What’s a Cubit?

Twice on the way home I had to pull over; the rain was just too much. Made me think of the Carolinas, and of Bill Cosby’s Noah.  Let’s say you get your own Ark.  Enough cubits to be comfortable – size of a hotel room.  You have one day to pack.

What goes with you on your Ark?


30 thoughts on “What’s a Cubit?”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Wow, what a night. We had 3.5” of water in our rain gauge this morning. The wild swings of barometric pressure in the last 2-3 days produced headaches and body aches this week. Argh. I can’t imagine how painful it must be for Clyde.

    Therefore, on my ark is ibuprofen.

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  2. We received .80 of rain yesterday, which is a lot at one time by our standards. I hope the corn harvest back home isn’t delayed too long by the rain there. We still have many tomatoes and shell out pole beans on the vine and they need a couple of weeks yet to get ripe.

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  3. I have just this minute realized I cannot host BBC on Sund Oct 14. I am in an art class that day, which I did not realize when I signed up. Can somebody take the meeting?


  4. When I think of that Cosby bit, the first thing that comes to mind is: “vwoompah! vwoompah! vwoompah!” (Noah sawing lumber).

    I”m not a materialistic guy, so I’d take Sandra (my wife), my laptop and flash drives, some important documents (passports, wills, financial records, etc.) a deck of cards and a radio to ease the boredom(?) and plenty of wine.

    Chris in Owatonna

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    And yes, I was mildly blown away when I read the notification email. 🙂


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  5. Along with the “Husband-food-wine” necessities, a book of Sudokos, my colored pencils and paper. For books, I want a (magically produced) list of all the books we baboons have recommended to each other over the years… Hmmm, I suppose I’m going to have to get into e-book territory here…

    If this ark voyage was to include all the baboons: I’d bring the Rise Up Singing songbooks – tim brings (some of?) his guitars… we’re going to need something to do to lift our spirits. And each baboon could bring maybe three favorite books, so we can do book swaps.

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  6. It was raining so hard yesterday when I got home that my backyard was actually flooded. Of course as soon as the rain let up the water all drained away so it was a very short flood. Unlike the one that would precipitate us in an Ark.

    I’ll probably feel guilty if I leave my animals behind so I guess I need them and all their food and their beds and their toys. Of course I need YA which will include a lot of her clothing. Laptop and tablet so I can access books. Not sure if I’ll take any of my crafting stuff but that will be hard.


  7. Hi–
    A whole day to pack? That seems like a lot of time. I’d want the computer, but it won’t work on the ark will it? Does the Ark come w/ 110V and AC? Will I have a private room?
    What’s it going to be like when we land? Is it after the apocalypse and we’re starting over? Or is it just a dry place and all the conveniences of home? Hmmm, so many questions.
    Music, lots of music. (but again, how / what am I playing it on?) Some books. Photos. Do I need food? Or just a fishing pole?
    Soap? Clothing.
    Well, family of course. Just because I didn’t mention them first only means I was being a “guy” and trying to decide how to fix the problems. Family is a given.

    Interesting question.

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      1. Good point. Thanks.

        Years ago I remember seeing a movie on TV. One of those “Matinee at the Bijou” that used to be on Channel 2. And all I remember is it was a movie set during WW2. A soldier jumps out of a truck into a mud puddle and says to the driver “You couldn’t find a dry spot?” The driver replies “Man, this IS a dry spot!”.
        Seemed like a pretty good movie. Wish I could find that again. Anyone recognize that snippet?


  8. I’ll bring my ebook reader which magically will be loaded with dozens or hundreds of new books before I board the ark. Also: camera and equipment to go with it and laptop so I can process the photos.

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  9. I’d like to bring Mark Shields and David Brooks to provide daily commentary on conditions on the ark and prospects for returning to normalcy on dry land. They would make me feel there was hope for the future,

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  10. i’d bring peanut butter solar panels 3 pairs of socks and some seeds for when we land. a ream if paper box of pencils and some pastels
    maybe a little box of cigars and assorted smoking materials and a couple sets of guitar strings oh and a harmonica and a fiddle
    a harmonica would let me unwind and 40 days non stop would be a great start at fiddle playing. might drive some others nuts but if be happy as a pig in carnegie hall


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