Life Lesson Learned

Last year when I retired, I made an online calendar to count down the last 30 days.  I did it online because I didn’t want to hurt my boss’ feelings.

When she called me in January to ask if I would handle two special projects, I was hesitant but eventually figured it would be a nice favor to do her and that extra money never hurts.  I had several stipulations that I hoped would make the projects easier:  100% work from home, no set schedule, no meetings except the few needed for my specific projects, no training.

Since I only work when there is something to do, my hours have been variable.  Early on, I was just working 3-4 hours a week.  The last six weeks, it’s been around 20 hours a week.  The first week of May will likely be around 40. 

As you can see from the photo above, I’ve made another calendar to count the days.

My appreciate of corporate America has not increased since last summer.  Still too many buzz words (collaboration, pivot, synergy, core competency, subject matter expert).  Still too much inter-department conflict.  Still clients who completely ignore timelines and 30+ years of advice. 

The biggest issue although is my feeling that I just don’t want to be tied to work any longer.  Not that I have massive numbers of other things to do; I just want to be free to do what I want when I want… even if it’s reading all day while playing online solitaire.

Someone asked me over the weekend if I wouldn’t be susceptible to more requests from my boss in the future – if I would feel guilty if she was struggling to get everything assigned.   I’ve thought about it and realized that no, this has been a lesson learned.  I don’t want to do this anymore.  In addition, I worked for this woman for 32 years and she has never gotten anyone from outside the organization to come back to do special projects; she has 32 years of experience working this stuff out.  If I say “no” in the future, I’m sure she can work it out without me. 

So, I’m counting down.  I included the weekends because I will be working on Saturday, May 6.  It’s the final event of the two projects and except for a few hours of wrapping up the accounting, which will probably be in June, it will be the end of my work.  I can’t wait!

When was the last time you were counting the days?  Have you ever actually made a countdown calendar?

36 thoughts on “Life Lesson Learned”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    VS, I am right here in the counting- the- days boat with you, my days just extend through July when I retire. I have not yet made a calendar, but May 1 there will be one. For the first time in my life, I just wanna do what I wanna do. On August 1 I will text VS with my plan for the day—pull weeds and online solitaire. And a cuppa coffee.

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    1. PS, yesterday evening my son and DIL’s car was stolen, taken for a joy ride by the kids who smashed the window, smashed into another car when their car flipped, caught on fire and burned the thieves who could not run away. My DIL said, “Who wants to joy ride in a Hyundai Accent?”

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        1. The cops told son that this Hyundai was even too old for that problem—just kids wanting to joyride!


      1. kia and hyundai are popular trucks these days
        it’s like taking an unlocked bike on the corner
        kia and hyundai know this and refuse to make it right

        bet they won’t gain many customers

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    2. A few years ago my sons old junker was stolen in a Seattle suburb and found the next day unharmed. Cops said cars like that are stolen for using in drug deals.
      Who’d a thought?

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      1. My car mechanic kept several old but maintained cars to offer as loaners. They were cosmetically compromised and had big numbers affixed to the sides. They kept getting stolen. I asked him why anyone would steal them and he told me, “to do other crimes.”

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      2. It was found a couple suburbs away parked behind a topless drive through coffee shop. Because it was so dark. The manager saw it when she opened and called it in. A regular occurence.

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  2. I have until November 1, 2024 before I will retire. It is a little early for a count down calendar. Given the dearth of psychologists here, I can imagine being asked to work part time, a couple days a week, doing evaluations after I formally retire. Husband does that now. I struggle between doing that or making a clean break. Husband believes the only remedy is to move to Minnesota after I retire.

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    1. By the time this all played out, it was pretty late last night, and I don’t think anyone knows what happened to them. They knew ambulances had been called.

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  3. I always mark off the days on the calendar–it’s not a countdown per se, more of a reminder of what day of the week it is. I hope Social Security will still exist in 10-15 years and I’ll be able to retire, but I know I can’t count on anything.

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      1. Yeah, I’m kind of resigned. I have a couple of small IRAs, but if we’ve learned anything we’ve learned we can’t trust the stock market. I was temping so long, I don’t have much in the way of savings, and roommate is older than me and vax-injured so her job prospects are dim at best. Good thing I don’t want to travel or play golf or live in a retirement village or any of that nonsense; if I could afford new hearing aids and glasses as needed, books, and a coffee at the local coffeehouse twice a week, I’d be pretty content.

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  4. my countdown calendar is all planned out but I don’t know exactly how to plug it in

    six months before the day that I die are going to get X’d off and I’m not working

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  5. I have never had a countdown calendar, but I have counted the days until something special was going to happen. Not sure there’s really much of a difference, except I didn’t mark it down on an actual calendar. My counting days was geared toward looking forward to something rather than leaving something – like a job – behind. Not sure that makes any sense, even to me.

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  6. I count the days until a show opens. It still means ‘how much time do I have left?’. How much time do I have to get through this so I can get onto something else?? That’s where I’m at this week and next anyway.

    “I love deadlines; I love the ‘whooshing’ sound they make as they fly by.”

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  7. I also do a mental, rather than physical, counting of days. Last time was probably when Husband was going to get out of Rehab and get to come home.

    I’m currently kind of doing a countdown to the last UU Service before our summer break. I have a lot of tasks planned for the summer (new computer, change email address… -anyone with expertise want to come here and coach me?)
    I should start putting things on the calendar so there will be a deadline, and therefore they will get done.

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    1. We have three more services for the church choir, and one more service for bells to play at. As much as I love being a church musician, I will be glad to be done.

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  8. Right now I am counting down the days till the end of tax season. Not because I really detest tax season but because I like it when it’s over for the year and I can move on to other things.

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