Colorful Sunday

Last Sunday I had lunch with a friend – tried the new St. Paul Bagelry that has opened up near my house. I had a Reuben bagel sandwich (vegetarian version) – something I’d never even heard of before.  It was messy but yummy.

Laura and I weren’t quite ready to go back to our chores and regular life so at the spur of the moment we headed over to the Como Zoo and the Conservatory. We weren’t the only ones – it was a busy day at Como.  The spring show at the sunken garden is all purple and yellow – one of my favorite combinations and we also wandered through the hothouses looking for orchids and then inspected all the bonsai. It was a good way to spend a dreary afternoon.

Since I had to figure out how to make a slideshow out of a gallery this week to showcase Edith’s wonderful photos, I thought I’d try it again with some of my Conservatory pictures (not in Edith’s league but at least colorful).

When have you learned a new trick?

45 thoughts on “Colorful Sunday”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Electronics gizmos allow me to learn a new trick nearly daily. There is always a new alarm or thingie on my iPhone I did not know about.

    M!y favorite new trick in the last few years is not gizmo related, though. It allows me to peel hard boiled eggs more easily. Take a pint jar with a cover. Fill it half way with water and put the hard boiled egg in it. Shake it hard, take the egg out. 99% of the time the shell slips off.

    TaDa. 🙇‍♀️

    Clyde, I hope you found last night’s lost sock.

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    1. I, of course, only changed one black sock for white, which became apparent before other people. We all laughed. I am for sure an OLD man.

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  2. I learned here on the Trail something to do with Facebook (PJ?), maybe how to block postings without unfriending a person.. I need help again – anyone know how to delete something I posted to my wall last night, that I now believe was misguided?


  3. OT: I’ve got a friend who sends me forwards. Do you remember forwards? They were such a 1980s sort of thing. Then people got tired of them. But not my friend. She sends me forwards maybe twice a week, and I just got one from her with signs from recent marches. One sign said “Tweet Others As You Would Have Them Tweet You.” Another said “I’m not allowed to act like the president. And I’m three.”

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  4. People are teaching new dances all the time at folk dance (for some reason, a couple of thousand dances is never enough.) I’m willing to learn most of them, till someone wants to introduce one with 4 distinct sections, each with its own steps – like learning four new dances. I figure there is a limit to how much I can cram in there, and I’m getting selective.

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  5. There are always new tricks to learn with computers. I still can’t believe that VS taught me how to insert header photos when I put up posts.

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        1. I think I got it!

          Ingredients: 1 cup of fresh cilantro (stems and leaves), half a tomato cut into chunks, 3 garlic cloves, sliced, 1 Jalapeño pepper, roughly chopped (remove seeds for less heat), 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts, 1/4 cup white vinegar or fresh lemon juice, salt to taste, 2 tbsp water.

          Put everything in a food processor and process to a liquidy paste. Serve as a dipping sauce with warm naan bread. If you have any left over, I never do, I’m told it will keep for three days in a sealed jar in the fridge.

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    1. Went to Easter Sunrise service this morning. The Easter Bunny hopped by in a parka carrying egg-shaped popsicles guaranteed to stay frozen in the baskets. What else could we expect on 4-1?

      AF. April 1,2018

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    2. The windchill when I got up this morning was right around zero. I didn’t get outdoors to do my Sunday shoot very early for some reason…

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    1. It’s an interesting question though. I just looked it up. The last time Easter Sunday fell on April 1st (again, using our calendar), was in 1956, and the next time it will happen is in 2029, and then again in 2040. After that, it won’t happen again until 2108. There’s only a slight chance that I’ll be around for any of those dates, so I’ll just enjoy today.

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  6. Happy Easter & April Fool’s Day everybody. Somehow seems right that on an Easter Sunday when it’s 12 degrees when I got up that it should be April Fool’s Day!

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  7. i am learning new tricks all the time
    i am so inundated with new tricks that i have to keep asking to see it one more time

    my new trick today is to get my first youtube video posted.
    i saw a guy who has osted a new song everyday for 2000 days
    that is my goal
    if i play the same song twice it will be ok but the goal is to do new ones every day
    maybe i can get others to join me a time or tow it should be fun
    i am becoming an amzazon guru
    new car sales is my new amazing human trick
    i have ebay and sales tricks i need to get better at. i am good at promoting and good at new ideas. i love doing new stuff and hope one of these days they all come to be usefull parts of my life.
    thanks to the ladies for keeping this thing rolling
    april on the plains
    thanks renee
    are the peppers planted
    if i miss the call for hay bales remind me to see about getting the knowledge i need to make them fly. i am ready to add that to my bafg of tricks this year

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