Here Kitty, Kitty!

I mentioned to YA that I have a trip to Maui in a few months.  She told me I should “swing over” to Lana’i while I’m there to visit the Cat Sanctuary.

Lana’i isn’t that easy to “swing over” to but if it were just me, I’d head on over.

If money/space were no object, how many pets would YOU have?



39 thoughts on “Here Kitty, Kitty!”

    1. At this point and home none. But if I had the many acres, a couple dogs, a mutt and a border collie, a border collie for sure. Sandy would want cats, so a couple. Plus some ducks and chickens, much like pets, as per Ben below. A donkey if I could buy the hay and not put it up myself. Lots of bird feeders.

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    2. OT update on shots.
      Tests shots had moderate effect yesterday, large effect today. Question is if it passes the test for next step with BC/BS and medicare. Probably not. Or wait to see what effect PT has, which, so far, is none really. But am going to join VINE, a local charity which has a great place for seniors to walk on a padded track, do warm water exercises, use some machines, one for me, and join classes. I am driving for them for people to get there or to appointments or shop. Problem for me is the huge leap to go out and be around people. The social is the hard wall to climb. Will cost only $10 a month with BC/BS support of their programs.
      Sandy will no doubt join some of the social events as well as walking the padded track.

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        1. To continue I am supposed to have an 80% reduction in back pain on that day I did not, but it is hard for me to read pain in one part of my body when the whole thing hurts. Better today but they doubt it will get approval.
          Vine is a private charity. They bought an old four story building down town and gutted some of it. They rent out one floor. Top floor is the paddle Track. Windows all around. Had art area, heated pool, music area, meeting rooms, lounges, three exercise areas. Holds all sorts of classes. Does day trip like to Guthrie. Amazing how they raised the $2,250,000. Wonderful for elderly community. Fighting ha I got to be social. Volunteer driving is good.

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      1. Well, here you go. They do my right side, ablate nerves with radio frequency on July 31. Not only that but PA did the approval process, which means she is back at work. She is fighting cancer.

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  1. Nice looking kitty in the top photo, VS, is that your cat?

    For me, or rather us, I think the upper limit is two dogs and three cats. In part, though, it depends on the temperaments of the individual animals, and how well they get along together. Bernie and Martha are not very social and would not be good candidates for additional furry companions.

    Another consideration is how much pet hair you can tolerate. We have some friends in Northfield who at one point had twelve cats; that seemed overwhelming to me. Through attrition, they’re now down to ten, but it still seems like too many to me. There are cats and cat hair everywhere. And that’s not even considering the litter box issue, cat food, and vet bills.

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    1. the most cats I’ve ever had at one time was four. I loved it, and when it went to three, it left a hole. Now, I have the two Ragdoll kittens and an old lady who lives upstairs because she can’t stand the kittens. One of the hardest things about turning 70 a few years ago was admitting that any new kittens would likely out live me. That’s why I got two – so they’d have each other when I die.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I am with PJ regarding the pet hair. That is the factor that becomes overwhelming to me. EVen with two short haired dogs, I am at times appalled at the dog hair on the floor. Some folks I know have used the robotic vacuums to keep the hair manageable on a daily basis. I do not have one of those, but maybe I should try it.

    Meanwhile, having two dogs just suits me fine. More dogs than that and it becomes a dog pack. Dog fights in my living room is not something I aspire to hosting. That would be like living with Fox News on the TV constantly. I don’t even have cable, and I refuse to live that way.

    We hosted several monarch butterflies in our yard yesterday and the day before. They floated around flouting their beauty.

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    1. I have been mowing weeds the last few days. (I leave as much milkweed as I can) and there have been lots of monarchs floating around.
      And the barn swallows following me too. It’s pretty neat.

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  3. Hi-

    I’d have a lot of dogs. We have 3 at the moment… and will either end up with four or the old one will depart before we’ve found another watch dog so 2, then back to 3.
    There’s an old saying: “One dog is a dog. Two dogs is half a dog. Three dogs are no dogs.” I would agree with that.
    Oops, meant to say “wouldn’t” agree with that.

    Do chickens, ducks, and guineas count? Define “pet”. I don’t have an accurate count (in fact it’s pretty hard to get an accurate count except at night when they’re roosting and sleeping and even then, I miss the ones way off on the dark rafters in the pen.) but 10 white ducks, 6 other ducks (plus a couple more when/if the mallards come back in the fall), 5 guineas, and 18 teenage chicks. and maybe 40 adult chickens. That totals more chickens than anyone needs… but the ducks are fun. I need more guineas.

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    1. Ben, a bg lawn mower broke down right off our patio. Smell of hot oil, gas fumes, fresh cut grass/hay and people working on quick repairs. powerful what smells do to memory.

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      1. Dale and I talked once about a blog
        post involving smells. But it was hard to imagine other people’s smells.

        … does that make sense? I’m not sure that comes across the way I mean it…

        Smell ya later!

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  4. We have two cats. With Husband’s allergies, two is the limit. Our Millie is the only long haired cat we have ever had, and she sheds a lot.

    I like terriers because they don’t shed. We miss having a dog, but won’t get one until I retire and can train and socialize one properly. I would love to have tree cats and two dogs.

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  5. When we had one cat, he thought he was the only pet we needed. Later, when the dogs showed up, his ears flattened a bit but he coped.

    At different times we had one, two or three dogs. One was never enough. Two dogs seemed ideal. Three dogs . . . you don’t have dogs in the house so much as you are living in a dog kennel.

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  6. I’m looking forward to having no pets in the house. The dog is old and I’m so tired of her barking and barking and barking and the lengths she’ll go to get a crumb of food. I won’t miss the dog poop in the yard, either.

    I think it might be fun to have a couple Tree Sharks. Tree Sharks are an invention of Twin 2’s fertile imagination and sometimes he tells me all about tree sharks for several minutes. I have to try hard to not laugh at him, but it is pretty funny.

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    1. What I love about cats is that they don’t need to let them out do their job and ruin the grass; I can leave them for many days without worry; they provide just enough affection but not too much; they’re self cleaning

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  7. I would definitely have a couple of cats, preferably litter mates. I’ve never had a dog, but have seen people get so much joy from them, I’d kind of like to try something small (terrier? – see Renee’s comment about non-shedding and training). Would also be a great way to get me walking every day…

    And if we still had Robbinsdale back yard, some egg-laying chickens.

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  8. The dog I’d really want is Laddie, who lived on the farm we stayed at that summer of 1981 when Joel was a baby. Laddie was a collie-shepherd mix, I think, and totally gentle and lovable. Remembered me even years later when we visited… Sigh.

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  9. At my feline peak I had four. At the time, I started to think that maybe four was too many. Then Jomo died, and I thought that four had been the perfect number, but only if it was those particular four cats.

    I haven’t had a dog. For a time I had a neighbor with a little chihuahua/terrier mix named Benoit, or Ben for short. If I had a dog, I would like it to be a dog just like Ben. He was very easygoing and got along with everyone.

    I’ve always thought it important to have a pet small enough to carry.

    In a perfect world, I think I’d have four cats and a small dog. I would have someone come in to clean the house and keep on top of the fur problem, and I’d have someone available to walk the dog whenever it suited me.

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  10. OT for gardeners. I sprayed the only crabgrass product on the market – Weed be Gone specifically for crabgrass. It resulted in the crabgrass growing and thriving at double the rate and seemed to kill my real grass. Another learning deals with getting rid of Creeping Charlie. Weed Free Zone kills it overnight. My third discovery this summers had to do with deer so emboldened that they’d eat my hosta in broad daylight. After hand spraying each of the hundred I have after every rain, cramping my hand, someone told me about a product called Milorderdite (spelling). It’s tiny manure balls that can be spread with a cup all over the plants. No deer have appeared since!!

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    1. Crab grass is like that; the mosquitoes this year also seem to be thriving in spite of the treatment to take them out. I am covered in bites. And I have been wearing the disgusting bug dope, too.

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