The Audacity of Heft

Today’s post comes from Wally of Wally’s Intimida, home of the Sherpa SUV. It’s a mighty big car!

Greetings, Road Hogs!

After reading yesterday’s comments on driving, I know most of you are not actually “road hogs”, but you each could  become one if only you had the right set of wheels.

Wally here to remind you that the Sherpa from Intimida is still the world’s widest, tallest, longest and heaviest passenger car .

And that’s saying something at a time when car designers are obsessed with “lightweighting” their products.  They take steel out of a vehicle’s frame and replace it with aluminum, carbon fiber, and carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRC’s).

By doing this, it’s possible to improve gas mileage, drive-ability and customer acceptance.

But so what?  Some things are so basic to your identity that they should never be changed, and for the Sherpa one of those key things is heft!

No, we’re not embarrassed by weight.

That’s why Intimida engineers always opt for the heaviest, densest materials available. The frame is made out of steel-reinforced steel and skyscraper-construction-grade I-beams. Our paint is made from a paste created when crushed bedrock is combined with super-strong limpet teeth by melting both ingredients in blast furnaces as hot as the sun.

The reason is simple – a car as big as a mountain doesn’t need to get good gas mileage.   Because it’s such a massive object, the Sherpa  has stronger gravity than everything around it, so people and things just naturally come to it.

But when you do start it up and decide to go somewhere, the world will take notice!  That’s because a Sherpa is designed to be impressive, meaning it leaves a permanent scar on the landscape.

That’s why so many crumbling highways are closed shortly after an Intimida Sherpa passes through.

Yes, you did that.  But you pay taxes, so get your money’s worth!

So if a lightweight car is what you want, there are plenty of options out there.  But if you want to turn heads, collapse bridges and cause earthquakes wherever you go, there’s only one choice for you – the Sherpa from Intimida.

It’s a mighty big, profoundly heavy car!

Come see me today – my office is right in the middle of a Mountain Range of Cars!


About what are you unapologetic?  



32 thoughts on “The Audacity of Heft”

  1. Oh, lordy, I am an extreme uniapologist–someone who apologizes about just about everything. I feel guilty about breathing in good air and then exhaling carbon dioxide. But to answer the question: I am not apologetic about being a generally genial and slightly optimistic political progressive. I’m not arrogant about it, mind you, but I don’t actually go about apologizing for my politics.

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  2. Followed the first link above (about “lightweighting” and found an acronym worthy of Dale: Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE. 🙂

    When our teeneager would get embarrassed when he was with us, we told him to get used to it – we were proud of being “weird”. I still enjoy being different. No make-up, I wear almost nothing but denim, all our furniture is second hand… hmmm, that’s not all that different, at least in “my crowd”. Am I still trying to be different from my parents?


  3. I’m unapologetic for just now sending off my income tax material and claiming my cats as “therapy aides” (they do sit on client’s laps) as well as including Nicorette in the medical/drug figures even though it’s over the counter. First of all, the IRS is extremely understaffed due to the sequester; secondly, someone living in near-poverty seems pretty unlikely to be audited.

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  4. way, way, way OT here.

    for those of you keeping score, the Sherpa Intimida of our household (aka, the s&h) clocked his latest mile at 4:56 last night.

    No apologies.

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  5. I’m unapologetic about the pet hair that hovers in little clouds around me, like dirt around Pigpen. I take it everywhere I go. Those who are allergic just learn to approach cautiously with face masks firmly affixed. The vacuum cleaner is on the fritz, I swear.

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  6. I try to have some integrity and stand up for what I believe without offering any apologies if others don’t agree with me. I try not to offend anyone most of the time. If I think it is important to speak up, I will do that. Generally I try to avoid confrontations because there is usually nothing to be gained by trying to change the minds of people who have strong beliefs that are different from mine.


  7. I will apologize to visitors for the general state of my house (it’s often something less than tidy) – I do not, however, apologize for the choices I make that mean I have an untidy house. We now have four animals (cat, dog, and two recently adopted guinea pigs), an imaginative and curious almost 11-year-old (which means she leaves a trail of projects, bookmarks and half-completed art/craft detritus in her wake) and I’d rather spend time with people doing interesting things than with the stacks of mail that occasionally pile up on my dining room table. Floors are clean and the bathroom gets scrubbed regularly, but stuff has a way of accumulating on our flat surfaces. So, yeah, I will apologize if you come over and have to move a cat or a book or a stack of origami paper to sit down, but you’ll probably still see clutter the next time you arrive. 🙂

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    1. Maybe you should change the wording of your standard apology to say something more like this:

      “The house apologizes for its less-than-tidy state. The entire structure from top-to-bottom is embarrassed that it is unable to pull itself together into presentable shape for important visitors like you. I have tried to help out in the past by modeling some tidy-making behaviors, but the house is not catching on.”

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      1. I’m not sure I could keep a straight face saying this on the days that I look like an unmade bed myself…maybe if I managed it on the days that i am still looking like a grown-up in my work clothes…though I’m all over blaming the house itself instead of my poor behaviors.

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  8. Out here in Denver visiting my inlaws. I am an unapologetic prairie girl who would prefer to not visit the mountains, thank you very much. The foothills are high enough for me. I am dealing with some mild altitude sickness and really don’t want to go much higher up.

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  9. Just came in from helping Husband dig up weeds that have taken over the veggie garden, mostly motherwort, catnip, and buckthorn. Although he usually goes after some dandelions, I am unapologetic about the half-tame, half-wild nature of the yard and flower gardens.


  10. for me apologies are a double edged sword. i dont mind it but i dont see it doing much.
    i have a friend who puts off going to the bathroom for the first time every day because he believes this will eliminate the need to go more often he says once he starts it increases in frequency throughtout the day
    i feel that way about apoligies. i dont mind apoligizing because i am often wrong and openly admit that . i tend to be fine with trying one way and switching when it is obvious plan b may be a better option. in todays world of business this is called a pivot rather than an apology. it sometimes doesnt go over as well at home but in actuality the defining thing about being me is also the defining thing of sucking at being me. i am willing to shake the dice and live with the consequences of being wrong and it isnt always a bed of roses. up and down makes for interesting transitions but solo vs the team is a consideration.
    what am i unapolagetic for???
    caring about the options in front of me and being willing to make a choice. i saw a bob dylan interview once where he said to be careful not to do anything in a country that would land you in jail and in some countries that could be an unknown so watch out. i like that kind of rule of thumb. as long as it is recoverable i will learn and much from being wrong as from being right but if the consequence is a scar producing wound for my family i need to think twice.
    leave it to me and id make all sorts of choices i should apoligize for a head of time but when i factor in the family i tend to paly my cards a littel closer to the vest.
    i just noticed this posting is a bit long…. would an apoligy make it better. if so consider it done.


    1. the problem with that bob dylan quote is, that for some people, just having the “wrong” skin color (or something similar that you had no choice about) is enough to land you in jail. or dead.


  11. Earlier today, Anna apologized for her brownies. She certainly didn’t need to do that.

    In a similar vein, I refuse to apologize for my homemade bread.

    I think Highway 169 owes me an apology for causing me to take so dang long to get home from tim’s house today.


    1. I agree about 169 – it does owe us an apology. Though I wonder what was there besides the one non-functional motorcycle getting loaded onto a tow truck that caused three lanes of highway to be blocked off by troopers…


      1. Aaah… that was the reason. I bailed on 169 at Anderson Parkway and let my GPS guide me another way. Turned out to be a beautiful drive along Bush Lake and hardly any traffic when I made it to 494!


  12. I also am an unapologetic Lutheran who protested ( silently) that she only heard the word “Grace” mentioned once during the Presbyterian service today, while “power and might” were mentioned repeatedly. Husband had to restrain himself from telling the pastor that God doesn’t operate like an NFL coach who helps your team get to the Superbowl.

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  13. Depending on how you look at it, there’s as much to be unapologetic about as there are things to apologize for. As folks say nowadays, it is what it is. Isn’t that being unapologetic – with a shrug?

    There are lots of things that I don’t apologize for. That doesn’t mean I’m unapologetic about them, it’s merely accepting things as they are. Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way I had hoped or intended, but if no harm is done, why apologize? However, if I have done something – whether deliberate or unintentionally – that has hurt someone, then an apology is in order.

    A sincere apology is a powerful thing, I don’t want to diminish it by apologizing for trivial crap. I am unapologetic about being a women’s libber, an advocate to human rights, and against cruelty to animals.

    OT – Today was a lovely, warm, windy day, and it was the day we decided to let our Daisy take off. We scattered her ashes on Raspberry Island, and with the wind being what it was, part of her is well on its way to Gulf of Mexico.


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