28 thoughts on “Strawberries!”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    A perfect Saturday morning is dawdling over my coffee and breakfast, completing the Saturday Crossword, read the paper paper (i.e. not on-line version on Saturday), take dogs to dog park, water the flowers. Relax.

    BBC at Jacque and Lou’s 2pm Sunday.
    High Tea Theme with Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

    PJ is not going to be there due to Danish Solstice Party and Potluck which could be a blog post PJ. We will miss you.

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      1. I do not have your address, please email it to me at: caroline(dot)wolfe(at)gmail(dot)com
        I’ll pick you up about 1:15. Look for a red Ford Escape. I’m glad you are able to come.

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  2. my perfect sunday starts with the beautiful morning air as i let the dogs out feed the cats and make tea as i turn on the stove to begin sauté mode for onions and garlic
    the big decision of the morning is what type of potatoes will be done today
    big cubes little cubes slices grated all rolled in oil cumin chili salt pepper likely hit with wine soy dice and sugar before adding the finishing decision baked eggs or blackbeans and corn and then
    cbs sunday morning and the paper until 930
    followed by a glorious day of family friends and culture

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  3. Saturdays are highly variable for me, usually there is some sort of event on the calendar in the afternoon or evening. But if I have the day open and the weather is nice, sometimes I just go out for a walk and follow garage sale signs. At garage sales there is often a dog having a snooze in the sun who will wake up and wag his tail politely if you pet him. Sometimes the kids in the house will have set up a lemonade stand to capitalize on the foot traffic. I like the tone of a day when you’ve got no place to go and all day to get there.

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  4. Even being retired, Saturdays are still a day apart, as most of our scheduled things are M – F. Leisurely wake-up, make tea, have fruit to tide us over will brunch. Husband will go out and check the garden… might get on bikes and head over to Farmers Market a few blocks away, get back in time for Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

    Then the rest of the day is just so open to ANYthing,

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    1. Even being retired, weekends are nicer. I do the same things every day of the week, essentially doing nothing. But doing nothing M-F makes me feel guilty because I usually do not accomplish a damn thing. S & Su feel good because, hey, they’re the weekend days! Then M comes again, and I’m back to feeling I should do something.

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  5. My weekend usually starts on Friday, late morning, since I work evenings the rest of the work week and leave early on Friday. Weekends are work days at home, with cleaning, weeding, and cooking for the upcoming week as our priorities. My favorite Saturdays are in Late October and November when the garden is done, the produce is put up, and we can take it easy.

    I imagine spreading out our chores throughout the week in retirement so our weekends aren’t so hysterically busy.

    We had a really productive strawberry harvest this June. There aren’t any self pick strawberry places here. I froze most, but made strawberry pie and ice cream topping and have felt decadent all week! Jam just wasn’t in the cards this year.

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  6. A good Saturday for me:
    Wake up, rested, at my sister’s house on the St. Louis River (to which I drove the day before). Read the paper, sit on the deck and do nothing, watch the birds. Eat a late breakfast, usually a hearty meal that will last me almost until supper time. Head out somewhere that is good for shooting pictures and remember to put the camera battery that I charged overnight into my camera. Go to the lake, hike up a creek, maybe stop at the ice cream shop. Come back and help chop veggies or whatever for supper. Enjoy a fantastic meal that I did not plan or cook. Wash the dishes. Listen to the Twins game (and, of course, they win the game on a perfect Saturday). Deal with the day’s photos if I feel like it, otherwise read until bedtime.

    (This was more or less what I did there a couple weeks ago.)

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    1. I prefer to be a social grooming baboon. I try not to go sulk by myself in the forest or attack a lower ranking baboon (as though there are such creatures on the trail) when stressed.


  7. I need to take Saturday morning lessons from all of you (except Renee – she works too hard!). I yearn for relaxing sleep-ins and scones and crossword puzzles, but I almost always end up with a string of errands and chores that need doing!


    1. Well, the question was What is a perfect Saturday morning, not what is your usual Saturday morning. I consider it a lucky Saturday morning if I only have one load of laundry to do instead of 2-4. And it goes downhill from there. Saturday is often the day I clean the bathrooms.


  8. Saturdays, at least during the growing season, start very early for me with a visit to the downtown Farmer’s Market. I’m usually back home by 7:30 AM. Then it’s time for a leisurely perusal of the news and a cup of coffee, while I figure out a plan for all the goodies acquired at the market. Unlike some baboons I feel no guilt about loafing. I figure after a lifetime of obligation I deserve to kick back and do what I feel like, and if that’s nothing, that’s fine with me.

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