Run Down

I had a long day yesterday. No fault of mine – just an enormous number of little fires to put out besides the one that needed attending. A hard deadline this morning meant I just had to push through and accept that I would be working quite late. As a confirmed morning person, I reacted to the impending late night by abandoning the healthy lunch I brought for pizza, downing one can of caffeinated pop and then one bottle of caffeinated pop.  Then I had a bag of chips and a bag of trail mix for dinner.  Dreadful behavior and of course, I eventually ended up at home late with a headache and a queasy stomach.

How do YOU get a second (or third) wind when you need it?

36 thoughts on “Run Down”

  1. When I need a second wind at home, I take a bath. It always wakes me up to keep going. I would love to take a quick cat nap at work, but that would be grounds for being fired. I have a cup of tea instead.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I do the cat nap, since I have no boss and a nice couch. Coffee and a walk outside are also key to a second wind. At home it is the opposite, since I don’t sit down on a busy day at home. So sitting in my glider on the front patio and taking a rest is key there.

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  3. Snicker bar!! Red Mt. Dew!

    Well, I haven’t had a snickers in a while. Been trying to have Greek Yogurt more often….
    And I kinda cut myself off Mt. Dew when the bottles changed size. But Grape pop doesn’t always cut it. And I’m a little bit hesitant to say I bought a 12 pack of Red Mt Dew to donate to a local theater and put in the concessions fridge but then I drank a whole lot more of it than I should have…

    And apples. It’s good to have an apple when I’m programming lights.

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  4. I wish I had a good strategy, but I don’t. Food of any kind tends to make me feel a little sleepy. Naps make me logy. Caffeine doesn’t really wake me up much, at least in small doses it doesn’t. In large doses it makes me jittery without giving me any useful energy. I got nothin’.

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  5. I pretty much resort to black tea or coffee, and something sweet, esp. chocolate. But that backfires because of the energy drop after the energy boost…

    Once in a while if I sit down on a slower afternoon, I will start to feel sleepy – if time allow, a catnap is in order, and can be very helpful.


  6. My situation is bizarre, but I understand it and have adapted. Because of my heart I can’t exercise enough in a day to become tired. Sleepy, yes. But not tired. That means whenever I go to bed I’m good for two or three hours of sleep. Then I’m wide awake but still needing sleep. My computer is three feet from my bed, so I leave bed to jump on the computer. Then, at random moments, I go back to bed and get some more sleep. These are hardly “naps,” just extensions of a night of sleep. In a typical day I go to bed three times or four. And, weirdly enough, it works.

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  7. I remember the experiment where they locked people in a basement of a commercial building for an extended stay and cut off all acces to time reference. Blacked the windows, removed the clocks and no access to radio or computers with time references. After the initial,settling in period the average cycle was to wake up. Have a little to eat and turn on some tunes and start doing stuff. The day consisted of a 30 hour awake cycle and a 6 hour sleep cycle. Now this was most likely college students but I found that amazing.

    If I need to get a second wind and know it in advanc I will eat carefully with things that don’t bog me down. Salad , fruit, veggies and dip, tea and water… if I’m home a nap and or bath are excellent recharge options. At the office a side trip to do an unrelated task for 20minutes will give me new energy to dig back into task related commitments. Switching the music to classical guitar or bebop jazz that allows my mind to suck it up without having to listen like I do when I sing along with Joni or Lyle Lovett is a good thing too

    My current bath tub situation is not great but shen I can I love working out of her tub. Work flows and energy doesn’t wane.

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  8. I spent my day volunteering at St. John’s University as part of the United Way Day of Caring. The company where I work in St. Cloud is a big part of this and we always go to St. John’s. I was in their huge garden harvesting, hauling and cleaning up tons of squash and pumpkins in the cold and rain. Working with a fun group always makes it better. After lunch, we harvested the wild grapes for a while.

    Brother Paul had lots of wonderful homemade cookies for us, and we each got some swag of free squash, free grapes and a jar of wild grape jelly. Just got out of hot bath and ready for a nap which I don’t normally do — because I’m usually at my dumb desk job. I probably overdid it — I was hauling 100+ lbs of squash in a cart from the big garden to the greenhouse about 10-15 round trips. My limbs feel like wet noodles now. But it was a good day and I enjoyed myself.

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      1. It has been postponed till Oct. 3 – supposedly because of FEMA being too busy with Florence.

        Sometwhat related: Krista reports that her condo was hit by a tornado. Nobody hurt, but some damage to her condo. Part of her deck is ripped off, and her neighbor’s roof is gone. Five big trees downed.


    1. Intense rains kept us pinned in a restaurant for awhile. Some minor wind damage I see. Our wonderful potted coleus plant is killed. It had thick long branches, which got broken when it blew over.


      1. My daughter was caught on the road, blinding rain, deep ditches on both sides, road a river, could not see well at all. Came through it. Shook for an hour after.


        1. It is truly frightening when you are driving on a road and you can’t see how deep or fast the water is. Glad your daughter came through it.


  9. I can get a quick half mile walk in at work if I walk from my end of campus to the other end and back – that is usually enough to get the blood moving again when I start to feel slow and drowsy. At home I can usually manage a 15-20 minute cat nap and I’m good to go (a holdover, still, from my college years…one of the best skills I learned in those four years).

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  10. OT – Great news from Chris, congratulations:

    Wonderful News Regarding the Minnesota Author Project Awards
    Posted on September 20, 2018 by CNWriter
    I’m shocked and surprised to announce that Castle Danger is one of three finalists for the 2018 Minnesota Author Project award for Adult Fiction sponsored by the Minnesota Library Association!

    The MAP recognizes independently published fiction by Minnesota authors. It promotes those authors whose work might otherwise go unnoticed. Through the MLA, the finalist’s books will be made available to libraries across the state. The award is recognition that quality writing from any source deserves a place in local libraries.

    I”m still pinching myself that I reached the finalist category. I’d be thrilled to win of course (there’s a $1000 prize along with some other perks!). But simply being acknowledged as having written a quality novel is rewarding all by itself.

    The other two finalists are:

    Nerve Damage, by Tom Combs
    Betting on Paradise, by Lizbeth Selvig

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  11. Had a date with my Mom tonight.
    Took her to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra. They were really good! We had a good time. I wasn’t the youngest person there but there wasn’t too many younger than me…
    It rained really hard while we were in there; you could hear the rain pounding on the roof and the music director commented that it was hard to hear him over it. But the wonderful musicians drowned out the rain and by the time it was over, it was just sprinkling as we walked back to the car.

    Kelly’s hometown of Ceylon MN, over by Fairmont, also had some wind damage from storms.
    Just rain here in Rochester.

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