Gardening with Godzilla!

Most of my friends don’t like weeding; all they see is a big chore ahead of them and how long it will take. Of course, if I never had to weed again, I probably wouldn’t be heartbroken, but I like to think of it as “zen weeding”.  I’m outside, it’s usually a lovely summer day with sunny skies and hopefully a nice breeze.  I let my brain wander off where it wants.

Today I was working on my creeping Charlie problem and trying not to think of all ground cover as evil.  After all, it’s only doing what Mother Nature intends it to do.   As I pulled up a tendril I wondered if the creeping Charlies on the other side of the boulevard knew what was happening on this side.  And that’s when I got to Godzilla.  What if the creeping Charlie is a Japanese city and I am the monster Godzilla?

No stopping my brain at this point! A long over ground tendril became an elevated train, underground tendrils were subway lines.  Tall bits that were reaching up – high rises.  Clumps of little root systems – office buildings.  Particularly thick clumps – city hall.  Bits that clung and clung and clung – Senate.  This kept me occupied for the better part of an hour.  I’m thinking Godzilla and I will be bonding again on the boulevard!

What monster would YOU like to be?

26 thoughts on “Gardening with Godzilla!”

  1. Hmm…I’m thinking the Loch Ness Monster would be a good choice. Tall, graceful, mysterious…get a whole lake pretty much to myself to frolick in (with the sound of bagpipes occasionally rising up over the countryside). People could come to visit and I get to play peek-a-boo…yeah. Nessie.

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  2. I’d say we have quite enough monsters in our lives and in our psyches already. I don’t think the best way to combat a monster is to be a monster yourself.
    I might be willing to accept a super power—probably invisibility. That would comport with my instinct for anonymity and it’s the subtlest and most intellectual of the super powers, I think.
    It wouldn’t help much against creeping charlie, though.

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    I think I would like to be a djt-monster. Be a criminal and profit from it. This is looking more and more like a good monster gig (but these folks were called gangsters in the past):

    No concerns about ethics, morality, or physical exercise;
    Contribute nothing to the world–just take what you want;
    Secret Service detail to protect you no matter how badly you behave;
    Say whatever you want and blame anyone but yourself and your kids;
    Wreak havoc on anything defined as “Big Government” just because you can;
    Stay up all night twittering and tweeting–only owls stay up all night livin’ the birdie life;
    Crash parties at your hotels;
    Have a really top notch private chef;
    Lawyer up;
    Make lots of illegal money by intimidating foreign governments into using your hotels;
    Live the monster life without consequences.

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  4. Well, somebody’s watched too many movies and has a very active imagination while weeding. Glad you can make it fun, Sherillee!

    Let’s see …
    – Bride of Frankenstein (Madeline Kahn was hilarious)
    – Those cute, furry ones from Monsters, Inc.
    – Definitely Cookie Monster
    – Monster Cookies (so delicious)

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