A Bed a Day

Today’s post from the keyboard of Verily Sherrilee.

Nobody has ever accused me of being OCD about cleaning. I can leave a paper towel on the dining room floor for days and just walk around it (especially if a kitty is sitting on it). I can put a sweatshirt on a chair and ignore it for a week.  Dishes stack up in the sink just like at everybody else’s house.

But many years ago I got the idea that I should make my bed every day. No matter what.  Now it’s such an ingrained habit that the room looks bad to me before the bed gets made up.  Even when I was sick last month, in the morning I made the bed and unless I was going to take a serious nap, I sat on top of the comforter while reading or watching tv.

So it was a little startling to look into the Young Adult’s room over the weekend to see that the laundry baskets had thrown up all over her bed. I tried to channel my mom; I pulled the door closed and walked away!

Do you have an every day habit?

25 thoughts on “A Bed a Day”

  1. Rise and Make Your Bed Baboons!

    I do the “Make the Bed” Thing daily, as well. Then there is feed and walk the dogs, get the mail, check the bank balance routines. There is a bunch of them, They really are the glue that keep my aging brain together. When I take a week’s vacation or a weekend away, I come home and I am right back in the habit.

    Then there is checking the Trail Baboon.

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  2. although the trail can be put on the back burner if things get a bit hectic. tea never does
    when i wake up and there is a problem with my phone or computer. the world stops until it gets resolved
    i used to begin every day with a bath but current conditions have made that a hot tub and thats a different deal. on winter mornings i feel like an adventurer heading out into the tundra when i have a tea and a towel as i melt snow with my bare feet with each step.
    ahhh spring. a nice morning and birds welcoing me to the new day. i may have to take up a morning cigar now that an extended session is a celebration rather than an endurance contest.

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  3. I’m certainly not OCD….my scatterbrain sees to that…’tho I prefer to think it my creative and brilliant mind….
    I do make the bed each morning…got into that habit…especially here as the dog thinks it’s his bed and I would rather he flop on top than under. I can leave a mess if I don’t need to go into that room such as-kitchen sink dishes….but I can’t begin to cook or fix anything in there until I’ve cleaned it. Same in my studio. My project can be scattered all over and I know where everything is….but if I am starting something new I can not begin until all is cleared and cleaned.
    A routine here is to take the dog out, short walk in the am because he’s ready for breakfast….make my mug of coffee…get pills set out…and colape in my zero gravity chair with iPad and coffee to let body and mind ease into the day. I have MPR on each morning til I start reading and I do look for TB….missing it if one isn’t posted. So thank you-all of you who write & comment-for making the beginning of my day!

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  4. Our oldest cat has hyperthyroidism, so she gets medicine rubbed in her ears every day. Feeding the cats, watering the seedlings, morning coffee, the local paper, daily devotions, checking the Trail-my life is nothing but a continuous series of habits.

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  5. Although my life lacks order and discipline, my morning ritual is consistent. Each day starts by reading the news, writing a letter and knocking back a cup of coffee. The only change (made three years ago) is that the highlight of reading the news is enjoying Carolyn Hax’s column for the day. It takes coffee to wake up my body and Hax to refresh my mind.

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  6. Bed-making: Mrs. B, no matter what always makes the bed as soon after she gets up as she is able. Sheets, pillows, blankets, heavy bedspread, three decorative pillows, and tray with candle and napkins, and cups. If we have to be out early (before 11 is early for her right now because of all the sleep she needs), she showers and gets ready. Then makes the bed, no matter how late she will be. BUT they have taken her off prednesone and say she cannot ever have it again. Her lupus is in full rage. Yesterday she did not make the bed.

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  7. Make the bed every day. My office is across the hall from my bedroom so every time I leave my office I see my BR. Hate looking at an unmade bed.

    Also, have to have breakfast every morning. MPR classical on in the background, coffee a must, read the paper daily except Mondays–no local paper, so I do the NYT Sunday crossword from the day before.

    Unfortunately, email is a forced daily habit too.

    I also enjoy breathing and moving my body every day. 😉

    Chris in Owatonna

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  8. My rituals, which are slotted in around taking care or checking up on Sandy (mostly the second), are mostly medical: the pills and creams at set times, different eye treatments a few times a day, coffee, three rounds of back and neck PT a day, coffee, four rounds of hand PT, coffee, cervical traction, nudging the elimination processes along their way, tracking Sandy’s use of meds, which she does correctly 95% of the time.
    Communications: snailmail is only bills and junk, email is only junk, facebook is open on my computer all the time but I only have 23 facebook friends, all family and close friends. Why I really check facebook all the time is that it is how I communicate with my two kids, mostly on the private side.But one nice aspect of social media: my son and his son are coming to visit in two weeks. My daughter, who has many contacts as part of her church work, put out a call to borrow a car seat for the grandson. Took ten minutes for an answer on both facebook and twitter, two different offers.
    The trail, as you know comes and goes as a ritual.

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  9. I bought a waterbed when I was about 18. (Mom and dad went away for the weekend. I bought a bed. Is that weird??)
    And they told me to keep the bed covered to keep it warm. And I got in the habit of making the bed. And to this day it bugs me if it isn’t.

    Friday’s I haul out the garbage in the shop. Vacuum, clean, haul out garbage. Makes Mondays better. Last Friday was a rehearsal and I had to get going ASAP after that and Monday had a bad feel to it. (which I’ll attribute to the garbage).

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      1. They are weird. They come beg, staring right in at me. Then I go put out the corn, but then they go hide for an hour. They knows it’s me doing it. Then why run and hide after I am back inside?


  10. Sandy has a friend taking her out to lunch and then a presentation at the senior center. She as two very faithful firneds for taking her out. She managed to get ready.
    The program is on Czechoslovakia. I suppose it is fitting for the senior center to do a prgram on a country that does not exist and never really should have.


  11. An unmade bed doesn’t bother me, but dishes in the sink do. A clean kitchen counter is also a must.

    Lot’s of small daily habits, but I’m not particular about the order in which most of them get done. Morning habits center around Bernie and Martha. First, Bernie is let out in the back yard, and while he’s tending to his business, I feed Martha and fix Bernie’s morning meal. Then I settle in my recliner with a cup of coffee and my laptop. We gave up on having the daily paper delivered a couple of months ago, so read it on-line. Not the same, and I miss the paper version, especially doing the daily NY Times crossword.

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  12. Just back from a quick trip to Mpls – will read the comments later.

    I make my bed in the morning before I get out – stretch out flat, pull the covers up and/or over to where they’re supposed to be, and then try to slide out without disturbing anything. If anyone was watching they would REALLY start to wonder.

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  13. I am not very consistent about anything except the morning coffee. Of necessity, the cats must be fed, and the litterboxes scooped, so there’s that. I wish I had the sort of life that provided the necessary time to stack up some regular routines, but I keep getting too much on my schedule and I just don’t get to the things I want to do. Making the bed is pretty low on the list. Can’t consistently remember to take the pills I ought to take, or do the eyedrops, or the PT exercises. It’s all hit or miss.

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