On the way home from work I spied a card table on the boulevard with a little girl sitting behind it. I pulled over quickly; a card table on the boulevard with a child means just one thing – a lemonade stand.

When I was a kid, money was tight. My mother’s go to response when my sister or I asked for something was “there’s no money for that this month”.  We were not poor by any means but there weren’t a lot of frills.  So I was always trying to figure out ways to make a little bit of money, for candy or ice cream and the occasional Scholastic book.

One of those ways was a Kool-Aid stand. I could almost always convince my mother to part with one or two of the little Kool-Aid packets that we had in the pantry as well as the sugar.  Construction paper and crayons were essential as well as paper cups.  I sold the Kool-Aid for five cents and we lived on a fairly busy street so I could usually rake in a buck if I stayed at it long enough.  I’m sure my folks spent more to fund my financial forays than I actually made.  I never asked my dad about this but I’m sure he thought I was learning a good life lesson.  My mother was probably just happy to have me occupied for a few hours.

I’m not sure if I learned any life lessons but I did become a lemonade stand aficionado. I always pull over for a lemonade stand; I’ve even been known to go around a block if I don’t see the stand soon enough to pull right over.  These days juice, Kool-Aid or lemonade goes for a lot more than five cents but I’m always glad to pay it.

What can get you to pull over?

31 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship”

  1. My husband can’t resist stopping at orchards. He has very fond childhood memories of such places in Michigan and Wisconsin. I can’t resist sweet corn stands.

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    1. That’s what I was thinking.

      I usually check out the free stuff on the boulevard, too. Once I picked up a perfectly functional birdbath heater. It was sort of coincidental, because I has just been looking at birdbath heaters in the wild bird store.

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        1. You guys are why I love living on Lyndale. Any big item that I don’t want anymore I just put out on the boulevard. No having to find someone with a truck to carry it off for me.

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  2. Looking forward to leagalized marijuana so you you can pull over for a bag of home grown. Honey and tomato’s are nice, estate sales and vintage cars (today is Italian design day at the parking lot by lake Calhoun where everyone with Italian design vehicles Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati. A hundred or so of these is a great afternoon. Might be a little warm this afternoon.

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  3. I don’t find many lemonade / kool-aid stands but I have stopped at a few.

    There’s a sweetcorn ‘self-serve’ stand several miles from us on one of the ‘backroads’. It’s really good sweet corn. And it’s run by a young man in high school who picks it fresh before school in the mornings. I don’t mind driving out of the way to get his corn.

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    1. Yes on cemeteries. Around here are many small rural cemeteries. I used to bike ride through cemeteries and I wrote two guest blogs on cemeteries back in the Dale days. But I cannot walk anymore.


  4. If I were driving by myself, I’d like pull over and take photos of old barns I see along country roads, esp. if they have a stone foundation. Wouldn’t matter what state of decay they are in, but there are some fine old barns that won’t be here forever.

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