Signs of Spring

I am waiting for a blizzard to hit while I write this. We are expecting up to 6 inches of snow to add the the 96 inches we have had thus far this winter. We are told that after this it will warm up, with highs possibly in the 70’s next week. I will believe it when I see it, but I will try to be hopeful.

If it warms up quickly it will be a muddy, mucky mess for a while. Our daughter in law sent a video of our grandson riding his bike gleefully through large puddles that had accumulated in their street. Kids on bikes in puddles are sure signs of spring. There are also dismal looking lawn and Christmas ornaments that are emerging from under the snow piles, which I suppose could also be signs of impending spring.

I have a third cousin who a couple of Baboons also know who is an expert about snakes and amphibians. He is excited about finding garter snakes coming out of hibernation already this year, signs of spring for him. I have yet to see robins or other migratory birds, but Husband saw hawks on his drive back from Bismarck on Monday, more signs that winter is losing its grip. Here is a favorite Canadian folk singer from Saskatchewan who understands about spring.

What signs of spring are you noticing? What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of April? Know any good poems or songs about spring?

33 thoughts on “Signs of Spring”

  1. What I’m noticing are the crocuses on the north side of the garage, and so much birdsong!

    But April is a mixed bag, in a lot of ways – just so unpredictable, it’s dark again because of DST when I get up. My dad’s birthday is in the middle, and friend W plus our friends J (of J & C, lived with them on their farm…) have birthdays a day apart.. so it was a fun month when we were all in the same vicinity – now I just have to remember sending a card. : )

    I may have used up my spring poem collection last week, was it? See April 1…

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  2. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I am anxiously awaiting my bulbs to sprout. I have some planted on the South-facing hill, so those sprout first. Unfortunately, the snow in the rest of the yard has been so deep I cannot get out there to peak at them. Yesterday the snow was melting so fast, so maybe at the end of the day the yard will get more accessible.

    I am seeing all kinds of ads for spring plant sales, so maybe Spring will come. Master Gardeners had a great presentation Monday night about Clematis which I attended. All the green thumbs are itching and feeling thwarted.

    Lou’s back is better, with some residual pain left, but he is now off the steroids and he is again clear minded. The poor guy did not respond to those well at all, and that response was entirely unexpected. Stressful. I was feeling like Clyde would often describe feeling. If you are reading today, Clyde, I get it.

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    1. May you and Lou, or any Baboon, never experience what Sandy and I live through now. A little side bit to tell you about. I keep fresh flowers in front of Sandy. Seems simple enough. At the store I often get friendly comments or rude ones when I am checking out, like what mistake am I apologizing for. One check out clerk knows the story and she will politiely explain, but some still push their little joke. Then at the home the LPN or other women employees will complain that their husbands never buy them flowers for no reason. I want to explain to them that flowers are not hardly for no reason. And I have to walk through the non-memeory care part. Many of the women want to see the flowers and are happy for Sandy. Three or four get jealous. Seems so simple doesn’t it, just to bring her flowers. But it turns into a whole social engagement.

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      1. people are scary with their natural responses

        you wonder what the hell people are thinking about

        i always think i am glad i only have to deal with these doorknobs for 45 seconds . someone has them as part of their everyday life

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  3. – I’ve seen a couple of robins
    – Lots of birdsong when I go for my walks
    – Ice dam above my garage door is FINALLY gone
    – More rain than snow very recently
    – The beginnings of my Spring allergy season
    It’s still way too chilly (and today much too windy) to feel like Spring but maybe by this weekend, if the forecasters are correct…….

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  4. Snow is mostly gone around here, just some drifts and shadowy area’s. And the north side of buildings.
    Turkey Vultures are back, Robins are back, Red Wing Blackbirds. Saw something large flying over the other day, maybe herons?

    Here’s a song I missed posting yesterday. From Junior Brown. I enjoy his voice. Saw him in Rochester once. Took both kids as Kelly was busy. Son laid on the floor and went to sleep. Daughter slept in my arms. boy, tough crowd.

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  5. When I went to the bakery this morning for my early morning Wednesday donut, there were birds singing when I left the house and I see that is a good sign of spring. My yard is still pretty wintery and I don’t have anything coming up but this weekend I will go pull up the chicken wire that I have over the new bulbs (planted last fall).

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    1. Woot and cheers for the hardy stuff that’s pushing up under the remainder of the snow.

      Hans just found two small peppers on a pepper plant he started from seed. He’s excited, and I’m concerned that he started it way too early, and that it won’t survive till it can be transplanted. Time will tell. Meanwhile, he’s thrilled with his growing prowess.

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