Passing Time


Today’s post is from tim

i had to fill out an application on line with what appeared to be a program that wasn’t quite right. it asked for my date of birth and when i went to type in my month date and year, it was obvious  the only way to get there was to click the little arrow on the top of the calendar back a month then another until i got back to the correct date. it was frustrating and after i had clicked back i discovered it called for another calendar for my wife so i tried to backdoor the form and lost the first one with all the typewritten name and details required in addition to the many, many many clicks on the birthday response.

this time a funny thing happened on my way to the finish line, i started being aware of where i was in my life as i did a reverse recount of my life, then again when i did my wife’s bd, and by the time i was done with my kids i had clicked past dates i hadn’t thought about multiple times. i didn’t stop and think but i slowed a little each time and as i went by the last time i had added enough memory each time that it was a deep dive in total


when was you last surprise positive experience


17 thoughts on “Passing Time”

  1. We just received two vouchers from an airline in recompense for our flight to Milwaukee being cancelled two weeks ago and our having to wait in the MPLS airport for 14 hours. They aren’t huge vouchers, but enough to make me want to book a flight sometime in the next year.

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    1. Either that or our memories are failing us. I’m having a hard time remembering the last time I was surprised, one way or the other. I knew I would be getting an income tax refund, but I guess it was a pleasant surprise that it was larger than I had anticipated.

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  2. We were anticipating having to pay a substantial amount of Federal income tax, due to a fairly profitable stock sale last year. We ended up with a decent refund, which was an extremely pleasant surprise.

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  3. For many years I’ve done online surveys in hopes of winning something. A lot of the big stores give you a receipt with your purchase that offers you a chance to win cash or a gift card if you fill our their survey about your shopping experience.

    Recently I received a $100 gift card from a grocery chain for a survey I filled out some weeks ago. A pleasant surprise!

    It’s a funny thing. I find I’ve become more enthusiastic about doing those surveys when I get my receipt from a store. There is a part of me that thinks I’ve probably had my one stroke of good fortune in the online survey realm. But another part of me feels that since this activity was rewarding once, it might be rewarding again.

    When I’ve done tax returns, on a volunteer basis, for people who have won sums of money at casinos, it has been the case without exception that the person won several thousand dollars and immediately lost it all back to the casino. I’ve always wondered – what makes someone think, when they’ve won a big prize in a slot machine or whatever, that they should keep on trying to win more? Why don’t they just cash in the chips and walk away?

    I have more understanding of that now. Those surveys seem to hold more promise now than they used to. I’m only spending time, not actual money, so I can sort of justify it. But I’m still sort of fascinated by the psychology of the whole thing.

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  4. i hate it when i miss a day of my own post
    thanks to renee for plugging in the graphics
    china is a vortex spinning me in a faster intenseity involving string of intertwined action that’s booking me pretty solid


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