I’m a cynic about weather – I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop – but Sunday I threw caution to the wind. A friend and I walked from her house to Black Coffee & Waffle where I had the best waffle ever.

Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, granola, almond butter and whipped cream. No syrup needed.  Then we went over to the Conservatory and saw the beautiful reds, purples and pinks of the Sunken Garden. And my jacket?  Left it in the car!


What’s on your agenda for unseasonable weather?

56 thoughts on “Unseasonable”

  1. I don’t worry about that other shoe at this time of the year. Sure, it will probably drop, but who cares? Any new wintery-ness won’t be able to hold out long against the solar power of on-coming Spring! We skippd a month of winter all ready this year, with Fall extending through nearly all of November, and now this early taste of Spring makes for a remarkably civilized Winter. With so many factors of our current existance being uncivilized and out of whack, I’ll embrace every bit of Spring I’m offered. We deserve this!

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      1. Ah, Steve, that wasn’t me, I think it was Beth Ann? My achievements are far less impressive. However, I have become sufficiently acclimated to retirement that I can pull myself out of lurker mode and be less occasional than I’ve been; I won’t consider adopting a new moniker until I prove myself worthy.

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  2. Well, I started doing chores without a coat once it got to about 25 and it was sunny. So, 58 and sunny is just a bonus!
    Walked around the yard picking up sticks and inspecting apple trees and lilacs. The lilacs have buds on them… going to freeze off this weekend which means another year we won’t get lilacs this spring which is highly discouraging.
    Also looked at machinery that I need to finish repairing before spring. Thought about doing that and thought, no, there’s time. (famous last words).
    If we do get a snowstorm, they are always so much harder to deal with after this kinda thaw.
    Sure is nice though!

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  3. Morning all. What a mess today… and it’s gonna stay messy because Dale doesn’t have any more time in his schedule today. SO, rather than have two discussions going on, let’s keep this discussion here and I’ll try to round up everybody who is yakking on the other site. Dale says he’ll dig in tonight.


    1. Just as a side note, at first this morning “here” had photos that included at least one from LJBs recent colors post. Now “here” has no photos, but “there” has ones that relate perfectly to your post. (The waffle looks fantastic.) That is how I’m experiencing at any rate, your experience may differ. It’s probably all related to the fog, things should clear up tomorrow. 😀

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        1. It’s nobody’s imagination – just another fun part of the problem today is that in moving all these posts around, THIS site has decided we’re reached our upload limit and WP wants another buck-thirty a month for more capacity. So for today, no pictures… we’ll see what Dale can get WP to do tonight. BIG SIGH!

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  4. Intended to take Leo to the dog park today, but husband took off to play pickle ball (wearing shorts!) with the dog hammock in his car. Since I have cloth seats, I don’t want to risk that muddy ball of fur trashing the back seat. Guess we’ll take a hike up to the Boys and Girls Club instead, and he can chase a tennis ball in their ball field. Poor Bernie refuses to even be in the same room as Leo. No amount of reassurance that Leo means him no harm is working. Martha, on the other hand, has decided to show Leo who’s boss; this morning she boxed his ears with her front paws for having the audacity to come within reach of her. Leo just looked at her.

    What a glorious morning. The wooden fence around our back yard is steaming, and eranthis and snowdrops are blooming!

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    1. Just returned with Leo. He’s still not pooped from chasing the ball, but I am from throwing it. Just four more hours before he goes home. I’ll miss him, but it feels much like I imagine it feels for grandparents after a day of taking care of small grandchildren, you’ve enjoyed it, but are glad to be done. I have greater appreciation for Edith’s situation, that’s for sure.

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  5. I checked to see if Icy Cup is open yet. It isn’t. Would’ve been a nice day for a treat.

    Quite honestly, though, the weather makes me a little nervous. Yesterday it rained all day and I was anxiously checking the basement to see if it was getting wet. It’s sometimes a problem when the rain falls on frozen ground and can’t soak in. So far it’s not bad. But watching the news about California, I feel like I caught a case of anxiety from across the country.

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  6. Hey all…we got the photo gallery upgrade done, so pictures are back. I don’t have a new post for tomorrow, so this is where we’ll be. Trailbaboon.com.

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  7. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    Another gorgeous sunrise out there. VS, do you know if I will be able to post a blog like I used to, or do I need to email my blog to you?


    1. You should be able to just post it (all of the Baboon Congress should be able to do this). When the photo gallery was upgraded last night, we got a bit closer to being all set. Have you tried today?


      1. Until now, only Dale had the ability to put a photo on the blog unless that photo already existed somewhere on the internet, in which case we could include a photo in our posts by inserting the url for that image. How do things now stand? Do you have the power Dale once had, vs? I gather that I can post a new daily post on my own, but I don’t know how and I don’t know if I have the ability to post a photo not already on the internet.


        1. Like the sorcerer’s apprentice, I have many of Dale’s powers (and Renee too) although he still has final say until the break between his domain and our domain is complete. In the meantime I’m being very careful about brooms and water buckets!

          In order for photos to stay attached to their blogs, we have to have them in our own gallery (behind the scenes). if you delete a photo from the gallery, then it disappears from that blog, even in the archives. Our gallery is full so yesterday I made the executive decision to upgrade our site to get more space.

          If you know how to add a photo, then go for it. If you don’t, or if something goes wonky with it, you can always email it to me or Renee. I’m doing admin until we’re all set and then Renee will do even months and I’ll be doing odd months.


        2. Thanks for answering. I still don’t understand many things. I’m sorry.

          Is there specific language to refer to those original articles that sit at the top of our daily posts? What do we call them? The words “blog” and “posts” seem fuzzy to me.

          I get it that we can put photos in blog articles by sending them to you. I did that with Dale and can do it with you or Renee. I don’t understand if we can do this on our own.

          I get it that we can “self publish” lead blogs (or whatever they are called). I don’t know how.

          I don’t know what you mean by our “photo gallery.” Those words mean nothing to me.

          I do appreciate you and Renee for taking on this work.

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        3. Actually we don’t have any official words. What we call the most current piece (the one at the top if I’ve hit the right button) is up for grabs. I have called them blogs, posts, pieces, bits. I probably use “piece” the most often but it doesn’t matter to me what other wording baboons want to use. If it’s not the current piece, then I think of it as the archives.

          The photo gallery is a behind-the-scenes feature. In order to have photos on WP, the original copies need to live in the gallery. My guess is that if you entered a .url before, Dale was probably going to the .url and downloading the photo into our gallery. So if adding a .url works for you, that’s fine, sending photos to me is fine and if you can figure out how to upload a photo onto your post or into our gallery, then that’s fine too. I’m sensing a “it’s fine” trend.

          I believe that everything should be pretty much working as it worked before — if there are issues, just let me know.

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        4. I feel the need for an “official” descriptor for that blog parked at the top. It’s not that I get hung up on rules and titles, but the post that kicks off the day’s discussion is functionally quite distinct from all the answering posts. In the past all the following posts were done by anyone who chose to comment, while the top posts were selected by Dale and the photos were authorized by Dale and the photos were laid out by Dale. Or that is my understanding.

          I’ll suggest a title: “Top Daily Post” is reasonably compact. I don’t care what we call the other posts, but that one still seems special to me. Or am I still confused?

          Top Daily Post. Does that work?


        5. If it makes sense to you to call it the Daily Top Post, that’s fine with me.

          I’ve been trying to make this clear the last couple of weeks and not sure if I’m actually being clear. While we’ve had a few headaches while we get everything sorted out, nothing is actually going to change that much. Posting something is like it used to be – either you can post it yourself or you can send to me or Renee. Adding photos is like it used to be – either you can add them yourself or you can send to me or Renee.

          To be clear, nobody is “self-publishing”. Just like ye olden days, there is still a gatekeeper. Renee and I will be scheduling and publishing, as well as making sure photographs get where they need to be. If something is wildly inappropriate, we’ll let you know.

          Sorry, I feel like I’m boring everybody to death with this….


        6. Steve, I always refer to the almost daily post/articles/pieces as the post. To differentiate it from other posts, I may say “today’s post.” The conversation we have – everyone’s comments/replies, I call Comments (probably because of the button that says “post comment”). The blog is the place here on the web where this all takes place; here is a definition of a blog: a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

          I probably just confused things even more.


    2. I still don’t have anyway to access the posting page like I used to have. I will need to email everything to youVS without that page. It seems like a waste of your time to do that.

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  8. Some of the changes I notice today are the missing names to the left, but the ‘recent posts’ are back. And I missed that; I like being able to click on which trail I’m following over there…

    Thanks Renee and VS for dealing with all this. I know it will all settle out OK in the end; and in the meantime, we just have to have faith.

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