30 thoughts on “More Than Enough”

  1. go ahead rub it in
    i have way to much of way too many things
    i ran an add in craigslist to see if i can find someone help me move it either to the junkyard or the hands of another collector.
    lawn mowers wire fencing weed whackers should move now but furniture and other items dont have a season. they can go away any time

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    1. The Minneapolis & St. Paul tool libraries might be interested in some of the tools and yard stuff. They take donations, keep some of it to lend out and sell some in sales they hold a couple times a year.

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  2. We have too many tomato and pepper plants we started from seed. There is no way I am planting 24 tomato plants and 18 peppers, although husband thinks we should. They grew really well for us this year. We bought 4 exotic pepper plants at the Brookings Farmers Market–Hungarian Sweet and Spanish Mammoth Sweet peppers. I plan to bring extra plants we started to work and give them away.

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I (happily) have too much garden work. After several years of of garden neglect because I was busy selling my practice and transitioning to a different life, I have too many weeds. So this weekend I started digging and pulling.

    I feel a bit overwhelmed by the weeds, which is the nature of gardening. You ignore them for a moment and they make their moves and take over.

    Yesterday the first tulip bloomed. That makes it worth it all. 😊🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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    1. I am learning to scrape the little weed seedlings off the topsoil (we are overrun by clover), but then I run into some not-clovers and I’m not sure whether to pull or let ’em be – they might be something nice. A friend who is coaching me says by mid-June I won’t have to be as vigilant. I hope she’s right.


  4. You probably would have assumed I would say I have too many books. But that would constitute an acknowledgement and that would suggest a need to stop accumulating them or even deaccession some. I take the fifth. I like being surrounded by books. What I have is too few bookcases and too few walls to put them on.

    What I have too many of is projects. I have so many projects—large and small home improvement projects, art projects, genealogy projects, book repair projects, to name a few—that my projects are interfering with my projects. I had expected that once I semi-retired I would have lots of free time to work on projects but that has not proved to be the case. Of course it doesn’t help that I no longer can stay up past midnight getting things accomplished…

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  5. Too many years before I can retire, too many hours spent working, too many hours spent commuting. Bah humbug!

    Too many podcasts, books and blogs I would like to listen, read or watch.

    Too many regrets and things I wished I would have done or accomplished.

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  6. Too many “yesses”. Although I am getting better, I am still saying yes to too much – just joined a board at UU (they promised it’s just one 1-hour meeting a month), There are all kinds of social justice groups here, actively doing good works, and I need to pick one and focus there rather than going to all their events. Thanks, VS, just realized that while typing.


  7. Too much nothing to do that is fun,
    Too much of new bank making me run.
    Too much up in our storage attic,
    Too much health that is erratic.
    Too many in our house, accessories,
    Too many vertebrae compressories.
    For our meals, not enough cooks,
    In our yard, too many rooks.
    But outside it’s growing green,
    Which may keep me in control of my spleen.

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  8. Our youngest cat says she has way too much tail; so long, too fluffy by half. What is a tortie cat ro do with such an appendage?

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  9. Every fall, I feel sorry for myself. I blow and blow and blow and blow leaves. It takes at least five, six hour days. I have three trees; my neighbor has a dozen – 80% of the leaves are from her trees.

    The first year I was here, I was dumb enough to bag the leaves: 65 yard bags full. Since then, I create four huge piles which I then call to be sucked up by a vacuum truck.

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