Current Events

Today’s post comes from tim

i hate to send renee this blog to publish because it leaves her out.

i think it is time to begin a baboon calendar of events

a tour of the governors mansion is free fun and a launch point for an after the tour event at cafe latte or a walk on summmit avenue.

the saints are having a summer of fun we could do a meet up at.

the arboretum

the russian museum is a point that could be revisited.

david sedaris is coming up

what else can we add to the calendar of events and how can we do one that makes it possible to include renee, ben, steve, clyde, cynthia, chris, long lost krista, donna, joanne…jim and mig have gone away and dale is lurking only maybe. i don’t feel his oversight but i thought of it on the all night party night i saw the ad for that is eithre happening now or just happened. (my sleep is not ready for an allnighter this week.

what else you got?

31 thoughts on “Current Events”

  1. I don’t think PJ would mind if I copy what she posted the other day for local Claudia Schmidt events:

    WED. JUNE 21 MPLS. MN. Dunsmore Room at Crooners Lounge w/Dean Magraw and Bryan Nichols 7pm We had a wonderful time last Feb and are meeting again on this Summer Solstice evening to play as a fundraiser for the Minnesota Women’s Consortium You can have dinner or just beverages. .6161 Hwy. 65 NE Call for tix at 800-838-3006 or visit

    THUR. JUNE 22 ST. PAUL MN. Ginkgo Coffeehouse One of my fave old time coffeehouse scenes (remember the Extempore back in the last century?!) 7:30 721 N. Snelling Ave. 651-645-2647 or

    FRI. JUNE 23 GOLDEN VALLEY MN. Folk House Concert 4500 Culver Rd. 7:30 PLEASE reserve ahead, seating is limited. .651-274-6604 or

    SUN. JUNE 25 ST. PAUL MN Spirit United Interfaith Gathering 10:30am 701 Lexington Pkwy. N. I’m doing the whole service. .all are welcome! 612-378-3602 or


  2. For anyone considering a trip to Winona:

    The 2017 Minnesota Beethoven Festival July 6 – 23

    The 2017 Great River Shakespeare Festival June 21 – July 30

    We are signed up to usher a couple of times at each, thus free admission… 🙂

    As long as you’re here, there’s the Minn. Marine Art Museum right down on the river has gotten more new stuff and a lot of good press lately.

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    1. Ushering sounds like a great idea — the tickets are not cheap, but they have some of the biggest names in classical music performing there.

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      1. Yep, the tickets are pretty pricy. Pricey?
        However, tnere are some free events, i.e.: “Concerts on the Green on Friday & Saturday nights, 5 – 7:00 before the show – free, right outside the venue on Winona State’s campus…
        for a line-up, scroll down.

        The Beethoven also has a free concert behind the bandshell at Lake WInona. Members of the Minnesota Orchestra perform, Thursday, July 6, 8:00 p.m.


  3. I got nothin’ except for book club BUT when I clicked on the original link that tim posted I got – my own email inbox. EEK! What’s with that?


    1. oh thats you email… i was wondering who’s it was

      we are all getting a kick out of your email box ljb. i am sorry i dont know how that happened.

      what is that stuff im seeing in there, why do you get emails from those guys?
      i always thought you needed a password to get into someone elses mail account


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