39 thoughts on “Do Not Pass Go”

      1. Lordy, I wish my regrets were about issues as mild as bad haircuts! I’d like to take a fresh run at the 1980s and 1990s. I could accept horrible haircuts if I had done a better job of living well.


        1. I was wondering whether you had settled on 1979 because it was a particularly happy time for you, or if it was a time when you made some choices that you later regretted. From your above comment, I take it it’s the latter.

          I have made so many poor choices in my life, including bad hairdos, that I have plenty of room for major regrets. Yet, I find that when I indulge in regrets, I’m missing the big lessons of life. Sometimes you miss the moment’s Nirvana because you’re eagerly awaiting what’s next – either that or busy taking a selfie.

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  1. rome ,rio, ocean bottom, where it’s dark and unexplored and also where i can watch cool underwater life in lighted areas

    antarctica, lake celestine(north of banff)

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      1. I don’t agree, Jacque. The best thing about fantasy is the supply is never-ending. When I sit down on the toilet to do serious work my reading for decades has been the Consumer’s Report new car report. I’ve consumed new car reports for decades, and I haven’t ever had to repair or make a payment on the cars I’ve chosen! Fantasy has shortcoming, I guess, but at least the supply is endless and the price is right.

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  2. in my ideal life i’d travel a week a month
    new different places
    i love travel and seeing new cultures and customs
    although in reality travel to nearby spots might be very rewarding too


  3. Lake Superior Circle Tour (although I don’t think I would pick March as the ideal time to do that).

    Or New Zealand.

    Or the Pacific Northwest.

    Or Cape Breton Island.

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    1. I’ll vouch for the Circle Tour, ljb. Did it in about a week but wished we could have taken at least two weeks. And NZ is on my bucket list too. PNW is awe-inspiring too.



  4. Rise and Visualize, Baboons,

    This is a long list.

    All of France
    Back to Northern Ireland to finish the genealogy tour
    Scotland (Edinburgh, and outlying areas)
    All of Italy
    New Zealand
    New Orleans
    New York City (nope, I have never been there)
    Acadia National Park, Maine
    Florida Keys

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  5. Alaska is #1 but preferably in summer. So if I leave tomorrow, pretty much anywhere in the southern hemisphere. Top of the list is Australia and New Zealand, followed closely by Peru, Argentina, and Chile.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  6. During our winter months:
    Galapagos Islands
    Easter Island
    South Pacific Islands of Fiji, Bora Bora, Tonga

    During our summer months:
    Maritime Provinces
    All of the US National Parks

    Patagonia has been on my list, too but I am going there in October.

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  7. The Mediterranean – Spain and Portugal, some Greek islands like Corfu, Sicily perhaps… and as long as I’m there, how about Italy and back to most of France.. As others have demonstrated, there is no “decide”, at least not on just one.

    If time travel is involved and we go to summer climates, Alaska (high school friend in Homer) and New Zealand.


  8. Since money is no issue and this is clearly fantasy, then I expect I don’t have any knee or foot issues either.
    Rome. Italy. Yeah, Antarctic, Alaska.
    You people have good taste!

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  9. Russia is also on my list. Moscow, St Petersburg, maybe a week or so on the Tans-Siberian railway with stops in China and Mongolia. Perhaps a stop on the way there (or back) in Serbia to visit the Tesla museum – if money is no object, why not?

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  10. Anywhere 1st Class! When I booked a flight to Kenya a year ago, my thought was, “As long as I’m treating myself to this exotic adventure, I might as well go 1st Class!”. Well, my ticket was $830 round trip, and the cost of 1st Class was $8,000.

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  11. I think I have mentioned before on the trail that, when looking at travel destinations, I’m torn between revisiting some places I’ve already been, and places I have yet to see. Some of the places I’ve been were every bit as “grand” as I had imagined them, others were very disappointing.

    The Red Square and Kremlin in Moscow, for instance, were beautiful and a thrill to behold every single time I was there, and I went there often during my year there. Tiananmen Square in Beijing, on the other hand, was a huge disappointment. Seeing the Forbidden City was interesting from a historical point of view, but I found that my fondness for Chinese pagodas wore thin pretty quickly. The Great Wall I have visited only at Badaling outside of Beijing, and despite the grandeur of the landscape surrounding it, it was a disappointing tourist trap.

    What I’d like to visit now are perhaps mirages of some happy moments of the past. Riding my bicycle with my uncle George on some quaint Irish lanes on the outskirts of Drogheda, and fishing with my dad on a windy day in our little boat. I consider myself lucky to have many such memories that I can dredge up pretty much on demand.

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      1. Linda, I lived so much in my head as a kid, that I was determined to see some of the places I read and dreamed about. I recall at the age of 18 when I was in Basel, thinking it was a big deal to ride my bicycle to Dreiländereck, the spot where Switzerland, France and Germany converge. I got off my bike and made a deliberate attempt to cover as much real estate as I could. In retrospect it seems silly.

        But I do consider myself lucky. I have been to many of the places that fascinated me as a kid. Many more remain as a figment of my imagination. The perspective I have now, though, keeps me mindful of the fact that every single day I’m in danger of ignoring something that I should be pay attention to. I’m putting a lot more effort into paying attention to that.

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  12. I would go back to Bremen, Verden, and Hamburg, and also spend time in Emden. We didn’t have enough time to really explore where my family immigrated from , so I would take a leisurely time in those places to explore. Husband’s family comes from near Stuttgart, and he wants to see that area. He would also like to spend more time near Glasgow and Belfast to see those areasand search out more of his family history.

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    1. I’d like to see some German countryside, where my father’s family came from, but the information available is sketchy, so I’m not sure where I’d go.


  13. I’d find it difficult to choose. I’ve never been out of the U.S., so there is so much that would be new to me.

    I think I’d choose the island of Capri. Mainly because I have a book by Shirley Hazard called Greene on Capri, which I started once but never finished. I’d bring it along. It sounds like a lovely place, and I think I’d like the food.

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