Happy Anniversary!

Sept. 10 was our 35th wedding anniversary.  Husband, that romantic devil, got me exactly what I wanted: a meat saw, the one featured in the header photo.  It was even on sale!

I also splurged on new throw rugs, and a Pendleton blanket that we picked up at a Pow Wow on Sunday.  I don’t expect much in the way of romantic gifts.  Husband didn’t want anything, as he feels our trip to Tacoma in August was gift enough for him.  The meat saw looks like it will last a long time, maybe for 35 exciting more years.

Are you romantic or practical in what you like to give and what you like to receive?

40 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Practical or romantic? I choose depending on the personality of the recipient. A woman in Portland (OR) who wrote a book called How to Kill Your Husband was just arrested for killing her husband. I’d never give her a meat saw.

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    1. People asked us what I was going to do with the meat saw since we are not hunters and don’t have deer carcasses to cut up. I replied that now it would be so much easier to dispose of the bodies. I hope they thought I was joking.

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      1. From what I can tell, there is a book called How to Kill Your Husband, but it was not written by the alleged murderer. She was actually a romance novelist who had published several books, and wrote a blog post entitled “How to Murder Your Husband” – but it was not a book. Not sure how the romance novels are selling.


  2. For years small romantic gifts and larger more practical. For the last 15 years nothing much on most occasions or very little. On our 25th I gave her a diamond ring at her order. She gave me an initialized gold plated money clip with my initials on it. I seldom carry much money and would never carry it that way. It is in a drawer somewhere. Point is there is nothing romantic to give me that I would want.

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  3. We’re pretty practical. There have been some romantic things, but mostly we subscribe to the “Buy yourself something nice” concept. Or the “Did you want this one or that one? OK, act surprised when you open it.” 🙂
    Oh, there’s usually actual surprises mixed in there too.

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  4. We had great fun with our British dinner companions in Washington State discussing the “Tradition” of the meat saw for 35th wedding anniversaries in the US. Those plummy Oxonian accents can make most anything sound funny.

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  5. I am off two natures on this question. While I like practical gifts and usually prefer something practical to something I’ll never use, I do like the symbolism of romantic. It was actually an issue on my third anniversary to my wasband when I gave him a nice gift of a book that he had been wanting and he gave me a gift certificate to a paint and wallpaper store.

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      1. I did buy Kelly (or maybe it was for US) a vacumn cleaner for Christmas one year. But it was something we had talked about. And it wasn’t the ONLY thing I got her.

        You know, when you’re young(er) and still dating or newlyweds, there is always the lingerie/sexy type gifts.
        That doesn’t always go over the way the giver is hoping the givee will take it. And eventually we wise up.

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        1. Yeah. I once had a guy give me a “you want me to wear that?” gift (maybe 40 years ago). I think I gave it to a thrift store, but was embarrassed to even do that with it….

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        2. I like how delicately you phrased that, Linda. Some 40+ years ago, I dated a man who gave me some black lace Victoria’s Secret underwear – two sizes too small – as a gift. Perhaps I should have been flattered that he thought I’d fit into it, or would want to – but instead it sort of signaled the beginning to the end.

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  6. Husband and I are usually practical, but I also love to be surprised. If I think of something Husband wants, I’ll buy it (if it’s Christmas I’ll even wrap it). He knows I’ll tell him what I want, and probably buy it in the store if I see it before he does. Or a trip might be our joint gift for the holidays.

    So imagine my surprise when, on our 25th weeding anniversary, he pulls out a LITTLE BOX that opens up and reveals a gorgeous opal ring in a nice gold setting, with two (tiny) diamonds. I’ve never been so blown away. Of course, he knew my gift to him was to not get him anything…

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  7. How fun, Renee! We just had our 36th wedding anniversary on September 11 (yes, really). We also tend to be practical — I am for sure. Sometimes a bit romantic like a our favorite chocolates and maybe flowers. Generally, we don’t spend much money (if any) on gifts. We went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant on our anniversary. The waiter even gifted us with a free dessert! A very nice evening.

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  8. In the days when I got such presents, they were mostly practical. A stainless steel pail for goat milk was especially appreciated…a battery charged circular saw which my sister tried to steal, a hand made copy of my favorite purse….a mitre saw…

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  9. I’m a romantic at heart. My wife, alas, is not. She’s all about practicality and doesn’t even get into gift-giving that much. If she wants something around Christmas, her birthday, or our anniversary, she’ll buy it herself rather than have me get it for her just to “go through the motions.”

    The gifts we do tend to exchange or share tend to be more of an experiential nature. Ex: on our 35th, we traveled to “Golf heaven”–a.k.a. Bandon Dunes, OR. I golfed, she relaxed, and then we toured around southern and central Oregon where she found plenty of quilt shops and scenery to impress her (along with a week in the most incredible cabin we’ve ever rented!).

    Christmas gifts often revolve around dinner and a music concert of some sort (The Dakota is one of our faves for a special occasion. That room was MADE for Connie Evingson!

    Chris in O-town

    *BSP* I’ll be at the Rosemount Country Faire this Saturday, Sept.15, from 10-4, selling and signing copies of Castle Danger. Join me and 30 other local authors representing numerous genres. Browse for your favorites or do a little early gift-shopping (how apropos! 🙂 )

    There will also be arts and crafts vendors, food, and activities for the whole family. It’d be fun to see a few new TBers there.

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  10. Our family of three had few unmet needs but an insatiable appetite for music and books. That simplified gift giving. Instead of “what should I give?” it was “which books and/or which CDs should I give?” Of course, we experimented a bit, too.

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  11. Aaarrggghhhh. I don’t think I’m going to make it to election day – the political ads are RELENTLESS. One after another after another and I can’t believe a word that either side says.

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  12. OT in Evan to babysit, if you call it that for teens. Drive to New Ulm, or New Ulum as they say here. Picnic in Flandreau State Park. Drove home. With setting sun over golden corn and bean fields. Sandy loved it the most.

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