29 thoughts on “Packing”

  1. I pack light on clothes, heavy on photographic equipment. Light on books because I use an e-reader.

    Have never packed canning equipment. Where on earth are you staying that you will be able to do some canning?

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  2. I think today’s question really should have been “Are you nuts?”

    I have a packing list on my computer that I print out and fill in. It has all of the items that I need when I am traveling for work and then a separate section at the bottom for camping and traveling for leisure. I lay everything out on the bed and then put it in the suitcase.

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  3. When I traveled so much as an outdoor journalist, I never unpacked. I kept a kit of clothes, paperback books, dopp kit and other basic gear in a duffel, only removing dirty clothing to wash it and put it back in the duffel. When I left on a trip I was already packed, although I’d need to customize the stuff in the duffel for particular destinations.

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  4. A couple of days before trip:
    – root through closet for clothes that might need washing
    – clear off some horizontal piece of furniture for suitcase
    – find suitcase and put it there
    – start tossing things in bag as I think of them, including now-clean clothing
    – luckily, a “cosmetic” bag is always ready to go in the linen closet, may need tweaking
    – night before d-day, do a blitz of organizing and folding and packing suitcase
    – remember to pack extra shoes at the last minute, and a carry on with reading material…

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  5. That’s about the craziest thing I’ve heard since DT told PR that their horrific hurricane wasn’t a real disaster compared to Katrina. Glad you told us you’re stopping in Brookings on the way or I would have worried about you. Like ljb, I was wondering where the heck you’d be staying, thinking perhaps some airbnb hosts would find themselves with a big surprise on their hands.

    I pack lightly. Very lightly. I know women who pack more for a weekend than I do for a three week vacation.

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  6. I am a moderate packer. For a 3-4 day car trip to relatives, I will pack 5 to 6 outfits and a couple pair of pajamas, 2 pairs of shoes and slippers, all my skin care regimen, complete make-up kit (one must always look young and beautiful), supplements and whatever food I am making as a contribution to family gatherings.

    The boys pack minimally, but I usually have pillows and blankets in the car for comfort and warmth, as well as snacks.

    Renee, you never cease to amaze me with your resourcefulness and commitment to … whatever it is you decide to do at each and every moment. Are you stopping to see any Baboons while in Minneapolis or along the way?

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  7. Whenever we are going away for an extended period, Robin starts packing and repacking clothes at least a week ahead. I pack the night before. Draw whatever inferences you like.

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    1. I think if I started packing ahead that early, it would backfire, since the clothes and most things I need to travel are the same things I need when I’m home.


    2. One might infer from your description that you are proving that “opposites attract.” Your marriage is like the friendship I had with my outdoor buddy. He was OCD and I was whatever its opposite would be.


  8. i take 2 shirts 2 pants 2 shoes 4 socks 4 underwear
    2 sports coats 1 hat
    toothbrush razor brush
    phone computer book
    tea cigars
    swim suit
    good for 4 days or 4 weeks

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  9. Morning.
    I also tend to pack the night before. Socks and underwear are the main,critical packing item. Then some shirts and pants. And all the electronic accoutrements.
    Usually once there, I never have the right shirts. Not enough or nothing for dinner at the ‘nice’ restaurant. Sometimes either too many sleeves or not enough sleeves.

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    1. Oh yeah, electronics. I probably take too many electronics – and all their charging paraphernalia. I’ve got a cell phone, ereader, ipod, laptop. Am I forgetting something?


      1. I always pack both a 6′, extension cord (one of those white or brown ones) and a USB extension. Plus a night light. Pack a couple ‘spring type’ clothes pins to hold the window curtains shut or … whatever you might need a cloths pin for. BTW, those spring type cloth pins are called ‘C47’s in the movie business.

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  10. The big decision for me on many trips was which book to bring. I dreaded landing in some boring backwash area without a good book. My duffel usually held two or three carefully chosen paperbacks.


    1. Yes, the hardcovers are just too heavy. On that train trip of 1998, I had a whole bag of boox thinking I would be reading all those hours on the train. Nope – looked out the window and drew stuff, shipped the boox home.


  11. Like Wes, I roll clothes into a cylindrical shape and put them in a duffel bag if space is at a premium, which it usually is. I often forget something like socks or underwear or a comb or a toothbrush, which means a trip to a retail outlet in an unfamiliar town.

    I tend to overpack, but I’m pretty certain I have never contemplated bringing canning supplies along. A small sewing kit, yes. Nothing ambitious, though.

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