Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a straight up-homage to the day. Not the turkey and football filled day, not the sweet potatoes and pilgrim hat day.  For those of us who don’t practice thankfulness as often as we should (including me), today is a day to help us do just that – practice thankfulness.

You’ve heard it before – what are you grateful for?


31 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

    1. I was just bragging on you and your family, Steve, to Nonny. In my never-ending quest to get her to move up here I talked about how Molly wanted you to move to her and you did. Unfortunately I don’t know if this is going to be a working strategy or not. I’ve been trying for years to get her up here with no luck.


      1. I can’t imagine living apart from my family now, vs. Or if I can imagine it, the picture is dismaying. I don’t like telling other people what they should do. We’re all different, and what works for one person can be entirely wrong for another. Were your mother to move near you, I’m sure the move itself would be difficult and unpleasant. After that, she surely would enjoy contacts with you.

        At the time I moved, the decision was a choice I made. I’m now so dependent on her that living apart from her would be almost impossible.

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  1. Grateful for health, relative happiness, a loving wife, solid family, more friends than I ever imagined having when I was a kid, and a passion/compulsion/obsession to write books that will hopefully exercise my mind for the rest of my life.

    Also thankful that I finally finished my proofreading of “Straight River”! Now on to the back cover blurb, formatting, and publication. 🙂

    Chris in Owatonna

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  2. I’m grateful for all the traditional things that people tend to be grateful for. My daughter, my mom, my friends, a good job that I enjoy, pets. But as I’ve said before and I will say again I’m very grateful for this community. I love having my online friends in a place that feels safe. And I still marvel at the fact that this community exists because I would never have believed it if you told me years ago that this is where I would be today. Thank you as all..warmly and deeply.

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  3. Tomorrow is my 53rd anniversary of arriving in the US, and today will be my 53rd Thanksgiving celebration. Fittingly, this year’s celebration is an odd one.

    Hans is off driving some old friends to Tucson (via El Paso, Texas – don’t ask!) so they can drive the rest of the way to their little casita on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. This will likely be their last Mexican hiatus. Bill is 85 years old, with failing eyesight and a bad heart. His wife Charlotte was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. So the three of them are spending Thanksgiving wherever they end up after today’s drive. They spent last night in Emporia, Kansas.

    I suspect that my Thanksgiving dinner at Ann’s house will be far more traditional. I know we’ll have turkey with stuffing, Mama Stamberg’s cranberry relish, roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, and cider cheesecake pie. The romaine salad has been scratched for obvious reasons. As I’ve confided here before, Ann is NOT a great cook, and she is responsible for the turkey and the dressing. Last year’s dressing was a disaster, no one could or would eat it. For some reason she had been inspired by Janson’s frestelse and had put anchovies in it. It was inedible. She had lots of leftovers and insisted in giving us all some to take home. No one protested, we just took it, and threw it directly in the garbage when we got home. I’ll be grateful if she hasn’t been similarly inspired this year.

    I’m grateful for the relative ease and comfort of my everyday life, the trail, and good friends. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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      1. Thankfully, no she hadn’t. Also hadn’t used potatoes, but she had put chopped anchovies in the seasoned bread cubes. And because she hadn’t asked anyone to bring mashed potatoes or yams or gravy, she had doubled the recipe for the stuffing. It’s very rare that I put something on my plate and then don’t eat it, but I did that day.

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  4. It has been a challenging year for my family, but I am still very grateful:

    The s&h is home until New Year’s and I am enjoying his company (and he is enjoying being home- I know this is not a given for college students, so I am grateful).

    We can still openly speak our minds in the US. I’ve always taken that for granted, I don’t anymore.

    Goodness and decency still prevail.

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      1. Thanks, Steve. In the main, it has to do with my parents suddenly and shockingly getting old. I think we all expected they would take the next 10 years to ease into that.

        “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”

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  5. My house has heat and hot water. Both were out of commission for a bit this fall, due to an unfortunate choice of nesting place for a couple of birds. First the gas boiler would not come on because the chimney was not venting properly. Plumbing & heating guy took the vent apart, cleaned out a lot of shredded newspaper and feathers and detritus, plus the body of a bird; got the boiler going. Then a week or so later I had tepid water coming from the hot water tap. When I investigated I found that there was a little pile of shredded newspaper & stuff on top of the water heater. Same plumbing & heating guy came out and took out another section of vent and found the second bird. Apparently the stuff falling out of the vent onto the water heater has snuffed out the pilot light.

    There was some nesting material near the burner, so I am thankful that the pilot light went out and didn’t start a fire in the basement.

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  6. Evening kids.

    I’m grateful for the lunch with most of my siblings and families at moms place in the Senior Apartments. No one person was stuck with cooking the full meal and we all enjoy each others company.
    And extra grateful son and his wife were able to join us today. Then they came out to our place and we had extra time with them.

    I’m thankful for the calm thoughtful responses of the people on the trail.

    Being warm and dry and well fed goes without notice too often. But I know how fortunate and lucky we are.

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  7. i’m thankful for the possibilities that draw me forward every day
    fixing the water situation out there
    helping support non profits
    and working with my wonderful team to do the amazon smoke and mirrors to pay the bills

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    1. i get to multi tasking and after spending 15 minutes entering a thoughtful response a phone call, text or other distraction calls me away and it gets lost in the vapors.
      i can comeback to it on laptop but iphone doesn’t work the same
      thankful for the artists who make the world a place of beauty or at least of interest for all of us here to appreciate their contributions
      music architecture art theater poetry film
      what a nice world we live in
      baboons are the nicest people

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  8. My Thanksgiving at Ann’s house was lovely. Food, pretty standard fare, nothing to write home about, but certainly nothing to complain about either. Just five old friends who have reached a point in our lives where we take nothing for granted. It truly was a lovely evening and a reminder of how much we each have to be grateful for.

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