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YA and I have done Thanksgiving with the same folks for all of her life so I don’t know about anybody else’s traditions, but at our festivities, everybody brings some Tupperware (or cheaper equivalent!) and then after the meal, we divvy up the leftovers. Our favorite leftovers include mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and sage dinner rolls.  YA wants the potatoes; I want the sage rolls.  Here’s my favorite leftover recipe:

Juju’s Sage Rolls w/ Cheese
1 sage roll (or two if you’re counting this as a meal)
1 not too skinny slice of cheese (your choice)
Butter (or mayo or mustard)

  1. Heat up the roll a bit, either in the toaster oven, the microwave or even the regular oven if it’s already on for something else
  2. Pull the warm roll apart (breathe in deeply while you do this so you get the sage smell)
  3. Slather on the butter or mayo or mustard
  4. Add the cheese
  5. Eat with your favorite day-after-Thanksgiving beverage!

What’s your favorite way to deal w/ leftovers?


51 thoughts on “Leftovers!”

  1. We encountered a turkey sandwich at the Brothers restaurant that we liked so much it became a staple. As I remember, the sandwich featured turkey, raisins, chopped celery and a mayonnaise sauce tarted up with yellow curry powder. We always ate it with an orange. This started as a way of using leftover turkey, but we were so fond of it we began cooking turkey so we could make this “leftover” sandwich.

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  2. Back when I was young and my mom would make a turkey dinner, I really liked a sandwich made with leftover turkey breast and cranberry relish.

    Every year, I like pie for breakfast the next day – and whenever else I can snitch it throughout the day.

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    1. I’m breaking with tradition this year. Instead of the Mulligatawny soup I normally cook on the turkey carcass, this year I’ll make Renee’s Turkey Chipotle Chowder. Renee kindly posted it last year in the Kitchen Congress, and since I’m alone for the next week or so, I can cook and eat whatever I want, and this sounds like a wonderful soup to me. I also see fish on the menu, I have some wild caught, smoked salmon on hand. And pork liver with fried onions, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. While the “big cheese” is away, this city mouse is treating herself to some of her favorite meals. 🙂

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  3. Oreo cookie salad and Kelly’s stuffing are son’s favorites. Kelly makes extras just so son can take some home.
    I don’t like turkey, so we always have a ham too. I enjoy left over ham.

    As a kid, when we had chicken, mom would make chicken ala king and I always liked that.

    We have pizza almost every Friday night. We always order an extra large so I have left overs for breakfast the rest of the week. I cut the pizza into smaller pieces and therefore, to me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I also have a cup of tea in order to make it more healthy.

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      1. Crushed up oreo cookies, cool whip and instant vanilla pudding. I see some recipes call for marshmallows, but I don’t think we use them?? My job is only to crush up the Oreos.

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        1. The first time I encountered Oreo Salad – actually it was Snickers Salad, but it’s basically the same – was at a potluck where the hosts provided turkey or ham and fixings for sandwiches and everyone else was supposed to bring a salad and Christmas cookies. It was hard to wrap my brain around the fact that the people who brought the snickers salad sincerely thought it was on par with vegetable or fruit salads.

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  4. I used to try the turkey tetrazzini thing or some other “interesting” but inevitably dull recipe, but now we mostly repeat the Thursday meal until the potatoes are gone, then until the dressing is gone, then on to just turkey sandwiches with the meat my wife refuses to eat (wings, certain parts of the thigh–although she all of a sudden started to like drumsticks on chickens and turkeys. Go figure. She loves mushrooms now too! After almost 40 years of HATING mushrooms (texture).

    Chris in Owatonna

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  5. Apropos absolutely nothing, a friend of mine posted this to Facebook:

    For some reason I’ve never seen this man before, but I think he’s insanely funny, at least in this clip.

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  6. Turkey sandwich with mayo and cranberry relish, lettuce or sprouts on (preferably) homemade bread.

    Since I mostly eat with friends, I don’t have leftovers…unless they are feeling generous. But yesterday after the 3 o’clock meal of abundance, other friends came to my house with prepared meals (turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, pumpkin pie) in styrofoam boxes from a local market…I could not eat another bite, so I have the whole meal in the refrigerator ready to heat up and eat…instant leftovers. goodie.

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  7. DIL made a really good turkey stuffing from Damn Delicious that we will feast on today with leftover gravy and turkey and cranberry salsa. Grandson ate real mashed potatoes for the first time yesterday. He liked them, even though the the texture was a bit different from the pureed foods his parents make for him. I made the potatoes. I use a ricer so they are nice and lumpless. , They turned out well, especially with all the cream and butter I put in them.

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    1. my daughter freaked out that i was feeding my 6 month old grandson mashed potatoes with milk and butter
      we laughed and told her to chill
      she reads mom stuff on the internet written by other new moms
      don’t let them have dairy until x…
      i told her i’d pay particular attention him and head to the hospital as soon as he went into cardiac arrest

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  8. As long as it’s just the two of us: we leave them out on the counter the next day and just take a bite every time you walk past. This works especially well with the pecan pie. Since the big meal wasn’t here, we don’t have leftover turkey, but will reheat the green bean casserole and gingered carrots to have with some steak tonight.

    I made poached pears in red wine yesterday, for the first time, and now there’s leftover spiced wine. 🙂 Will try to hold off till evening on that…

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  9. We will just eat a Thanksgiving meal again, and again, and again. It just never gets old. And then make sandwiches. I’ve finally learned to keep the bones and carcass to make soup or broth.

    My mother would make stuffing with raisins, because my Dad’s mother always made it that way. So I grew up with mushy, gluey, dark stuffing with raisins and gizzards. It never looked like bread cubes, and it wasn’t until I was married and ate elsewhere that I realized what stuffing was made from.

    I never knew what eggs over easy or sunny side up were either. As I’m sure I mentioned before, my dear mother was a very bad cook. Everything was done on high heat and cooked fast — usually overdone.

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  10. My mom swears she doesn’t like to eat any more, and wishes she didn’t have to and that people would stop trying to get her to. We know from observation that what she doesn’t like to eat is food she doesn’t love. If we take her to a restaurant, she often eats like a trucker on food that no one else considers exceptional. We can sometimes tempt her with a special something, but it’s hit or miss; her tastes have changed in old age. When she first moved to assisted living, she thought the food was excellent and the variety impressive; now It’s just ho-hum and she frequently sometimes subsists on apple sauce and ice cream. Yesterday, I made a sweet potato recipe with cranberries and maple syrup. Mom had 3 trucker-size helpings and took home all the leftovers. I guess I’ll be making that routinely and not saving it for Thanksgiving.

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    1. That has to be so hard, Caroline, not being able to figure out what your mom likes to eat. I suspect the secret is that it changes all the time. Does she live close enough to you where you can with some regularity entice with something “different” ? Once you reach the point in life where you are in a constant state of discomfort, confusion, or pain, and where you no longer find joy in anything, perhaps it’s time to quit eating. My late friend, Eleanor, took immense pride in wearing a size 0. I suspect to draw attention away from the fact that she was emaciated and frail. The fact was that she was well into her nineties, had lost her ability to do most of what she loved, and was completely dependent on other people to take care of her, something that she resisted and resented. She slipped away for no obvious reason, other than being old, and not eating.


        1. Linda met Eleanor and can no doubt attest to her spunk. But there just comes a time when you can’t deceive yourself or others. I miss Eleanor, but I know full well that she was ready to go, and chose to leave when her life was no longer tolerable.

          As I’ve mentioned, Hans is driving Bill and Charlotte to Tucson (via Big Bend Park in Texas). Bill is 85, a former professor (department head) at the U of M. He’s my favorite curmudgeonly old guy. They are wonderful people, and we both love them dearly.

          As a young man, Bill was a carnival barker for a couple of years. He has his barking routines memorized, and when you get him in the right mood, he’ll give you a demonstration of his spiel. ” Yowza, yowsa” it starts, and I can’t do it justice, but it’s truly amazing. Hans has talked Bill into doing a special carnival call, to be played at his own funeral, and they are currently working on perfecting that. Neither Bill nor Charlotte are sentimental about their lives or their pending demise, and neither of them believe in a life hereafter, and they’re content that way. I just love the idea of Bill participating in a recording to be played at his own funeral, and relishing every moment of it. There’ll no doubt be lots of laughter and tears.

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      1. I do live close to Mom, PJ and I try to bring over things that I hope will tempt her. Sometimes if I just go over and heat up a can of the kind of tomato soup she likes, she’ll eat the whole can. She isn’t lonely, she has a lot of friends at her assisted living home and her husband (not my dad, who died at 47) is with her, but failing faster than Mom is. As of now, eating is the only thing she has given up on. Her insatiable curiosity keeps her going. She wants to know where every emergency vehicle is going and is incensed that the St. Paul paper doesn’t follow-up on all events involving sirens. At one point she just wanted to live long enough to see what her great granddaughter would be like at 4. The girl is now 8 and great grandma is still keeping up with her activities as well as wondering what the big brothers will become. Her mind is still pretty sharp and she keeps up with the news and has strong opinions on a lot of issues. The examples are countless; when her curiosity wanes, I’ll know the end is near.


  11. I wonder if the Oreo cookie “salad” is a descendant from sweet salads like Frozen Fruit Salad I found in my mom’s recipe box – cream cheese/mayonnaise base with canned fruit and chopped walnuts… she froze hers in cupcake tin papers.

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  12. Hey sweet potatoes mashed potatoes green bean casserole and wild rice dish in addition to green salad and making refrigerator my staffing was delegated to the freezer I have two football sized glad bags full of CBS Sunday morning tater tot in the freezer

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