56 thoughts on “A Good Soak”

  1. Ha! You fooled me, VS. When I saw the title of today’s blog, I immediately guessed that tim was the author.

    Personally, I love a good soak in my old claw foot tub (my tub is filling as I write this). Showers will do for efficiency, but a nice soak in warm water infused with Epsom salt, that’s the ticket for me.

    Pondering the answer to your question, the first thing that came to mind was indoor plumbing. The second was electricity, and then the internet. There are so many things we take for granted and don’t fully appreciate until we no longer have them.

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  2. Hot water is one, although I’ve rarely been able to be still enough for a long soak.

    Being able to keep the house heated without chopping wood is high on the list, and, come to think of it, my little fake fireplace for the same reason.

    And email..,

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  3. OT – sort of. Happy Solstice everyone.

    Perfectly still this solstice morning,
    in bone cracking cold. Nothing is moving,
    or so one might think, but as I walk the road,
    the wind held in the heart of every tree
    flows to the end of each twig and forms a bud.

    ~ Ted Kooser “Winter Morning Walks: One Hundred Postcards to Jim Harrison”

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  4. Hi kids!

    Last night I came in from doing chicken chores and was thankful for a warm house.
    Then reading the question this morning and thinking about making a fire and trying to heat a cave. How does that work?? I mean, can you get it warm enough, with out killing the family with smoke or one side roasting and the other side freezing?

    Long hot showers are really nice. And bed. Bed is so nice. It’s a wonder I don’t spend more time in bed.

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      1. Actually, there probably weren’t that many caves around for most of those poor creatures. Having a cave for any length of time was probably premium housing for them.

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        1. According to the documentary I saw (the one with the foot-powered cars), they made everything out of rocks or bones or fur or logs.

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        2. I hear on NOVA and other science shows that we should have more regard for Neanderthals and early humans. If those guys could make a working syringe from fur, they sure got my respect.


  5. I’ve been thinking about this while I’ve been out and about this morning (Nonny and I met friends at Butter Bakery for breakfast). I am so used to my creature comforts that I’m not even sure I could go back to 1970! Internet, mobile phone, microwave, gsp, audio books, hybrid card. None of those back in 1970.

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  6. Almost every night before going to sleep, I lie in bed and think how grateful I am for warm soft beds, flannel sheets, wonderful sons, hot showers, the cataract surgery that gave me excellent eyesight without glasses, a refrigerator/freezer and pantry full of food and that I have decent health. I have many reasons to be grateful, but sometimes it’s easy to forget.

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    1. My 6-year old granddaughter wanted a whoopie cushion for Christmas. I think I missed out on a lot of grandma points when I decided to send her some books she could read herself and a Lego kit instead.

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  7. Indoor plumbing which includes hot running water (like PJ I enjoy a nice soak in a tub and in the winter, the hotter the better).
    Internet conversations with baboons.
    Digital camera and photographic software (big surprise there, eh?).
    Autopay for utilities.

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      1. I have mixed feeling about autopay. I love the convenience of not having to write out the checks. I do remember having to write and mail checks. But something about having everything on autopay makes me feel as if I am in a form of indentured servitude. The money comes in and the money goes out and I never actually handle it, but I don’t have much left, if anything, after the money goes out.

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        1. Well, the difference for me is that I am really, really bad about remembering to pay the bills. I usually remembered by the due date, but often I would be falling asleep and suddenly have the panicked thought: “Did I remember to pay the electric bill?” Multiply that experiene out by all the various bills and you can imagine that autopay gave me much peace of mind.

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        2. These days I’m having trouble remembering if I did something. If I think about doing it hard enough, it later feels like I did it. Later still, I can’t remember if the thing happened or I just thought about it happening.


        3. That’s how I am with letters. I write and rewrite so many of them in my head that I can’t keep track of which ones I’ve actually committed to paper or email.


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