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fargo was my dads home and his dads home i was the big dog from the cities when i went to visit cousin dan did show me around like it was cool to know a guy from the cities this was at the time when flower power and mod fashion were the rage

tell me about your psychadyllic moments man



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  1. Last dream before waking up this morning should do it. Towards the end of a long complicated dream, YA and I were in some kind of water park that went on and on, from one room to another connected by long hallways. A kind of weird House on the Rock spa. Or a wet Ikea. At one point my shoes came off and I sent YA back to get them. In another hallway we couldn’t walk quickly as if gravity were stronger. Finally we came out to a big forum with a large pool (lots of people enjoying themselves) where I demanded of the staff where the staff exit was. Two of them were arguing about whether to tell me or not when I woke up.

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  2. Rise and Hallucinate Baboons!

    I don’t think I have had too many–I am just way too pragmatic for these kinds of experiences! There was a bliss dream. There are my Grandma’s quilts which display her extreme ability to use every scrap and disregard how colors do not work together. There is flower power in my garden.

    Peace, Man.

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  3. I have always disliked the narrow range of clothing options for men. Even though, mind you, I don’t really much care about clothing. So in the early 70s I did have some clothing of the era which appears in yearbook photos. I am supposed to cringe about that, but don’t really. I think Nehru jackets are attractive and should have lasted. But never had one. The American fashion industry snapped us all back into line in short order.
    My wife went through a bright and gaudy phase of interior design. As for clothing, she thinks black is a color.
    OT: line from my daughter re my son’s three year old son: you can tell he’s a Birkholz. He throws a fit in perfect grammar.

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    1. I agree Clyde. I think it’s so silly that men have such a limited range and that the dreaded neck tie is still part of the “uniform”.


  4. I am an old hippie mostly by association, and sometimes ideology. I was in San Francisco for the Summer of Love 1969, but didn’t realize it. I just went to parties in The Haight and other places with my roommates… When I was teaching at the Catholic school, I lived two lives – dressed the part during the day, bell bottoms at night. Didn’t ever smoke much weed, but as the song goes “I did help them drink some wine.”

    When I moved down on the coast, still teaching kdgn, I could wear anything except jeans to work, so a long denim skirt was almost a uniform. Had the look – long straight hair and no make-up, and hung out with some really fine hippies, but I’m probably just a “coat-tail” one.

    Husband in WInona area had everything but the beads… lived in a commune (cold running water, outhouse), had long hair, barely worked except for garden because the rent was so cheap, grew tons of food and “lived the life”. His ’68 VW bug was colorfully painted with peace sign etc., Just tied his hair back when he did taxes for H & R Block.

    Fun question, tim, wherever in China you are!

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    1. shenzhen is the chinese city that was intended to duplicate hong kong but with chinese rules about staying in line. the company i hired on with is a leader in this community..
      when i first came to china, hong kong was the only way to get in. for this trip i booked minneapolis to shenzhen and it took no time and no problems at all. minneapolis to detroit detroit to shanghai shangha to shenzhen.
      i think i have soem photos for the architecture of china circa 2017. it is absolutley incredible


  5. I was born in 1956, but never once tuned in, turned on, or dropped out. I often think I’d be a strong contender for “The World’s Least Interesting Man.” 🙂

    However, I did make a tie-dyed t-shirt once. Does that qualify as psychedelic?

    C in O

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    1. Tie-dyed t-shirt, is about as psychedelic as I got too, Chris. Back in college, one year I made tie-dyed place mats for everyone. The following year it was macramé something or other. 🙂

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  6. Just the music part for me. This is Before Internet, so working out the lyrics was often a challenge. Along Comes Mary by the Association was a favorite. “It’s not about a girl.”

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      1. Just a nice dinner out tonight, BiR. But really, pretty much every day is a celebration. Breakfast in bed this morning, and a lovely bouquet of spring flowers from Hans. Our domestic fairy left about an hour ago, so the house is nice an clean. I am one lucky and grateful woman.

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  7. I had a Nehru jacket. I was in 4th grade at the time. It kinda surprises me now that they had Nehru jackets for 4th graders. Had a madras skirt, also. Most of my clothes were in somewhat more subdued colors than the sort of hot pink/yellow/orange stuff you associate with the 60’s.

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    1. I use to have very bad vision. I could not really see beyond about 8 feet without my glasses. The world was more surreal than psychedelic. Thurber once wrote a funny story about what he saw withou his very thick glasses. Cataract surgery was a life changing experience for me.


  8. Unless you had a particular need or desire to be seen as one, I think it was harder to classify who was a hippie from the inside than it was from the outside. My cohort were art and theater people, so they naturally had many of the same philosophies and lifestyles as those that other people would call hippies. But were they? In another time they would have been called bohemians.

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    1. U of chi in 63-66 was pre hippy, bohemian. From that I have a very clear image of the difference. Take awhile to explain.
      Related to not explaining, my computer is close to dead. Living of iPad. Son suggested I get a chrome book. Think I will go that route.


      1. The folks on my mother’s mother’s side were Bohemian Czechs. They settled in Northeast Iowa, an area rich in Bohemians.
        But bohemians in the sense of the demi monde originated with Henry Murgers “La Vie de Bohème” in Paris in the mid nineteenth century. The term was adopted by a group of artists, actors, journalists and writers in New York City at the same time. It was an interesting and influential group that included Walt Whitman.
        So I think of bohemian as a broader and less era-specific term, whereas the beats and the hippies were products of their specific times.

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      1. I would say it oppositely, that bohemian is the broader category and that hippies is a subset. Certainly that’s true historically, but even contemporaneous with the hippie movement not everyone you might call a bohemian (which included folks of all ages) would have wished to be considered a hippie.


  9. i realized when i checked in on my thursday (your wednesday night that i would miss being present for the day of my post. i hate it when that happens thanks renee for running it.


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