Spoiler Alert

500 pages. Book discussion is Saturday so I thought I’d dig in tonight.  After two hours I realized I might finish it before I went to bed.  You know how this ends.  It’s midnight, I’m turning out lights and suddenly remembering I haven’t check on a blog bit for tomorrow!

What’s the last book you stayed up to finish?

39 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert”

  1. so do you speed read 500 pages in2 hours or did you have 75 pages left

    i need to get reading for pleasure back into the daily schedule. i don’t have the hour or two a day right now. i get in 20-30 minutes a day

    i don’t remember the last one that kept me up
    usually it’s daytime

    the new hillary book is being anticipated around here

    5 in line at my house and we are down to 4 heads in the house

    thanks for the daily post
    off to chicago to airbnb near loyola to family day for olivia

    she texted last night to see if she can check into our room and take a bath

    she misses her 2 hour soaks in the tub

    i bet she’ll bring a good book to enjoy her soak

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    1. No I didn’t read all 500 pages last night I was almost halfway through when I got home today so that makes about 250 pages in about 4


    1. Was it you who recommended the Knicks on the trail? Somebody did a couple of months back. I’m thinking maybe it was Steve. I did finish it but not my favorite.


      1. It wasn’t me that recommended it. I like it well enough to finish it, which says something. I don’t always have that much patience with fiction.


        1. Well that’s terrible Steve. If my tastes were the be all and end all, the world would certainly be a different place, and probably not in a good way! I’m pretty sure that I usually like most of the books that get mentioned on the blog, except that Death by Rhubarb, but that was a recommendation of Clyde, I believe.


  2. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    I think the last one I binge read (or listened to) was The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani. It is the fictionalized version of her Great Grandparents who were shoemakers in Chisolm and Hibbing area of Minnesota. It starts in Italy, the character is betrayed by a priest and the Grandfather has to move to US to survive. He eventually becomes a miner/soldier/shoemaker. Great Minnesota story.


    1. When I read this book I actually listened to on CD and the author made a decision halfway through the book to change the actress who is doing the narrating. I read on the internet that she did this on purpose because she was thinking there were two distinct parts of this woman’s life and she wanted a different narrator, but I never got over it even by the end of the book.


  3. I don’t remember the last one, but I do remember the first: The Old Man and Sea. I was a young teenager enthralled by the old man and the big fish. It wasn’t a long book, but it kept me going long past my bedtime.

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  4. I read Camille in one sitting, an all-nighter when I was in my twenties. I don’t stay awake well enough to read for very long at a stretch these days. Sleep takes priority even if I don’t want it to.

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    1. Just got a notice from the library this morning that Louise Penny’s latest is available for download for me. I’m guessing I’ll be staying up late again in the next couple of days over that one.


    2. Can you give me an opinion on Sue Grafton? I loved her earlier works. The last three or four have been stinkers, and I’ve seen truly negative reviews of the latest one. Looks like Sue Grafton might not have lasted as long as the tail end of the alphabet. Or maybe others disagree.


      1. I too loved the early ones – she’s smart and a smart aleck, and could get herself out of any jam, which you’d get a blow-by-blow account. Then in P is for Peril the author got her out of a jam by saying, in essence, “So she got out of that jam.” and ended the book. Husband said she did the same thing in Q is for…, so I’ve stopped at P.

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        1. It feels to me like she has decided that writing entertaining books (like the first half of her alphabet series) is no longer enough. She seems to be trying for something with more gravitas. But the earlier books sure are fun.

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  5. Anyone familiar with Mike Rose? We read a 6 page snippet for English class and I liked his way with words. Right now I can’t even tell you what book the snippet was from (which is a problem of observation I am having in this class). So I don’t know if he always writes that way…


    1. I haven’t heard of him but just now I looked him up and it looks like he has a blog MikeRosebooks. Blogspot.com so maybe you can take a look at some of his books and tell if you like his writing style from the blog?


    2. OK, I looked it up. It’s a story he wrote about his time in high school. And it’s called ‘I just want to be average’. I blame a combination of my age, and a lack of memory space that I can’t remember stuff in class until I get a hint; then everything comes flooding back in.
      I’m not sure the teacher agrees this is a valid excuse. Honestly, I do have CRS disease. ‘Can’t Remember Sh_t’.

      Click to access rose.pdf

      (Mike Rose piece)

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  6. Saving Sophie by Ronald Balson.
    True Colors by Kristin Hannah (I don’t remember when I’ve been so upset with fictional characters)

    There have been others, but that has more to do with insomnia than how riveting the book is.

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