Small Accomplishments

Our son informed us this week that our 7 month old grandson was pulling himself up to standing on the living room furniture.  “He looks so proud when he does it!” son reported. Oh, to be so proud for such a small (but essentially huge), accomplishment.

What small accomplishments are you proud of? When can small be huge?


29 thoughts on “Small Accomplishments”

  1. I’m proud of my grandson’s thirst for knowledge. Days ago he showed my daughter some musical notation and asked, “Mom, how do you read this?” She set him up with the computer and a YouTube video explaining musical notation. She checked back on him 15 minutes later. He was concentrating. She checked again half an hour later. He was still concentrating. The next time she checked he asked for help. He would run a few seconds of video, then pause it to write notes. Over and over. And now his hand was tired. They worked together to the end of the video. Later the same day he showed her that he had taught himself to play Jingle Bells (using his left and right hands) on a keyboard.

    Maybe this is normal for a kid eight years old. Or maybe not. I’m impressed.

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        1. I’m talking about the self-generated impulse to pursue knowledge for knowledge’s sake. That doesn’t rule out getting knowledge from others but it springs from curiosity or passion, not an obligation.

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      1. Agreed! I learned the word autodidact in high school when I read a “memoir” from a gal who skipped the last year of high school and home schooled herself (this was before home schooling). Interesting book.


  2. I like this, listing small accomplishments, Renee.
    – I remembered to turn off my little cup warmer by the computer for a whole week.
    – I have used almost all the over-ripe veggies and the leftovers in the fridge.
    – went through the book of carols at the piano with my mom and convinced her that she could play the right hand.

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    1. I actually had to make myself a reminder on my pc at work to make sure I turn off the little mug heater at the end of the day….


  3. My small accomplishment is actually something my oldest daughter did with a little bit of help from me. When she was here in late October, we applied for Social Security Disability (for me, not for her). This includes putting in lots of medical info on the online application and then printing out the medical stuff and mailing it in. My daughter is an RN and she was able to work her way through all my online medical records and test results and determine what was relevant and what wasn’t.

    We finished it up, and hoped for the best, knowing that lots of people are denied the first time around and that it takes a long time to process. Well, I got approved in a matter of weeks, not months, and got my first payment last week. A few hours of work resulted in life being not so scary financially.

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      1. The man I talked with on the phone – less than 2 weeks after submitting the online app – said he was going to ask for it to expedited because of my medical condition – and I believe it was less than 2 weeks later that he called to say it had been approved. I was pleasantly surprised after hearing some horror stories of others who had a much harder and/or longer time with it.

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  4. Let’s hear it for small victories!
    It’s our turn to host my family Christmas this year and our theme is “A Very Merry Silver Screen Festivus for the Rest of Us”. So Kelly and I are having a good time making every little thing a “Festivus Miracle!” 🙂
    Remembered my tea this morning; It’s a Festivus Miracle!
    Submitted my last paper for history class; It’s a Festivus Miracle!

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  5. I continue to take the stairs at work even though the elevator is fixed. It takes determination to do that when it is so easy to just push the elevator button for a ride.

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  6. OT: My grandson, who is now eight, is struggling with doubts about Santa this year. Just to be sure, he did write his note to Santa. The letter is interesting as evidence of how one kid is learning how to deal with a benefactor like Santa. It is smart to temper one’s lust for loot, and good manners are probably a good touch.

    Dear Santa,
    I hope that you and Mrs. Claus are having a good winter. Thanks a lot for gifts you have gotten me in the past. As you know, we moved to Michigan last year. I’m afraid my Elf on the Shelf may not know we’ve moved. I’m hoping you can let him/her know our new address. I would love to see him/her again. Thanks so much.

    My Christmas list this year is a Hot Wheels racetrack (I really don’t care which one), a fingerboard and a Nerf Terra Scout.
    Lots of love, Liam

    (At that point my daughter told Liam the Nerf Terra Scout cost $300. Liam scratched it off his list and wrote two new last lines.)

    P.S. Instead of the Terra Scout (it costs $300!) I would like something you could afford. So I would actually like Kaskey Kids baseball guys.

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      1. As a writer, I’m compelled to agree. A well-written letter to anyone is a good skill to have. Doing that requires the ability to imagine what is in the mind of someone else and then decide what words have the best chance of conveying a message to that person. He’s such an interesting kid to watch.


  7. I find that the little challenges are harder to deal with than the really big ones. Big ones bring out the fighter in me; the little ones accumulate into preoccupying stress. Right now, I’m battling with my city over two charges. Both are bogus. Both should and may very possibly be dismissed.Never the less I’m fighting city hall.

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