In Vino Veritas

We are travelling home today from our vacation to Washington State.  We ended our trip in Kirkland, in  Washington wine country. Wine is big business here.

We sampled quite a few wines we can’t get at home, and delighted in the descriptions of wine in the restaurants we ate at. This was our favorite:

Fanti Brunello di Montalcio: A big powerful red with dense tannins and black cherry flavors. Balanced in a muscular way, this remains tight and brooding despite the long, fresh, finish.

We had fun crafting personal descriptors for each other. Husband came up with this for me:

RENEE: Sweet, German dessert wine. Full bodied and robust.  Good for long cellaring.

Daughter, perhaps more accurate, came up with this for me:

Mom: Effervescent and fruity with an occasional sharp finish. Needs to chill.

What kind of wine are you? How would you be described on a restaurant menu?

43 thoughts on “In Vino Veritas”

  1. A rounded flavor balancing multiple notes. Some years are better than others in achieving that balance. Current vintage has overtones of a well-seasoned oak with hints of bittersweet graperfruit. Pairs well with most cheeses.

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  2. An unassuming blend of varietals both obscure and commonplace. Stolid and earthy with intermittant bright tones. Although it has its adherents, widely considered an acquired taste. Alcohol content may vary.

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  3. I love these thus far. I can’t imagine what “tight and brooding” would translate into for taste. “Muscular” I can sort of imagine.


      1. I was gonna say “overbearing, crude and frustratingly unreliable. Brings out the worst in everything it is paired with. Remarkably, this one manages to be both vulgar and incredibly expensive. Final rating: five stars, five negative stars.”

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  4. For 45 I might say :

    Overpriced and overrated. A failed vintage. Pretentious, with disappointing overtones. Only pairs well with Limburger. Next year’s vinegar.

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  6. Oh my goodness, I love this! Very clever stuff you guys are doing.

    Me: A mature vintage with a somber, deep bottom dotted with nutty notes and a muscular, intense finish. Occasional lightheartedness sprinkled in with earnestness and glittery highlights.

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  7. RIse and Shine Baboons! I am back from a weekend up north with a supply of wild plums for canning. Maybe I should just use them for wine. I will have to think up my wine-y description.


  8. Robust wine with lots of attitude. Holds up well with savory dishes and bold seasonings, not suited for more delicate fare. Unpretentious and economical everyday wine, a good choice for casual gatherings.

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  9. OT: Many Baboons have heard that our littlejailbird, Edith, has been hospitalized for tests. She just wrote with the wonderful news that she will sleep in her own bed tonight. Better than that, it now seems that doctors think she doesn’t have the disease that was so concerning. She doesn’t know yet much about what they now think is actually afflicting her, but yesterday she thought her doctors feared a grim prognosis. And that isn’t what they think now.

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    1. the dark view of life does allow for real relief when less than the feared result turns out to be the reality

      glad she’s sprung the hoosgow and is ready to reek havoc on the world once again

      even if she is soporfic

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    2. It’s not 100% optimistic news… I’ll send out more details via email later. It could take several days for the tentative diagnosis to be confirmed.


  10. kept in an aged barrel well past it’s prime resulting in overpowering tanon’s and oaky body complete with murky taste and undertones of vanilla. best with well intended reminiscence and falderall with just a touch of balderdash, humbug and irreverence

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  11. i live flinty
    my favorite wines are from the piedmont region in italy where the ground is all flinty soil

    they say the best wine comes from the worst soil

    i’m not making any assumptions about husbands flinty origins but i’d hang onto austere if i were you

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  12. You all did good today.
    I got nothing in regard to wine flavor. We like sweet Moscato type wines best. Don’t like Reds; too dry.

    My ‘Talk-Like-A-pirate’ name once upon a time was “Captain Flint”…

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