On Thursday evening I sat down to write Friday’s blog post when I noticed that there was a new post submitted by our dear, absent leader.  I read through it. It was rather long and somewhat odd, the draft of minutes for a meeting at his work.  “Well”, I thought, “this is interesting. I don’t quite get it, but how nice he submitted it”. There was no header photo or question.  tim commented on Thursday about the “bait and switch” that our dear leader often used when writing posts, so perhaps this was something of the same.

I excitedly contacted VS and asked her to take a look and give her opinion. She thought that it was an error,  and that he had mistakenly submitted something to us that should have gone somewhere else.  She emailed him and he responded to let us know she was correct. He thought he was submitting his draft minutes to another Word Press account, but submitted it to the Trail instead. I deleted the errant post.

I recently encountered glaring errors in an evaluation I wrote several months ago that I have to submit to the court.  I usually can trust my clerical staff to make necessary corrections when I proof read so that I don’t have to proof read it a second time, but the person who typed this particular evaluation was new to the process as well as to my handwriting when I edit. There were spelling errors that I know I asked her to correct that were not corrected before the report was uploaded into our medical records system. An entire paragraph was in the wrong place. My usual transcriptionist and I sat down and made the necessary corrections and entered an appended report into the system. Both versions will go to the court, and I will have to explain on the stand why there are two versions of the report. Nothing changed except the spelling errors and the location of the paragraph,  but it is embarrassing all the same. I wish I could delete the whole thing like I did the errant post from Thursday.

Tell about your errors and mishaps and  “oops” moments.

35 thoughts on “Oops!”

  1. The “oops” that I like least are the ones that are completely my fault and especially when they are repeats.

    I like to have a beverage at my bedside. Although long ago I figured out that I need a lidded cup (my kitty Nimue is naughty), that doesn’t always stop ME from knocking it over. Just did it again last week and it was full – lemonade everywhere. Swear words and towels grabbed and general irritation that I am not more careful considering I’ve done it before!


  2. Last two days:
    The yard off our patio is more mud than grass. It has to do with the muddiness of the earth itself and that the rain from the roof falling heavily around our patio. Yesterday I fed the birds, all the time reminding myself how muddy my shoes were becoming. Putting in more sunflower seeds is tricky. I won’t bother explaining why. But I got distracted and forgot about the mud on my shoes. I tracked mud onto the cement and onto the rug of our patio. Tending the patio is Sandy’s domain. She is upset about the mud now dried into the rough texture of the patio cement. After my coffee I will dig out my wire brush, takes some effort to do, and clean the cement. As for the rug, no plan yet.
    Washing the dishes is also Sandy’s domain. She often forgets to turn on the dishwasher. Because we used to time it to go ff in the middle of the night, she waits to turn it on until we go to bed. No timer on this one. I have explained to her the building has masses of hot water coursing around the building 24 hours a day. But it is her habit. Every so often I think the dishes are clean and they are not. Did it today. So had to reload lots of silverware to make sure I had all the dirty pieces.
    In the yet-to-be-forgotten past:
    Thousands of pages of text went through to publication when I was editing. Many many thousands. The number of errors that I missed must be a tiny percentage. Tiny. Tiny.
    Tiny, I tell you. Tiny.

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  3. It seems that I regularly break dishes, maybe once a month or so, that I really love. I have an eclectic collection of colored dessert plates – old Fiesta and Harlequin. Last week I must have stacked them too quickly, and I would swear the top plate jumped off, hit the counter and then the floor, in several pieces. It was my favorite, a beautiful blue, that I’ve had for decades, and I was actually teary (it was right after the kids left). Just in too big a hurry.


  4. i am working with a team on my amazon business
    locals are my son in phoenix and partner the analytics geek in minneapolis
    i write lots of letters to china and recently a high percentage go to those who are not highly english literate.
    my son goes ballistic at my misspellings and auto corrected messages that transform into different topics than intended
    the geek gets it
    the chinese write humorous inquiries about my content
    i also have old long term business relationships where back in the day our emails were interpersonal communications that were dismissible as tim’s emails and allowances for my sins were allowed. recently i have started receiving additional comments about the errors i hit send on and the problems they cause. i am thinking i need to implement a double check system after i hit send to ensure there are not too many glaring misses

    here on the trail you have all humored me and made my lackadaisical attitude feel ok. it ain’t necessarily so out there in the other world

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    1. Remember at the beginning of emailing when, if you were aol.com and emailing another aol.com-mer, you could detract that last email before a certain amount of time went by. I used that feature a LOT, and have missed it ever since leaving AOL.


      1. I still use AOL as my main email. Not many of us left… I don’t recall the ‘detract’ bit though. There was a sort of early ‘chat’ version on AOL; I used that a few times.


      2. I couldn’t remember an oops moment until BiR told her story about emails. In the early days of email my internet provider forced everyone to alter their email usernames. I changed mine according to the instructions, and I was able to figure out the new username for Carol, a friend I often wrote.

        One day I got a nice note from a woman whose name I didn’t recognize. She wrote that she was getting mail from me addressed to someone named Carol. I’d goofed when I calculated what Carol’s new username would be. This lady said, “At first I thought these emails were from my husband’s church group, for there were references to God and issues of ethics, but I’ve concluded no church group was involved.”

        Well, yeah. Carol and I only sent each other dirty jokes and ribald stories. Nothing was too shocking for us, although it was just email silliness. But when I remembered some of the stuff I’d sent, I blushed and groaned out loud. Big oops. BIG oops!

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    2. If your business emails to China feature as much creative spelling as your posts here on the trail, tim, I can only imagine how a Chinese fellow who is “not highly english literate” (sic) would cope with them. Translation software, that isn’t all that good under the best of circumstances, would be completely useless. If you aren’t prepared for a lot of potentially costly misunderstandings, you should probably let your son do that part of the communication.

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  5. I’ve been having a hard time paying attention to details lately.
    Last week, had the elevator set up in the pole barn for straw and I decided to set it up a little bit different. The upper end is chained to the rafters and the lower end I forgot was chained to a gate. When I lowered the carriage it came off the brackets that actually raise the elevator. Because I missed that detail of it being attached to the gate. Took a while to get things lined up and put back together.

    Kelly says I’m missing more details now than I used too. Yeah, I’m afraid I can’t disagree with her.
    I have more important issues on my mind than details.

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  6. Recent have mostly been minor baking mishaps (today’s was mistaking how much shortening I had on hand – I subbed in some butter, thankfully not enough to truly affect baking or consistency…).

    Bigger oops was trying to trim one of the New Dog’s toenails. Dog #1 (the younger, white one) was not pleased, but sat for her pedicure relatively nicely. Dog #2 (the black drama queen) was decidedly less happy about the need for a trim. She is a black dog. With dark nails. And she was squirming. Needless to say, two toenails in she yelped like I was trying to kill her and it became apparent that I had taken off more than I should. A lot more. The living room, dining room, and kitchen looked like a small scale abatoire. Took a long time to staunch the bleeding. Poor pooch. I have been afraid to go back and finish the job (and it’s been a couple of weeks). Maybe I should give up and let a pro do it – my bassets went elsewhere for their nail trims because their nails were hard to cut. Might have to do it this time just to reduce the drama.

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    1. I have that same issues with Bernie although I have never cut till he bled. Have decided that I’m better off letting a professional do it. His yelping and squirming as if I’m really hurting him is just too much to bear.

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  7. I recall that when I first got my breadmaker, I tried the timer function once, thinking I’d have a nice loaf ready for dinner when I got home. For some reason the dough failed to rise, and I only had a hard brown lump baked into the bottom of the breadmaker. I managed to pry it out and tossed it in the garbage. Next day took the garbage out. Then I suddenly realized that the loaf I’d thrown out still had the breadmaker’s kneading blade embedded in it. Raced out the the curb to see if I could fish it out of the garbage. Unfortunately, the truck had already come by. Sinking feeling.

    The manufacturer sent me a replacement kneading blade. I think I paid about eight bucks for it. So it wasn’t a total disaster.

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      1. I’ve never used the timer since then. Actually, I don’t like baking the bread in the breadmaker anyway – I use it to make the dough, then do the final rise in a loaf pan and bake it in the toaster oven.

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