to the lights at 50th and xeroxes and it died
    i had my friend turn the key whil i diddled with electrical stuff under the hood
    it started i jumped in but the lite was turning red as i popped it into drive and went through the intersection
    the cop turned his lights on and my friend was yelling take a right and a left i know where to ditch him
    but i stopped and did the one leg finger to mines toe to toe routines and he asked me where we were going and i told him over to my my friends house on 53 and ewing
    well then what are you doing here? i could answer him because i dint know where i was
    he said we’ll just take him straight home he left and i pulled forward drove maybe 4 blocks and the lights came on again
    different cop
    i told him that a different officer had just stopped me and i was taking my frien home
    he said are you aware you’re on the lake harriet bicycle path
    i knew there was something off back the
    just then the first cop saw us and parked his car and came running through the park and the second cop said
    oh i see why your a little rattled he’s kind of the precinct hype
    get out of here i’ll handle him

    i have others but they are at least as long as that one

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  10. I haven’t gotten any tickets except parking tickets, and didn’t have the opportunity to talk myway out. And I would be the last person to get a speeding ticket – I drive for fuel economy. I’ve heard that in during WWII, 35 mph was called”Victory Speed” – it was recommended to use gas as sparingly as possible.

    I may have gotten up to 75 mph or so for brief stretches, but not very often.

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  11. Drove 100 through Wisconsin 3 AM. At 80 changed drivers with my sister…without stopping!
    No alcohol or drugs were involved. Just temporary insanity.

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