Things I Am Being Forced To Do Against My Will…

Today’s post comes to us from Jacque.

Recently I found a tablet in a small gift shop. It made me laugh. I bought the tablet for my sister for her birthday, then tore off a sheet for the blog, throwing it on my desk, then forgetting about it.  I found it today while cleaning off my desk during my post-surgical recovery period.  There was this list I had itemized of things to do while recovering, and cleaning off my desk was one of the items.  This little sheet, of course, was buried under the mountain of papers that needed sorting.  I hope it is posted in the header.

Writing this brief post and scanning the sheet are one of the things I Am Being Forced To Do Against My Will…

What are your items on this list?

37 thoughts on “Things I Am Being Forced To Do Against My Will…”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    First on my list today is to return to work with a full schedule. No more dawdling around in the mornings and pretending work does not exist. I am considering going in my robe and slippers with my cup of coffee like the figure in the illustration, though.

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  2. Things I’m being “force” to do….whether against my will or not….procrastinating is more like it…as well as…I just don’t want to do that yet!

    Moving has brought on many tasks which fall under that ‘umbrella’. I felt rather organized with our truck unloaded and settled….and then came the arrivial of my brother’s horse trailer and truck bed…ugh. While there were several things I was awaiting…most of what he brought was “stuff” needing placement and or sorting through-boxes…of STUFF.

    I happily cleaned the “green” from all the patio furniture….assembled the IKEA kitchen shelves and was thrilled to get our ‘office chairs’. But that is where the Happy ends. Now I have all that STUFF to sort through and organize in my studio area. Husband has all his STUFF to go through also but he is more disciplined than I and is nearly done.

    Meanwhile I divert my attention to the music sound system and a recent purchase to go internet with TV so investiged and set up that system. AND I have battled the butchered bougenvilla,,,getting out all the dead wood and excess suckers…willing it to bloom not just show thorny green branches. AND I cut off all the lace bug infested Lantana….down to two branches which flowers and leaves looked good so just washed them. It is now a rather weird looking thing,but I’ve been advised that within days it will produce new leaves.

    I’m quite good at finding things to do which do need ‘doing’…..and keep me diverted from work I perhaps should do…

    The STUFF will be there for me and a time will come when I can’t stand not having my things organized…I will tackle STUFF.

    …with soothing music coming from my now beautifully working sound system.

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      1. My oldest daughter, who is now working at 3M doing consumer research of some sort has gotten to be friends with the corporate taxonomist. Taxonomy in the traditional sense has to do with biology—sorting various organisms into their appropriate niche—but in this case the corporate taxonomist is tasked with placing the entire product line into the subcategories which apply to each product. This, as you might guess, is an essential framework for searching within online catalogs, etc., and a big job in a company as diverse as 3M. In other words, it’s one big sorting process. My daughter regards it as her dream job and it sounds like you might have as well.

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  3. I am forced to process garden tomatoes this week since they continue to ripen and won’t slow down.

    I also am forced to provide exercise and entertainment for our irrepressible kitten.

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  4. Against my will I have to admit summer is over and I have to bring the houseplants in from the screen porch where I love to sit, eat, read, write…add to that a fire in the wood stove this morning. (Oh, and before I can put the plants back in their sunny south facing living room, I have to clean the floors and furniture not cleaned since I moved them out in June. Against my will….

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  5. So many things: today the big one is laundry (98% is other people’s laundry).

    I think it’s time to reclaim my life and do stuff for me instead of only for other people. One thing at a time.

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  6. Evidently, from the yelling I just heard coming from the stage from the teacher, you would think many of the students are here against their will.
    He had just been in my office complaining that some students don’t listen and they will insist things are not on D2L (the online portion of practically every college class) even though everyone else in the class has found the online portion.
    So a few minutes later to hear him yelling I’m never sure if he’s really mad or just ‘acting’. So I stand just outside the door and listen. Yep, Really mad.
    Woe to be an inattentive student these days!

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  7. On my list for today:
    – t’ai chi
    – write blog post (at least get started)
    – hang out laundry
    – hem to pair of mom’s new pants
    – make Thai Carrot Soup
    – read book(s) for book club(s)
    – UU band practice
    I’m not forced to do any of them, really, except that I chose to make a commitment to a couple. There is a good chance some will get pushed out till tomorrow (make carrot soup), because they’ve been replaced by something else (get pot roast in crock pot). And I did a little
    – spontaneous room rearrange
    that I want to get credit for.

    Will have to think more, about whether there is anything I am actually forced to do…


  8. I’m stuck on the word forced. If it’s a list of things that I’m not crazy about doing then that list just goes on and on and on and on. But most of the things that I do in my life are results of choices that I’ve made, usually choices I’m content with, so I don’t really think of them as being forced on me. Am I being too literal?

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      1. Ignoring the part about silliness, I think it comes down to “forced by whom? I’ve recently started driving our friend W to his appointments, as he no longer feels safe driving on his own. Part of why we moved back to Winona was to help him out as his Parkinson’s progresses, and now it’s progressing. I don’t really want to do this driving, it interrupts my own agenda, but I will “force” myself because as VS said, it’s a choice I made at one point.

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        1. With something like this, BiR, I’m guessing that in one way you do want to do this driving. You look at the big picture and think something like “W. shouldn’t drive; he’s my friend and I’m glad to help him get to his appointments.” But it’s the daily or weekly carrying it out where you don’t feel like you want to do it, because, hey, it can be inconvenient, and you probably have enough other stuff to do that it’s not like you’re exactly looking for activities to fill your days.

          This is how I feel a lot of the time: In the big picture, I’m glad to help out a certain little family, but in the day to day details, I’m often feeling more “forced” than happy.

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  9. I can also go with silliness – I was just forced to eat a garden potato for lunch, prepared by Husband in the microwave. Now I am forced to take anything on my list out into the back “yard” on a beautiful fall day (yep, doesn’t feel like summer any more).


  10. My 82 year old friend, Ann, asked husband to take a photo of a small stained glass piece she has hanging in her kitchen window. It’s a depiction of Noah’s Arc and the image she has chosen for her Christmas card this year. He complied, but she now wants a printed image so she can make a mock-up of the card as she wants it. Husband told her he’d email the image to her printer and left town on Labor Day, so he no longer has to deal with Ann’s demands. Turns out the printer who has been printing her cards for the last many years, no longer accepts such small orders, and stupid me, I volunteered that a friend of mine who owns a small print shop near Augsburg College might be willing and able to do it.

    I sent Vicki the digital image, and she in turn sent me back the layout of the card. All she needs now is whatever greeting Ann wants on the inside. Ann, however, is insisting on doing a cut and paste mock-up of the card and is unable (surprise, surprise) to print the file Vicki has sent her. So Vicki has to print a copy of the card and mail it to Ann so she can see what it will look like. She will then write whatever greeting she wants and mail it back to Vicki.

    I’m about ready to tear my hair out. This stubborn old woman doesn’t understand that she is making this whole process much more laborious than it needs to be, and I can’t make her understand that Vicki will not be using her cut and paste mock-up as the original. Am I forced to do this? Of course not, but who am I to get in the way of how Ann has always done things?

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    1. You are not the one getting in the way. She is tripping over herself. Technology and store policy changed and now she can’t do the old way anymore, even with your help.

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  11. I have to skip to the end I made it about halfway through our blogs and love them but I am off again and thanks to today’s blog from Jacque I came to realize that I’m not forced to do anything I do things that I enjoy less than others but everything in my life is on my list because I want it there there’s almost nothing other than death and taxes that I have found out by the way the taxes can be deferred are there because I want them there

    Watch out what you wish for me to be an appropriare saying for sleeping in the bed that I made but I really do like the bed that I’ve made I just hope to get better at it as time goes on


    1. I have to skip to the end because if I keep reading everybody’s blog entry I won’t have time to put one in for myself

      i’m off to the movies with my mom because I missed Tuesday movie night due to fantasy football draft night

      ahhh what a full life I live
      I wouldn’t miss a moment of it

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  12. I got nothin. Monday I scrubbed the bath tub and cleared up a bunch of clutter and did the grown-up stuff. Tonight I am sipping wine and getting caught up on blog posts. Heck, work was even enjoyable today.

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        1. We have had lots of Montana smoke, and Husband’s allergies are terrible. Daughter is West of the smoke, and it will blow East with the prevailing winds

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