Too Darn Hot

I am not a hot-weather fan. Most of you have probably heard me say that after growing up in the heat and humidity of St. Louis, I  announced that I would only go to college in either Wisconsin or Minnesota.  I headed north and never looked back.

You’d think that for such a weather wimp that I would have invested in central air at some point.  Nope.  Or that at the first sign of summer I would install my bedroom window unit to get some cooler air.  Nope.  Normally it takes three or four days of over 90 degrees in a row to get me to deal with the air conditioner and this summer all our 90+ days were spread out.

So it seems particularly unfair to me to have such a hot weekend towards the end of September. Right now it’s getting dark and I’m sitting in my bedroom with three fans going: ceiling fan, oscillating fan on the floor and a box fan pointed right at me.  I will admit that if my window unit were installed, I would have turned it on tonight, but I can’t bring myself to get it out of the closet and install it for one night.

I do realize that there are quite a few spots in the world whose weather has been undeniably worse than ours the last month but thinking of it hasn’t made my mood any better or my room any cooler. Guess I’ll just sit here and pout some more.

What about you? Hot or cold?

42 thoughts on “Too Darn Hot”

    1. Well I’m DEFINATELY in the wrong place to dislike hot weather! It is usually a dry heat ‘tho moving here in aug we’ve had monsoon so humidity as well. My saving grace is a pool we frequent evenings. Other than that it’s ac and tolerance for the walk from the car to store or church.

      But I didn’t move here for the hot weather. Cold can be irritating but it was the barometric change frequency that was the ultimate deciding factor. Tucson was one on top of the list as to lowest barometric changes. We lived in Phoenix for about 3 yr and always liked it in Tucson…so this had always been in mind as to a move. We’ve dear friends and family in Phoenix and Scottsdale and now my brother & “wife here…nice,
      (The top was Hawaii.)

      Husband was thrilled…he’s never liked the snow and is much happier here even in the heat….he’s playig golf.

      I’m learning to care for the bougenvilla and jasmine on our patio…and enchanted by all the birds who come to feast and then play/bathe…splash like crazy in the birdbath.

      p.s. Update on tvs…husband ordered new internet service through dish so he will have one tv with easy access to all his sports and ability to record whatever he wants. I will have the Roku in with the antennae which gets all the local stations. I’ll cancell the extra that had jays sports….Roku gets me a lot of free stations….but I’ll probably keep Netflix for a while…
      Peace in the house…husband will only need one remote of which he’s familiar so no more frustrated raised voice….well at least not over that!

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  1. Rise and Sweat It Out Baboons,

    I am a cold weather girl if I have to choose. Heat just wipes me out. I hear the Irish weather that I will discover is cloudy and 60 degrees. I would prefer sunny and 60, but I will take 60.

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    1. wheniwas in ireland it was a heat wave
      i was there 5 weeks and it was 90-100 every day
      very unusual and they had no privisiond for dealing with it
      no air conditioning
      no sunscreen
      all the lily white irish arms and noses lobster red in the noon day sun
      but the guinness was cool and thick and the pub lunches were a highlight everyday
      grab a wool cap from millers if your that way

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  2. I’ll take cold, because you can keep putting on more clothing. You can only take off so much…

    I’m like VS – I go to great lengths to keep from turning on the central A/C that we now have. Yesterday we closed all the windows, and blinds except on the North side of house; opened them after the sun went down and it cooled off (sooner in September, at least). Had ceiling fan on most of the night.

    We get two more days of this in Winona, so I will probably succumb and put on the A/C late this afternoon for a while.

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    1. The thing about putting on vs taking off, is that if you look at the clothing of a lot of hot weather peoples, they are well, but loosely covered.

      Exposed flesh just gets sticky. Ick.

      I’m in the “bundle up” camp.

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  3. I don’t care much for heat, but I’d rather have it be too warm than bitterly cold. Cold seems dangerous to me. Sometimes in cold weather the boiler stops working, and life comes to a halt until you can get someone in to fix it. Once I was holed up in the house during a cold snap and heard a pipe burst. A sinking feeling.

    Heat is just inconvenient. You wait it out.

    I have a window unit in the bedroom, but didn’t turn it on last night. The fans were good enough. It has been a pretty decent summer – I never put the downstairs unit in this year.

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  4. Cool to cold. Chose to live at 10,000+ feet in Colorado, cool Pacific Northwest…near the “air conditioned” city of Duluth…but today I’m dying in 75+ and humidity at 8 in the morning. Sweating and miserable.

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  5. It was 98° here on Sept. 12. A week later it was 40° and rainy. I prefer it cooler. I wish I could turn on our furnace this morning, but we think the thermostat is not working, so I will phone the utlity company on Monday to take a look. Our furnace is the original one in thw house and I hope it is the thermostat and not the furnace itself.

    Jacque, I think you will like the weather in Ireland. We were there in May a year ago, and it was lovely. Winnipeg is too cold for me in the winter, but I survived 6 years there.

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    1. Is your thermostat a programmable one? Does it use batteries? Have you tried replacing the batteries and reprogramming it? Many of the programmable ones have separate settings for weekends. Are your weekend settings correct?
      If everything is kosher with the thermostat and it’s set to a temperature above the current temperature in the house, the furnace should kick in. Assuming you have forced air heat, you will recognize that by the blower coming on. If the blower comes on but no heat ensues, it’s probably a problem with the furnace. If the blower doesn’t come on, it’s probably a problem with the thermostat. Thermostats are low voltage, like a telephone line, so they are harmless to work on and about as easy to switch as a telephone jack. You just match the wire colors to the indicated posts.

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      1. The furnace fan works if I swith it to FAN, but the blower won’t kick in if the temperature settings indicate that it should. Neither the AC or the heat will kick in. That leads me to believe that the thermostat isn’t working. Both AC and heat worked last week.


      2. We have a service agreement withe the utility company, and I look forward to phoning them to fix this so we can recoup some of the monthly fee we pay for it.


  6. Like many Minnesotans, I chose a cold climate because it was better to put on a coat in cold weather than to strip in swampy, equatorial heat.

    Let me mention an alternative that works superbly indoors. I have two large, remote-controlled columnar fans in my home (one in the bedroom; one in the living room). They make me comfortable until extreme warmth forces me to resort to a/c. You quickly recoup the $70 cost of these fans by keeping the a/c bill low.

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  7. The heat and high dewpoints (like yesterday and today) do me in; I just can’t function and I go brain dead (what’s new, you say).

    So, I prefer cold, although, of course, there is a point where it is too cold.

    I got new winter boots last year because when I am out shooting pictures I don’t move fast enough to keep warm. These boots are super comfy, lightweight, and extremely warm. Unfortunately, most of the winter, it was too warm to wear them without my feet getting too warm. But I figure they might last me the rest of my life, so hopefully I will get to wear them more often in the future.

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  8. Global warming has robbed snow-loving Minnesotans of a real winter for the last two years. For me, it just isn’t Minnesota without a beautiful blanket of white. A close friend in AZ, who’d lived here most of his life, told me that he’s had to trade sub zero temps with temps so high that people won’t even go outside. Friends living in FL suffer mightily from suffocating humidity and high temps. And Hurricanes.

    Last winter, the furnace went out on the coldest day all season: -35. I toughed it out for a day and a half, but it killed all the house plants. Yesterday, a heat index warning was issued for the hottest day on record in history for this date. Each summer I forget that I’ve left the thermostat on “heat”. I set it at 75, then began to notice that the air inside was warmer than it was outside. When I realized the need to switch it onto “cold”, I set it at 65 to cool the place down as quickly as possible and the AC wouldn’t kick in. Thankfully, all it needed was a new thermostat!

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  9. I love the photo on top, vs, especially when considered in relation to whatever we consider a heat wave here. That said, I don’t do well in heat, and more and more, I don’t do well in extreme cold either.

    Hans has just come home from a couple of days in the hospital. Arterial fibrillation was the diagnosis. After a successful “procedure,” he was released today. Still very fatigued, and so am I, so not a lot of tolerance for either heat or cold, or anything else for that matter.

    We’re both trying to stay awake till 9 PM, not sure either of us will make it.

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    1. At our age, it’s inevitably something that alters the aplomb with which we take our fitness for granted. It sounds like Hans’ problem is manageable at least. A new normal. Best wishes to you both.

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  10. Thanks everybody, for the encouraging words. He’s fine, and will be back to his beloved pickle ball on Tuesday, I’m sure. But yes, it is certainly a reminder that with age, wear and tear on the body, takes its toll. I’ve known this for years, it’s a new revelation to Hans.

    Happy birthday to Robin, hope she gets her wish of a second grandchild today.


  11. i have always been out of touch
    i acclimate
    i sit in the front seat of the car on a winter drive with the heater blasting until someon says it time to turn off the heat
    then i notice it’s real hot
    in the winter i am always surprised to hear its 20 below, it just doesn’t feel that cold more like zero
    i am guilty of packing a top coat in the trunk but never touching it over the course of the winter
    suit cost is right item after the heat gets rolling

    old honda had heater issues last two winters
    new mechanic fixed it for $28.00

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