As this is published, Hurricane Florence is taking out her wrath on the southeast coast. I don’t know anyone named Florence, but I do know a Maria, a Katrina, a Sandy, a Patricia and a Rita – all big hurricanes in the last ten years.  None of these folks are all that thrilled about having their name attached to a nasty hurricane.  I realize that with an unusual name I probably will never have to worry about this happening to me!

What would you like to be named after you? And remember, this is for posterity, so be honest.

34 thoughts on “Posterity”

    1. Hell, we already have two senators named Bill. And every session of Congress has a bunch of senatorial bills that don’t amount to much and rarely get passed. There are no senatorial Steves and just one Steve in the House of Representatives, the guy who got shot while playing baseball. The country needs more Steves and fewer Bills, I’d say.

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  1. I’d like to have my name attached to an educational endowment fund for those who can’t afford any sort of higher education but are motivated to learn.

    Yeah, I could live with that for eternity. 😉

    Chris in Owatonna

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  2. I’m afraid I have spent too much time trying to combine my name with a couple others to name a theater.
    Look for the “HainLaHoffZen Theater” opening right after Hurricane Clyde is over in 2100…

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  3. I have trouble choosing. I’ll mention some of leading candidates:
    * A large natural preserve with discrete campgrounds and a rich diversity of wildlife (including bison and elk).
    * A big tent, with no admission fee, at the State Fair where stories would be told and LGMS music would be performed. The tent would feature evening historical musicals from the Big Top Chautauqua.
    * A really cool public library catering mostly to kids with a generous set of offerings to include music, old radio shows on dvd, books, art, comic books and live puppet shows.
    * A chain of small coffee houses where folk music would be performed (no entrance fee, of course).
    * A large lake that would be managed for natural beauty and a healthy fish population. The shoreline would be all natural. Any cabins would be modestly sized and tastefully separated. No loud watercraft allowed.
    * A splash pad for kids located near the Cafesjian Carousel in Como Park. A little pavilion would offer free ice cream.
    * A fabulous dog park on some lake or river. Rustic benches scattered throughout.
    Final thought: I don’t really want my name on any of these things. I just want them to be.

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  4. Funny, I’ve been thinking about something related to this. Not having something being named after me, but what to do with my “legacy” when I die. In mulling this over, I realized the only possessions that I care about what happens to them after I die are my photos. Since most of them are digital and not physical (except for all the ones I got printed for the farmers market and art fairs that I now will not be able to attend), this would mean bequeathing them to someone who 1) would appreciate them and 2) would be able to understand how they’re organized and how to edit them if needed and how to order prints if desired. I think youngest daughter would be the person for this; the only tricky bit is that she lives in Seattle and I live in Minnesota, so a tutorial might be tough. And of course she might not want to do it.

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    1. The famous Renee Blot test? That sounds good. But you have an awesome last name, which is what I’d use. “She seems pretty balanced to me, but did you see her score on the Boomgaarden test? Wow.”


  5. Our son is named Ben, but he has a different middle name. I’ve told him it would be nice if he could have some male children or our branch of the Hain name dies with him. No pressure or anything…

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    1. Females can do it too
      My wife kept her name to give to our first son to continue the name. Turns out her brother had a couple boys too so there will be additional possibilities


    2. Females can do it too
      My wife kept her name to give to our first son to continue the name. Turns out her brother had a couple boys too so there will be additional possibilities


  6. I’m coming up with nothing! I once had a little book business called Barbara’s Books, but our distributors sometimes confused it with Chicago’s Barbara’s Bookstore… now plural, so I cede that to them. However, let’s go to Fantasyland – I’d like for there to be a community-owned bookstore, run largely by volunteers, named after me – something like Buffalo Street Books in Ithaca, NY…

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  7. I can’t imagine anything being named after me, quite honestly. Some sort of plant would be nice, but I have contributed nothing to any hybrid roses or hostas or anything like that, so I can’t imagine how my name could become attached to anything.

    According to Wikipedia, Hurricanes Linda occurred in 1997 and 2015. No surprise that my name came up in the L’s. It is a common name.

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    1. i saw a thing on sunday morning saying no susan’s or david’s are being born nowadays

      all names today begin with vowels

      emma and olivia austin and ontario

      eamon esmirelda and aubrey

      mary michael and wayne forgetaboitit


    1. could we have one named after pawlenty?
      we could have it be closed most of the time or until all the states debt is paid by money raised but cutting its hours


  8. I’m a little schizophrenic about my name. I’m fond of the short version but have negative feelings about my official name, Stephen. I am Stephen only to bankers and doctors and Comcast. With people I like, I make sure they call me Steve. That means if you call me Stephen, it is a pretty sure thing I don’t like you. It wouldn’t bother me if Hurricane Stephen went amok along the southeastern coast, but I’d hate to hear that Hurricane Steve was up to no good somewhere.

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