The Odd Couple

Today’s post comes to us from Jacque.

Sometime this last summer I saw the strangest thing—a male peacock crossed the road in front of my car in hot pursuit of a turkey hen.   They disappeared into the woods at top speed.

“HMMM, I thought. Did I really see that?”

When I got home I told Lou about it and we had a good laugh, labeling the pair “The Odd Couple.” They were kind of the Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett of the bird world.  Remember that one?  Two mismatched, high profile celebrities that impulsively got married then inevitably they divorced.

In September before I left for Ireland, I saw a blurb about a similar thing somewhere else on the news or on the internet. I searched YouTube, that faithful documenter of daily life, for similar henomena and came up with an impressive visual library of involvement between peacocks and other fowl.  It turns out that peacocks “sleep” with anybody.  Apparently, peacocks and peahens are the sluts of the fowl world.  I suppose if you have all that impressive featherage, it cannot be wasted.

Here is a YouTube of a news report of a peacock in Victoria, Canada and a domestic turkey .

What sight causes you to say, “Did I see that?”

17 thoughts on “The Odd Couple”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    Having written the post today, I don’t have much to say. However, these few minutes will by my last chance today to say nothing at all. I really enjoyed yesterday’s discussion of favorite places that are gone. Happy talking

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  2. When I was a hunter and angler, I saw many things that are fun to remember now. One of the most surprising things I saw was two bald eagles flying side by side. That wouldn’t sound surprising, but these eagles were flying without flapping. That is, they held their wings out but didn’t move them. And the most surprising thing of all was that the eagles were pointed south but moving north, which is to say they had their wings fixed like gliders while they rode some invisible current of thermal that moved them in the opposite direction from what they faced.

    Now that’s a sight you don’t see often!

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  3. Two weeks ago, in broad daylight, a family of four deer were feasting on my hostas just two feet beyond my living room window. They’d left my big ones close to the cottage alone all summer; now, they’ve come to finish the job!

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  4. Every time I drive, I see something that makes me wonder if I really just saw that. Drivers stopped at a red light and then not going when it turns green – until the light turns yellow. Driver stopped at a red light, then turning left while the light is still red. Drivers on the freeway following too close behind the car in front of them – and then another car changes lanes to somehow fit in between them when I could have sworn there was no space for another car there. Of course, the other day when I went to Jacque’s house and attempted to park the car along that curved stretch of the street, I’m sure someone was watching and thinking, What kind of idiot parks their car like that?

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    1. I plugged in my pad this morning at work to be on the trail and never even got around to turning it on – just one semi crisis after another!


    1. It must be a cat thing. Or a tabby thing in my house. I have some Russian nesting dolls on my bedroom dresser and Nimue probably knocks them off every other month. Most of the time it’s in the middle of the night but every now and then she looks over at me and then turns and baffs it with her paw.

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  5. Three years ago my big bird/squirrel feeder bit the dust so I went to my local hardware store and bought one that I liked the look of (a lot like this)

    The top swings off so you can fill it. The morning after I filled it and put it out, I looked out back and saw a squirrel INSIDE. Needless to say, he/she had dumped out most of the food already and was just cleaning up. I ended up drilling a hole through the side and putting in a long thumb screw that holds the top down. It squeaks when I have to fill up the feeder but after three years, the squirrels haven’t figured it out yet!

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  6. I’ve occasionally had a raccoon on the porch roof, just outside the 2nd-floor bedroom window. The raccoon will come right up to the window and peer in. The cats crouch in front of the window: “What is that?”

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