34 thoughts on “Sink Kitty”

        1. However with the sophisticated algorithms that all the software companies have these days, my guess is that once you click on one or two of these weird news items, a lot more follow.

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        2. It’s just the newsfeed that is part of the apple OS for ipad. One can choose the sources you want to include and the app throws in some other ones.


  1. When on occasion I nap on my bed usually, with just a throw for warmth since I have clothes on. But last night about 9:30 I was reading and closed my eyes for a few minutes, feeling sleepy. Woke up at 10:15… That’s only happened a couple of times (so far).

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  2. I had a white cat once, Olga, who would sleep curled up in a round basket maybe 8 inches across… And yesterday there was on Facebook photos of ginger-colored cats in various curled positions, with the caption – “Cat or Croissant?” Can’t find it now…

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      1. Exactly Once last fall I was waiting for someone to bring some stuff to me. I waited and waited, then got so sleepy, I laid down on the couch, pulled a throw over me and was sinking down, down, down into blissful sleep…and then came Knock! Knock! Knock! on the back door.


  3. I’m not actually a napper. I don’t like to lay down and take a nap because when I get up then I’m crabby.

    The best I could be called would be a snoozer.


  4. I wish napping were a competitive sport that awarded honors, or even better I wish napping brought financial gains. Napping is one of the few things I do well. I’ll bag three to four naps in an average day. Without crabbiness upon waking.

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  5. I’m not a good napper. I get anxious if I know I have only certain amount of time for a nap, and then I can’t sleep at all. I also can’t sleep if I’m not lying down. I have never managed to sleep on a plane or a bus, but I have slept on a train and a ship because I could lie down. Hans can sleep almost anywhere. If we go to a concert, it’s almost a sure bet that minutes after they have dimmed the lights, he’s out.

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      1. My first fiance, a really sweet Danish guy, fell asleep during a concert with Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. That gave me serious pause. Ultimately it wasn’t the reason we later split up, but it really did make me stop and think about whether this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of life with.


  6. Hi-
    I just woke up from a nap.
    We fall asleep on the couch nearly every night. My lovely wife more than me… but she gets up earlier than me most mornings.

    I always get tired about 5:00 in the afternoon. Even back when I was milking cows, I’d be down in the barn doing chores and I get to 5-ish and I’d sit down on a bale of straw and lean against the wall and rest my eyes.
    Usually I’m too busy and can’t take a nap.
    Weekends, yeah, i’ll nap.
    I nap best in bed. If it’s a serious nap its under the covers and I have to take my socks off. Can’t nap under the covers with socks on because my feet don’t move freely and it’s annoying.
    If daughter is up and I doze on the couch, she’ll complain I snore and then she gets mad.
    I don’t know what she’s talking about. I don’t snore.

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  7. I like naps better in concept than in practice. Generally if I try to take a nap I wake up groggy and out of sorts.

    I would like to be able to nap like my cats do. They always seem to wake up in a good mood. Neither of my current cats are sink nappers, though.

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  8. Took daughter to Chicago after school thursday I think we got in at 2 or 3 bad roads
    We had to be downtown at 8 so we hit the road about 545. Got there and did the tour and talks until 7 or 8 pm
    Daughter asked if I wasn’t tired on the way back to our sleeping location at debbies folks an hour and a half from downtown and I told her I got my nap in at one of the presentations. She said which one and Debbie was able to tell her exactly when and for how long.
    I can sleep,sitting in a chair, on the floor on a plane. In a car or on a train (dr Seuss birthday was a great celebration


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