48 thoughts on “Iguana Joe’s!”

  1. i am not a dessert guy
    whatever the opposite of s sweet tooth is i have it
    it’s not so much that i don’t like it as it is that it doesn’t call out to me any more
    the fact that ice cream kicks my butt and makes me wish i hadn’t eaten it takes my good old tin roof sunday out of the picture. that was my stand by for years 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate sauce and sprinkled heavily in salted peanuts was just the right combination
    as i traveled and got around a bit italy taught me about canolli and tiramissou they were introduced and a perfect end to pasta dinners along with an ameretto or grand mariner
    haloeeen is coming and butterfingers and reese’s peanut buttercups are gone from the hand out bowl
    somehow they keep getting in my mouth

    back in the day a bong and a bag of pecan sandies was perfect

    we discussed favorite christmas cookies at bbc last week and shortbread cookies were my immediate answer

    good thing i don’t have a sweet tooth

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    1. The most memorable dessert we had in Florence (discounting the gelato which wasn’t dessert but rather breakfast and lunch) was one we shared with a Canadian couple we chatted with in a little restaurant: a glass of limoncello and amaretto cookies. It was just perfect.

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    2. It seems to me that if you set up the handout bowl so many days in advance, you’re asking to be tempted beyond your strength, especially if you have butterfingers in there.


  2. I’m not into sweets, either, but if I have to indulge in dessert, I’ll take creme brulee. But really, I’d rather nibble on some fresh fruit, an assortment of cheeses and a nice glass of Sauterne. Heaven! Having just reminded myself of what a treat sauterne is, I think I’ll have to visit Haskell’s soon.

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    Pie. Always pie. My favorite is cherry, but a really good apple (combination of apple varieties Haralson and McIntosh) will do, as well. Or raspberry pie. That’s good. And so is Fresh Peach in July and August. Or Lemon Meringue made with Limoncella….

    It’s almost a year since my sister and I made 40 pies for my niece’s wedding. She might still have some slices of the fruit pies frozen in her freezer.

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    1. I’m sure your pies are good, Jackie. I love how passionately you talk about them.

      My friend, Helen, is an excellent pie maker, and she whips them up effortlessly, and I’ll usually have a small slice. She also makes killer fruitcakes for Christmas, and they are to die for. I do love me a good fruitcake, and she usually gives me one as a gift. Lucky me!


    2. I do like a good piece of pie, but for me that means mostly fruit pies with a tart component, like a Haralson apple pie or a Shaker lemon pie with thinly sliced whole lemons. Chocolate pies are an abomination and I am generally indifferent to cakes.

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        1. Haralsons are, in my opinion, an ideal pie apple. I also like them better as eating apples than the new trend in sweet, insubstantial apples like Honeycrisp. Harolsons not only add tartness, they soften exactly right in a pie.


        2. I’m a fan of Harrison’s for baking, too. I used to also look for Winesap apples in the fall. They were very good for just slicing and eating without any adornment. But they seem to have disappeared, at least in Minnesota.

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        3. Connell Reds are just a red “sport” or mutation of Firesides. Good, large apples with a great texture. The flavor is pleasant, but a little mild for my taste.


      1. My apple of preference is Prairie Spy. I like the flavor, I like the texture, I even appreciate the russeting that commonly occurs on the top. Unfortunately they are not planted much anymore and have become increasingly hard to find. A good second choice are Regents.

        The fashion in new apple varieties seems to favor crispness sweetness and juciness, all good attributes, but in my opinion they are one dimensional and lack complexity– like sodden styrofoam.

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  4. I have become more interested in ice cream and pies than in cakes. I love a good danish. I really dislike thick frosting, preferring a thin layer of icing instead. I also have become unhapoy with most chocolate desserts.


  5. Anything dark chocolate would be welcome, but like Jacque I do love me some pie. Pecan pie, coconut cream pie, French Silk, etc. Oh, and Cheesecake! Man oh man, do I love cheesecake. I went to a Cheesecake Factory once and thought I’d died and went to heaven. But then I was so overwhelmed by all the choices, I was paralyzed.

    Yeah, I wish I didn’t have such a sweet tooth. Life would be so much easier and I’d be so much thinner. But I have cut way down on sugars, grains, processed foods, etc. Slowly, but surely.


  6. Deep fried Oreos sounds like a state fair kind of thing. Have they done that yet?

    One interesting state fair dessert I came across was key lime pie, on a stick, dipped in chocolate. It was tasty, but larger and more expensive than I wanted. Couldn’t finish it. I would buy it again if they made it more of a little bite size thing.

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  7. I eschew restaurant desserts. When you have just eaten something that is probably more and richer than you would normally eat, the idea of a dessert doesn’t appeal. And restaurant desserts always seem over the top besides, like molten lava fudge cake, etc. I don’t understand their thinking.

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    1. The few times I eat in a restaurant I always hope I’ll have enough appetite and money to buy some dessert, but no, hardly ever do. It’s all I can do to finish the entree.


    1. I loved a lot of Fats Domino’s songs. Most of them came to my attention through the covers by other artists – Ronnie Lane’s Blue Monday and Cheap Trick’s Ain’t That a Shame come to mind. I also remember attending a live performance of First House on the Right, a long gone public radio show, in which Dan Rowles sang this one, and made a real tour de force of it:

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        1. It was an MPR program, born out of an early Garrison Keillor retirement. In about 1987, Garrison announced he was ending A Prairie Home Companion, and MPR hired Noah Adams to host a replacement program called Good Evening. It never really caught on, and I believe Noah Adams went back to All Things Considered. The time slot was then turned over to Dan Rowles, whose show had a more eclectic, thrown-together feel, like somebody tossed the theater keys to the guy who was hauling equipment. “Here, kid! See what you can do.” I liked the show a lot. But it died a swift death when Garrison decided he wanted to come back.

          Dan Rowles was a writer on APHC for many years, but I think he was fired when Garrison retired this past time.

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  8. I love desserts. Again, making up for all those baboons who don’t care for desserts. Ice cream is always good, although I will admit to being a bit picky about quality – I was at someone’s birthday party this past spring and the cake was good, but the ice cream was – not so good. Trader Joe’s has decent ice cream and the price is good compared to other premium-type ice creams.

    I like gingerbread a lot and like it with whipped cream even more. I made some last week and found out that everyone else in this house also likes it a lot so I was not able to eat it all myself like I was secretly hoping. I wouldn’t be surprised if I made it again this week and I bet some haralson apples in there would be pretty good.

    But chocolate – good chocolate – is what I really like. There are lots of chocolate desserts I like, so many that I better not even start talking about them or I’ll be here typing all afternoon. And then I will go get the recipe book out to make sure I don’t forget any and then I will feel like making them and supper wouldn’t get made, just dessert. So I’m not going there.

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  9. OT – I know we have a couple of baboons who sing in choirs, and thought they might want to know about this concert taking place this evening at the St. Paul Cathedral:
    Free Concert: 70-voice German Youth Choir

    On Wednesday, October 25 at 7:30 p.m., the Cathedral of Saint Paul is pleased to present the 70-voice German youth choir, Jugendkonzertchor Dortmund in concert.

    Singing a wide range of repertoire, the Jugendkonzertchor is the top mixed ensemble among the youth choirs of the Chorakademie am Konzerthaus, and is comprised of students between the ages of 14 and 19.

    The Chorakademie am Konzerthaus-Dortmund is the largest choral school in Europe with 1,000 choral singers and 30 different choirs.

    All ages are welcome for this beautiful performance.

    A freewill offering will be received.

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        1. I used to have more problems with being anonymous when I was participating via my phone. It would happen even when I could see my avatar and WP said I was logged in – I would see the message “littlejailbird: you are commenting using your WordPress account” and when I hit Post Comment, I suddenly became Anonymous. Haven’t had that problem in a while, I don’t know why…I think it’s just random.

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        2. Fascinating. It occurs to me that I’ve never thought of WordPress as either male or female. Hmmmm.


  10. Now I want a slab of the bread pudding from Curran’s on Nicollet. They use leftover cinnamon rolls & make their own caramel sauce…it’s enough to make a girl swoon. (Failing that, a really good super dark chocolate is my go-to dessert at home…)

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