Last Friday I got off work at noon and spent the next 4 hours weeding my brains out. We have a 20 X 10 foot garden bed on the north side of the drive way that contains perennials and vegetables like beets, turnips, chard, carrots, and celeriac. The weeds were horrible.  Not long after I finished weeding, the most lovely, gentle rain began, with no wind or hail.  It was perfect.

When have things worked out just right for you?

34 thoughts on “Serendipity”

  1. Sorry this didn’t publish at 5 a.m. – I thought I had scheduled it but must not have pushed the last button!


  2. Apparently not this week at work, when I discovered that WordPress is now a filtered web address…sigh. Y’all are dangerous according to our internet security folks. 😛

    As for what has worked out nicely…we’ll see if I can get outside stuff done at my Mom’s (now old house) before today’s rains come. I may not make it. There’s always tomorrow…


        1. Have been informed that the eldest child (who lives farther away, but also was up and moving earlier) made it to mow the lawn, just in time. Phew.

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      1. Same here. Was literally walking down the front steps from my house when it started to pour. So one parade today bites the dust. We’ll see about the second one later today.


    1. Actually we are a filtered web address now not because we’re dangerous but because of the new European Union GDPR law that went into effect about a month ago. If you’re in any kind of industry that collects data or the travel industry you you’ve probably heard about it. Otherwise everyone else probably has a couple of years before they have to start worrying about it. I didn’t mention it cuz it didn’t seem all that important at the time … everyone on WordPress became a filtered web address to protect data.


        1. Exactly. And you should probably have gotten more. Because every single internet resource should be doing this. Fines for data collection that don’t meet the GDPR guidelines probably won’t be coming along any time soon as everybody gets up to speed, but when they do, they’re enormous!

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        1. Well in Anna’s case it probably means that her company is filtering out WordPress so she can’t open it using her work computer. Happened to me about 8 months ago when my company upgraded some security protocols.

          WordPress upgraded their own security filters last month when the GDPR law came on line – that’s when we got the little tab line at the bottom of the comments section (“learn how your comment data is processed”). So I misspoke (I was using voice recognition earlier) about all of WordPress being a filtered website, it’s that we’re a GDPR compliant website!


        2. There are certain web addresses that I can no longer connect to when I am on the network at work – mostly due to security concerns (e.g., possibilities for data breach, known risks, viruses, etc.). I can no longer connect to Gmail (though I can still use Google search), WordPress, and a few others. I can understand why the fine folks on our IT security team put the filters and firewalls in place, but it can be inconvenient…


  3. Today out here is clear and sunny and cool. Since last Thursday we have had 4 inches of rain, every other day, an inch at a time. We will go to Teddy Roosevelt National Park with my best friend from the Cities who arrived last night. Things are good here.

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  4. I learned from my mom to say, regarding most anything, ‘Oh well. It will be fine’. Kelly sometimes hates it when I say that. But it works! I don’t sweat the details quite so much.
    Last year, I had 3 meetings and events on the same day at about the same time. I saw this coming about 2 months out and was trying to figure out how to make it work. And I’d say ‘Well, it will be fine’ and I’d let it go. Every now and then I’d look at it again and think about it a bit and not find a solution and say “it will be fine”.
    About a week out one event changed. OK, good, now, the next two events… hmmm…. nope, don’t know. Oh well. It will be fine.
    And then about 2 days before the other event cancelled leaving me just the one. Perfect. And I didn’t stress.

    There’s been a few years when I finished fall fieldwork just before it snowed or hay baled or whatever…. love it when that happens.

    Few weeks ago at our monthly Townboard meeting and we had granted a land split to a man who is a second cousin to me from Mom’s side. As we discussed details yet to be determined by the county, he said ‘Oh well. It will be fine’. So maybe it’s been passed down from that side of the family.

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  5. Well here’s an example.

    I have just a little bit of grass hay to bale. (The green stuff for animal food, not the yellow stuff for gardens). Cut it back on June 23. Got rained on, we went on vacation, and it got rained on some more.
    Yesterday I raked it over (to pull it up out of the new growth and get the bottom to dry).
    Just finished baling it today and was unhooking the baler from the tractor when it started to sprinkle and we got a little shower.
    I was glad to have my hat on.

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  6. We hiked two trails in TR National Park today. The recent rains resulted in more wildflowers than we have ever seen there. It was quiet and peaceful, with just enough breeze to keep off the biting insects. We ran into an African man with his family on one of the trails. He carried a beautiful drum about 3 feet long which he played a little. It was mesmerizing to hear the drum in the breeze in the Badlands.

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  7. I spent hours spraying and, after rain, re-spraying 100 hosta behind my house. Deer kept eating them. Then, I found a miracle deer repellant called “Milligorite” (spelling wrong). It’s small pebbles of some special kind of animal manure – very easy to toss around the hosts bedding.

    Well, I think it worked. What I didn’t realize is that, not feasting on my hosta in the backyard would send the deer to the abundant hosta lining my 40′ hosta lining the sidewalk to the lake in front of the cottage! They never went near them before in 18 years. Now, every one of these 5′ wide plants have been eaten down to stubs. I plan to spread the manure pebbles on them, but I am so far defeated by the deer.

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  8. Yesterday I had a morning medical appointment. When I got done it was raining a little, so instead of going to a gardening job I went to see what was on sale at the department store that is going going out of business. I was happy to find some nice bargains. The lingerie department had a pretty good deal on a good brand of underwear that I’ve bought often. I stocked up. Also bought a nice leather purse. If it hadn’t been raining, I would have missed it.

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