Code What?

Since I moved to North Dakota I have worked at two places: A hospital and a community mental health center.   Both had Code announcements over the loudspeaker system that let you know that there was trouble or alerted you to an issue. Code Blue, at the hospital, meant that someone was in cardiac arrest. Code Brown at both facilities meant that there is a tornado coming and you should take shelter. Code Black means there is a bomb threat.

My current agency is redoing its Codes to align with those of other State agencies. One of my coworkers suggested that we should have a Code S (sleep), which would mean that we should all take 20 minute naps. I suggested that we should have Code Orange, which means that 45 is coming for a photo op and that we should all hide.

Please come up with some creative Codes to alert people to things they should know about.


31 thoughts on “Code What?”

  1. The company that I work for is big on name badges. Our previous owner, who has since passed, was pretty adamant about them. In fact he always wore his. So we actually had a code back then. Whenever anyone would see the owner in your building, you would grab your badge and put it on and say to those around you “badge” and they would pass it along.

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      1. We do name badges for all of our travel programs here. So over the years I’ve had some funny ones made for me including one that said “I hate this program”. Unfortunately I was wearing this once when I went over to the main building for a project and ran right into the owner of our company. Luckily I remembered that I had on this badge and I had a clipboard with me so I just hugged it tight to myself to cover the badge. I never wore that badge again.

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        1. We have to wear badges on lanyards. Since we work with some people who may get angry and try to strangle us, our lanyards separate at the back so they come apart if pulled. No one has ever tried to strangle anyone at my agency, but I guess better safe than sorry. Our clients are almost never aggressive or violent.

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        2. In the movie ‘Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium’, Mr Magorium wears a name badge that says “Not Steve” (because someone inexplicably called him Steve once). So at a Staff development day here, I wore ‘Not Steve’. Met the Interim college president who looked right down at my name badge. And I shook her hand and introduced myself as Ben. She looked again at my name badge and didn’t say anything.

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  2. I’d like to have a code D. Whenever it is announced, it comes with some piped-in music and means you should get up from your desk and dance around for about 5 minutes.

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  3. At the flower shop where I work, the wife of the owner has a little toy fairy wand that she comes around the shop with when it’s really busy. The wand makes a little twinkly electronic sound when she waves it – kind of like this:

    I suppose that one could be called a Code Pink. The tension’s getting a little high in here, we need a little silliness for balance

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  4. When I worked for the law firm, we had one senior partner who was notorious for his mood swings. He was predictably nasty on days when the stock market was in decline. A NSF code would alert everyone to stay clear of him. To some of us NSF stands for non sufficient funds, and in this case it happened to coincide with his initials.

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  5. You’ve got pretty good suggestions for codes.
    I don’t have any. The college doesn’t use any. Or maybe the people with the 2 way radios have codes… but I don’t know them.

    There are only 3 of us in the theater department. It’s pretty easy to tell when one of us is having a mood so a code wouldn’t be hard to figure out. We’re snarky enough the way it is. 🙂

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