Little Potato

I went to a Cantus concert last night. The first time I ever heard them sing was on the LGMS, doing Ave Maria by Franz Biebl – it brought tears to my eyes.  Even after all these years, it is still my favorite piece that they perform.

Last night they did another song that I also know from the days of Dale and Jim Ed (maybe even as far back as Garrison and Jim Ed – Little Potato by Malcolm Dalglish and performed by Metamora.

I love it when different parts of my world come together.

Do you have a favorite food song?

61 thoughts on “Little Potato”

  1. my son was going to try out for cantus 4 or 5 years ago when they’ve had an open spot but didn’t because he knew he’d be moving to elsewhere and would be unable to continue

    he moved to reno for a year and a half and had now landed in pheonix where he is in a choir that does what he needs for his music fix

    when they were little i used to write on their birthdays to dale and jim ed andcrequest their songs

    devin got i feel good by james brown as his song and his sister got bop til you drop by the nylons
    we used to do bathtub dancing to the morning show music and when the morning show heard about this i believe that was the first sighting of officer rafferty warning of the dangers of activities like bathtub dancing.
    my favorite song list goes immediately to don’t think twice by bob dylan but then says bach’s cello concertos are certainly my favorite music ever unless you consider eric satie and his gymnopedie1
    i sure like my musical taste
    my pandora channel is the perfect soundtrack for my life
    i don’t turn it on often enough maybe once or twice a month but when i do eva cassidy and lyle lovett randy newman and george gershwin ella fitzgerald and blossom dearie paul mccartney buddy holly cat stevens cosby stills and nash joni and jim the doors and the stones satchmo and miles django and bird bernstein steve goodman john prime emmy lou . it’s like spices in the kitchen the differences and variations are so delightful and varied you can just go on forever
    yesterday my daughter chose a spicy tofu with a new chile pepper that got me started down a new trail. i had to go to the store for 6 ingredients i didn’t have

    1 pound extra-firm tofu, sliced ¾ inch thick
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    1 Fresno chile, thinly sliced
    3 tablespoons soy sauce
    2 tablespoons mirin
    2 tablespoons Sriracha or gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste)
    2 tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar
    2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil
    1 teaspoon finely grated fresh ginger

    i had tofu, vegetable oil ( i substituted canola coconut mix) and soy sauce. everything else i had to go to the store for
    rice vintage and seasame oil are not uncommon but not regulars
    i love the sriracha sauce and have others ivsubstatute but it’s so nice to have the real deal back, ginger is wonderful but gets lost in the crisper, i got a little tiny one and used 1/2 of it in this recipe and a noodle soup the tofu inspired for last night dinner.
    the peppers are delightful with mild heat that doesn’t burn you tongue when you touch it after cutting them up and a little smokey sweet essence that makes them special (i’ll have to check restraunt depot because at 9.99 a lb i won’t be plugging them in like aldi’s green and red peppers.
    mirin is a japanese sweet saki i will see if i can factor into a dish or two in the next little bit

    maybe i can enjoy while listening to a little satie and dancing with bears

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    1. other kids got a different deal. because of living arrangements they didnt get bathtub dancing bonding experience. spencer chose his own son in his guitar days and it has stuck with him day tripper by the beatles.
      olivia gotr lydia the tattooed lady transformed into olivia olivia youre not from bolivia and emma got sherry transformed to emma. emma babay wont you come out tonight

      they all got the music

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  2. isn’t that funny
    i missed the food song part of the question until i went back and reread it after i submitted my response
    i guess you can make it a good song in more ways than one
    a good song would have been much harder to come up with

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  3. i believe in the movie it was the italian checkered tablecloth pizza moment that inspired the song with sophia lauren
    pizza sophia and song
    life can be simple and glorious


  4. I believe I’ll have to go with “Get a Load of This” by the aforementioned (the other day) R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders. The chorus is:
    Bring a loada’
    RC Cola
    TV Dinner
    A plate of Twinkies
    It takes a pink burrito
    For to keep me clean
    (For to keep me clean)

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    1. BiR, I wonder if I am the only Baboon who remembers eating a Swanson TV Dinner on a TV tray watching I Love Lucy live on a black and white TV with an ovoid face like the one in that song. I suppose that dates me.

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      1. swanson tv dinner was too high on the hog for the jones family. we only had those once or twice in my life. hamburgers, hot dogs , chicken, meatloaf, tuna fish casserole, fish sticks on friday each with a glob of mashed potatoes and a can of vegetables a piece of bread and a glass of milk spilled on the table. dinner at the jones house
        swanson’s tv dinners and jiffy pop popcorn never came out right. swansons had hot parts that weren’t supposed to be hot and cold parts that weren’t suppose to be cold
        jiffy pop burnt some and left outer kernels unpopped
        bad stuff

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      2. Swanson TV dinner (bonus if it had a “brownie”…which was mostly chocolate mush) on a TV tray and Wonderful World of Disney. A family event when I was a kid.


  5. If I could write a song right now it would be The Broken Down Viking Mixer Blues. Our mixer burned out out permanently just as I was starting up my 4th batch of sweet rolls this afternoon. The bell choir is serving sweet rolls and egg bakes between Easter Sunday services as a fund raiser for our Carnegie Hall trip. I am making 12 dozen raspberry and blueberry sweet rolls and will freeze them to serve at Easter.

    We decided to get an Ankarsrum 8 qt. Stand Mixer.
    Our Viking worked valiantly for more than 10 years of pretty punishing work. This one seems even more sturdy. I mixed up and kneaded the last batch by hand. Sigh.

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    1. i just saw the american test kitchen spot on cbs sunday morning and i recommend checking their recommendations on stuff like this. the testing procedure is bullet proof . check it out
      today cbs sunday morning americas test kitchen segment. available on youtube or at a station near you.

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    1. It would have been pretty much impossible to depict Ireland at that time without showing the level of poverty. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the level of poverty described in Angele’s Ashes was pretty much what my mother grew up in. She was born in 1920.

      Tonight I’m prevented from going to the annual Irish ceili because I hit a pothole and pretty much wrecked my front left tire, possibly the rim and maybe even screwed up my steering. Glad it happened near my house.


      1. Oh dear! That is bad news. Our streets are so awful with snow and slush it feels like we are driving across a pasture or plowed field.


        1. I know, Renee, it’s a damned nuisance. On the bright side, I may have stumbled on a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition. I made chicken tacos, and that made for a lovely meal.

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  6. If the band name involves food does that count? Because Free Hot Lunch continues to be a favorite (even road tripped with friends to see them at one of their Club De Wash concerts)…

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  7. Hey Kids-

    I’m headed to Louisville KY bright and early in the morning.
    Attending USITT- “United States Institute for Theater Technology” for 3 days of intensive lighting console training and a day On the show floor.
    I fully expect my head will explode.

    I don’t know how much I’ll be on the trail so y’all behave. 😉

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    1. louisville is exactly the writng distance its too ling for one day but too short for two
      you are a couple hours closer but 17 hours is my recall

      or are you flying


        1. About 10 something hours according to Google maps.
          Rental car.
          I’m figuring 12 something with stops.
          And that’s enough for one day…

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