Straight River

The sun was thinking about poking out of the clouds as tim and I drove down to the Central Park Coffee Shop in Owatonna for the launch of Straight River by our own Chris in Owatonna.  There was a nice crowd to welcome Chris’ new book, which is a “prequel” (is that truly a real word?) to his first book Castle Danger. Chris read a chapter from the book and also introduced the head of his local Big Brother/Big Sister organization.  A portion of Chris’ proceeds goes to support BB/BS, a group he has volunteered with for years.

It’s been three years of hard work for Chris, re-working, editing, sending the book to beta readers, re-working some more and editing some more. It was a nice launch for the book (cookies and lemonade too) and I’m looking forward to reading it.  Maybe this summer it can be one of our Blevin’s Book Club titles.  (It’s available already on Amazon in kindle format and Chris has links on his website to other ways to purchase it.)

Congratulations Chris – hope the third book in the trilogy comes a little easier!

You’ve just written a book.  Describe your main character!

14 thoughts on “Straight River”

  1. Okay, I’ll get us started. Randa wakes in a leafy glen, unsure of her location. She is tall, plain and a loner. She reads voraciously but doesn’t know how to turn on her oven. She likes nice shoes but doesn’t wear makeup or style her hair in any particular way. She’s allergic to both dogs and cats; she can’t keep fish as she forgets to feed them. Her parents died when she was young and her foster parents both died in a car crash last year. She dumped her boyfriend 2 weeks ago.

    As she sits up in the glen, her back to a damp oak tree, she hears a rustling in the bushes and a whisper of her name. “Randa.” “Randa.”


    1. My book wouldn’t have a main character. It would be photos of fairly ordinary things in fairly ordinary places (ie places that ordinary people without much money can access) with a unique perspective that gets people to notice the beauty that is around them. The writing would be random thoughts, reflective essays.

      The second book would be made possible by the riches (haha) made from the first book. I would be able to make the Circle Tour around Lake Superior with my new found wealth and take the photos and thoughts from that trip to make another book.

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  2. I’m all 🙂 :-); -) 🙂 s

    Since I already have books with my chosen main character, my 4th book (one to go with Matt Lanier–the SR protagonist), will feature a Little Brother who gets paired with a Big Brother who’s just being a Big to pad his resume. The Little ends up doing something heroic that he never thought he could do, and the Big comes to realize how much he’d influenced the Little to be so brave, which teaches him that mentoring IS a big deal and really works, even though he thought he was just going through the motions.

    But that’s a ways down the road and I’m still mulling ideas.

    HUGE thanks to tim and Verilysherrilee for driving all the way down to Owatonna to celebrate with me. THAT’s what Babooners are all about–mutual support. I can’t thank the blog members here enough for their interest, encouragement, and daily bits of wisdom, humor, and civil debate/discussion about such a wide range of topics. Amazing how such a great community carried forth for so long now based on the common denominator of a simple little radio show in Minnesota. Wow.

    Chris in Owatonna

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      1. No, you didn’t LJB. I didn’t write that clearly. AFTER I write the 3rd book in the Matt Lanier series, I plan to write my 4th book, which will be a different genre–more of a Middle-Grade action/adventure story featuring the Big and the Little. Sorry to confuse you.



        1. Yes, it was just a day trip. There was about 2.5 hours between lab appt and dr appt so I was able to make some comments here while I was in waiting mode.

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  3. I’m getting nuttin’ except that it would be about a 70-ish woman, kinda pudgy, with short hair who has lived a lot of places and moved a few years ago from a large midwestern city to a small river town… She likes anything having to do with music, and recently took a class on nature journaling, which she’s not very good at.

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