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I was at home on sick leave yesterday and had ample time to lie on the sofa and listen to MPR. I was tickled to hear the Oscar Mayer Weiner song played on Performance Today. The announcer commented that the Oscar Mayer song catapulted the company into national prominence.

The link between advertising and classical music was fascinating. There were apparently two competing harp manufacturers in France in the early 1900’s. Debussy was commissioned by one, the Pleyel company, Ravel by the other, the Erard company, to compose pieces for harp that the companies could lay claim to and use to promote their harps. Both pieces are favorites of mine.

Neither company manufactures harps any longer, but the musical pieces remain. I wonder how long Oscar Mayer will make wieners?

What is your favorite brand of wiener? What are your favorite and least favorite advertising jingles? Know any harpists?

25 thoughts on “Classical Ads”

  1. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    After an ill-advised college cornfield party which involved a bonfire, hotdogs, and Mogen David Wine, I gave up hotdogs. This abstinence has gone on for 51 years. Yes, indeed, it was that bad.

    My former neighbor’s sister was a professional harpist. She was very skilled. No jingles are coming to mind this morning. Off to my day.

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  2. I don’t really wanna talk about jingles too much because then I end up with earworms. And I can’t think of any jingles that I actually like. However, this commercial does make me chuckle every time I see it.

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      1. I don’t see this long version very often – usually they cut off the “how did you learn to talk to animals” part – which, of course is the best part!

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  3. The greatest of Irish harpers was Turlough O’Carolan, who reputedly gained his ability from the Good Folk (sadly I was born a bit too late to enjoy his playing). My favorite jingle of all time was the “Ride of the Valkyries” parody commercial by NSP back in the 70s: “Welcome to winter in Minnesota, here is your fuel bill, hahahaha!” I may have mentioned that before, but if so, too bad 😉

    I’ve given up meatless wieners and sausages due to their sky-high sodium content. I never did find a vegan hot dog that was exactly right, but when I was vegetarian I loved Morningstar Farms sausages (both patties and links). My roommate tells me Beyond Beef Italian Sausages are delicious, so I may try one as my Independence Day treat.

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    1. A long and well-lied life. Not just a great talent, but man who lent his voice powerfully to the Civil Rights Movement and other causes. He did his part to make this world a better place, may he rest in peace.

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  4. No wieners for me! The vegetarian ones are unappealing too. That’s ok. I’ve never missed them.

    I’m not much of a fan of most advertising jingles. They are, by nature, jingle-jangly and, like VS, give me unceasing earworms. I did always like the Hamm’s beer commercial.

    I used to know a harpist in Mankato but I haven’t seen her in years. Harp music is so beautiful.

    OT: I’m picking up eggs from Ben tomorrow. I have 7 dozen spoken for. Would anyone like any eggs?

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  5. Since Husband is from Sheboygan, WI, the bratwurst capital of the world, we always have brats, and various varieties of sausage on hand. Our daughter refuses to eat them because he made them so often when she was a child. He lso has spent years trying to make at home the special buns, called hard rolls, that are a must for the perfect Sheboygan brat. He believes he has finally found a recipe for buns called Franzbrotchen that is close enough. I am grateful he hasn’t insisted making his own brats and sausages, although we do have an electric meat grinder/sausage stuffer. He rarely eats wieners

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    1. Weiners just seem like a waste of time. There needs to be more to them.
      But I ate a lot as a kid. Cold, precooked, but cold, cut in half and put on bread with ketchup.

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  6. I like Trader Joe’s Chicken & Apple sausages the best, and there’s a knockoff that I can find somewhere here… Best sausage I ever had, though, was someone’s homemade.

    Like VS, I’m going to skip trying to come up with a jingle, because who knows how many days it will be with me!

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    1. Oh, and one of my Friday lunch-bunch women is a harpist – she’s part of a harp group here and around Winona. My favorite concert if the Christmas season is theirs – on a Sunday afternoon when you need a rest and a break from all the hubbub – it is so peaceful.

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