Birthday Boy!

Today is the birthday of our dear leader Dale!

We’ve talked here over the years of the gift that Dale has given us by starting the blog and setting a tone that we all appreciate.  Now let’s make a list of what gifts we would like to give Dale.

Here’s a poem for Dale’s birthday – although not quite up to the standards of Poet Laureate Tyler Schuyler Wyler.

You’re honest,
decent, lovable,
and truly are first rate.
You’re charming,
and clearly pretty great…

You’re dignified,
gracious, sweet,
and kind.
You’ve got a lot
of talent
and a wit that’s
hard to find.

You’re cleaver, cool,
and clean up really nice.
You’re worldly wise,
and wonderful
and full of good advice.

You’re fun
and entertaining,
not to mention
very smart.
You’re altogether awesome
and you’ve got a lot of heart!

What gift would you give Dale?

21 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!”

  1. Like many of us, I know Dale has a very full schedule. My birthday gift would be an extra hour a day – this hour is in a bubble that can’t be used to catch up on work or finish odd jobs around the house. These hours are just for sitting and reading and writing and relaxing and enjoying life!

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  2. My birthday gift would be to find a philanthrpist to totally fund, in perpetuity, a public radio show for Dale to host so he could air all that great music again.

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  3. for dale a poem is in order
    with potatoes and bears round the border
    he started a group of baboons
    based on food stuff and tunes

    the concerns that he had early on
    were as it turned out realistically drawn
    the drain of the brain on a daily blog post
    was what dale fear would drain him the most

    with bud buck and loomis beeechly now firmly in tow
    dale wont return but at least we did know
    what true happiness was thanks to his gentle lead
    he gave us not what we wanted but what we did need

    so now after 5 year of 300+ blogs yearly
    he left it to us and we all miss him dearly
    we wish him the best over on kfai
    we know that he’s busy and we’ll survive by and by

    but to take just a moment and say thank you dale
    before more time passes from here on the trail
    you started a good thing and we will carry on
    we love you and miss you and are sorry youre gone

    but life is an odd thing the twists and the turns
    we have all built bridges here and only bill kilings bridge is burned
    we had a great life together for many long years
    we are now hitting old age and the future is clear

    we will all remember those times that we shared
    with dr baboon captain billy and how officer rafferty cared
    now we meet and discuss the topic of the day
    but there is something missing in our non dale blog way

    i guess it the voices in the back of our minds
    dr larry and of course bart the bear were great finds
    thanks for your service and your birthing the trail
    now go run your radio station and stay out of jail

    to dale, lead baboon , warmest wishes abound
    and congratulate him on the great gig he found
    kfai’s lucky and we’re lucky too
    thanks for all that you’ve done thanks for all that you do

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  4. Oh Happy Birthday, Dale! Another great October baby like me! My gift to Dale would be his own radio station, endless creativity to fill the hours with great music, lots of time to write wonderful stories and a supporting cast of great actors and sound effects people to bring them to life. Oh actually, that kind of sounds like a gift we would all enjoy as well.

    Well, I wish happiness for Dale above all.

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  5. Wow thanks for all these wonderful gifts Baboons! You are too kind, Verily Sherrilee! I love the poems and generous wishes for time and money. But hair might be more of a burden, Wes. I understand it requires care – like a puppy, but on your head!

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    1. actually dale i tried the shaved head mode for a year or two a while back and there is no more intensive head maintenance program that shaving your head. if i remember right it was a bout 20 minutes each day to get the nubs zipped offa there.
      if you want hair dale i can get a box or two of it for you. you waana go with your natural color or did you want to try blonde?


  6. I wish Dale a life-time supply of optimism and good cheer. May cynicism never invade your heart and mind.

    O.T. Tonight Hans ousted not one, not two or three, but SIX mice from the chicken feed. Bless his heart.

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