Tips for the Trail

We’ve been completely on our own for almost six months now – our followers are up and we’re managing to keep daily posts going. Dale had a few unwritten rules for the trail and I thought it wouldn’t hurt if we spelled them out.

It is a baboon congress, so it’s not a very long list.

#1. Be kind.

#2. Don’t worry if you reply in the wrong place

#3. Avoid publishing any email addresses, phone numbers or addresses. (We do have more than 5,000 followers, so this is a just in case)

#4. Pass on the right

#5. Don’t worry if you are Off Topic!

#6. Try to find photos that are licensed for re-use.

#7. Be kind.

Do we need any other tips for the trail?

52 thoughts on “Tips for the Trail”

  1. i before e except after c.
    Port is left and starboard is right.
    It’s always the quiet ones.
    Line up according to size.
    Nobody likes a snitch.

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  2. I was trying to add a comment yesterday that contained a link to an external site and WordPress kept disappearing it. I tried three times before I gave up and rewrote the comment without the link. Is that a new restriction?


    1. WP contains mysteries that are undefined. Some days it does not know me. Some days it eats my comment.

      I say try it again today. WP appears to have moody days.


      1. The not knowing part is very mysterious. It will say “logged in as littlejailbird” and yet still post my comment as Anonymous. Curiouser and curiouser.


    2. Probably just a fluke. But on the other hand WordPress doesn’t send out any kind of notices when they make changes.


    1. When does “after Labor Day” end? Isn’t it always after some Labor Day except maybe when it is Labor Day?

      Not that I need to know. I very rarely wear white. Because I’m a slob and it will not stay white.


    1. Haha. I didn’t even think of that. I looked at so many photos trying to find a good header photo for today and all of the running sites and all of the hiking and all of the biking all said pass on the right so I added that to be funny.


  3. I was told yesterday, “Age and Treachery will always outdo youth and enthusiasm.”

    I always thought it was ‘Baffle them with BS”.
    Yeah, same difference he said.

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        1. As usual, Renee is right. I’m actually the surviving half of Siamese twins separated surgically and now living in the moldy basement of a farmhouse in the Faroe Islands, swigging absinthe and posting nonsense to gullible Americans. In my rare sober moments I pretend to be Steve Grooms, a mild-mannered former journalist and avuncular muse for my grandson.

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    1. So good to hear that you are alive and well, Steve. At least well enough to come on here and greet us. We’ve all missed you and I’ve missed emailing you about photography stuff. Welcome back.

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