If I were I Carrot

Husband and I ordered all our seeds for this year’s garden, but still peruse the seed catalogs to see if we missed anything. We received a new catalog this year from a place in Missouri (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), and we noticed they had the most delightful descriptions  of their seed varieties. You can tell they love the seeds they sell, and we thought the blurbs for some of the seeds sounded like descriptions of people. Here are some examples:

Cold hardy old variety from Denmark (Strawberry)

Earthy and spicy (Carrot)

Exceptionally sweet, tender, and above all-tough (Cucumber)

A Dakota variety,  so you know its rugged (Pole Bean)

Arrives fashionably late (Parrot Tulips)

A classic pear shape (Paste Tomato)

A reliable keeper (Cabbage)

Large and elegantly showy (Cosmos)

Husband just wants to be a reliable keeper. I like to think of myself as a rugged, Dakota variety. I want to avoid pear shaped.

Write a seed catalog blurb of yourself or someone else.

27 thoughts on “If I were I Carrot”

  1. I envy the buying of seeds and starting plantings on your own. I’ve tried several times over the past decades to do this myself and it never succeeds. Several problems first of which is a kitty who thinks all green things are fodder for her meal time. Except a cat grass of course. And if I try to put them in a place where she can’t get to them (behind closed doors in the basement or in my studio) then it’s sight out of mind and I forget them.

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    1. We have a grow light system in the basement in the furnace room. The cats have no access there, and the room is warm from the water heater and the furnace.Our older cat loves to much on pepper seedlings, I can relate to your cat issue.


    1. are you retiring or going to figure out how to work while collecting you social security?
      i can’t imagine letting your expertise sit dormant


      1. I can collect SS and work part time. Especially since I didn’t retire early. Can’t take my union retirement. That might just have to be part of what the kids get when I’m gone.

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        1. i suggest after going to a meeting tonight that you position yourself to do only extremely special case work requiring expertise especially stuff you fly off to do,
          1000-10000 jobs only stating you will set you calendar up for the year starting now

          it really really works to set yourself apart as a specialist


  2. like bamboo and ginsing long periods of watering and fertilizer required before it produces. then it grows like crazy and for a long time to come
    requires patience faith and persistence
    not an item for everyone

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    1. While I appreciate that’s how you feel right now, ljb, it’s not exactly what I’d consider a good marketing pitch. Perhaps this would get the job done: “This perennial will reward you with fragrant blossoms and sweet fruit if planted in the right soil and tended with care. Not fussy, just doesn’t tolerate cold and neglect for extended periods.”

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  3. a seed that produces multiple blooms of various distinctions some totally unrelated to the others
    from rugged and drought resistant to vibrant sun worshiping and succulent
    be prepared for a severe case of watch out what you wish for
    you get it and discover the total picture is
    different from the aspect you were looking for

    imagine the possibilities then consider the ramifications
    weed b gon may be required in some situations as only possible resolution

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